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Do Paleo Cookbooks Really Have a Place in Modern Society?

The paleolithic diet, sometimes referred to as paleo diet or caveman diet, is based on the ancient diet of animals and wild plants that us, as humans, consumed during the Paleolithic period-a period lasting approximately 2. 5 million years and ending 10-15000 years ago with the development of agriculture-the Neolithic period.

Basically speaking what paleo cookbooks espouse are the consumption of meat, fish, fruit, roots, vegetables and nuts while excluding dairy products, legumes, salt, grains, refined sugar and processed oils along with preservatives.

The basic premise upon which the paleo cookbooks are founded is that we humans are adapted genetically to our paleolithic ancestors and those genetics have scarcely changed since agriculture(the Neolithic period)began. Whence our ideal diet for optimum health and wellbeing would be one that resembles the diet of our predecessors.

This diet is made up of foods that can be hunted and fished i. e. meat and seafood, and gathered i. e. eggs, fruit, seeds, roots, herbs, spices and nuts.

We as a society today have enormous health issues confronting us that the hunter/gatherers never knew. Our so called comfortable lifestyle based around convenience and time efficiency is taking a staggering toll. Health systems are under duress like never before. So many daily lives are controlled by deadlines and commitments, technological advances urging us to take on, and achieve more, all in the name of productivity. Aaah yes, the pursuit of the mighty dollar is in certain ways taking us away from our roots. (no pun intended!)

Proponents argue that genetically our bodies are virtually the same as when the Paleolithic period ended. They maintain our inherent characteristics, accumulated over millions of years, still thrive on the diet upon which we evolved. As with any theory that is not mainstream and in the public consciousness there are many protagonists that decry this particular line of thinking.

Yet quite simply at the end of the day it is up to the individual to make up their minds as to what foods consumed give them the health and wellbeing they desire. Unfortunately these days a lot of huge corporate advertising budgets have skewed the mass perception of what is good for them to eat.

Anyway, I trust this was nutritious food for thought...


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