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Exercise Video and Calories in Alcoholic Drinks

Do you know what is a major gripe of mine? It is the emphasis that some people put on losing weight through refraining from eating, when in reality they should also be looking at losing weight by refraining from alcohol or at least drinking in moderation and by managing calories in alcoholic drinks.

Last year a friend of mine and I decided to commit ourselves to participating in an online video series, where each week we would log into our account and with the help of our personal trainer lose weight. We could also monitor each other's progress, but that was a different story. After about six weeks of this training (yes I lasted that long) I began to wonder when the instructor would mention alcohol and fitness in his videos. So I waited and waited and low and behold, the words, throughout the whole entire program never breached the instructor's mouth. I was shock that never was alcohol or more importantly calories in alcoholic drinks mentioned! This to me was unacceptable!

I decided to take some kind of action in this regard and wrote to this so called trainer of health and fitness expert. I asked him the simple question as follows: Do you think that alcohol plays an important part in the measure of one's health. And if so why did you never mention alcohol in your online video course that I and thousands of people have paid hard earned money to participate in?

I waited three weeks for a response. In fact after the second week I reckoned that I would never get a response, be the response good or bad! At last after much waiting the trainer replied. His response went something like this: Hi thanks for your email contact, I do not believe that alcohol is an issue and Calories in Alcoholic Drinks that one consumes should not have a significant impact on their physique. Needles to say I never responded to this. What a stupid response, he failed to understand that we are not counting our calories so that we can lose weight in the short term, but instead we are doing so, so as that we will be healthier beings ten years down the line. It sometimes amazes me how misguided people can be when it comes to these alcoholic issues.


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