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Lose Weight and Feel Great! Eating the Delicious Food Your Body Was Designed For

So have you linked it all together yet? How you feel, act, and look all correlate so deeply with what you eat!

I can remember spending the majority of my first years in high school wondering why I felt so low, depressed and unenergetic, all the while devastating my young body which daily Wendy's Double Cheese Burgers. But my appetite was insatiable and my mind was ignorant to the devitalizing effects of my eating habits.

Almost miraculously, through YouTube's video suggestion program, I stumbled upon Philip McCluskey's account. The tidbits of wisdom dispersed throughout his inspiring videos enlightened me to the fact that my poor food choices were holding me down - physically, mentally, and even spiritually. He helped me reach the conclusion that the quality of the food you eat greatly affects the quality of the life you live. Food is in fact supposed to energize and satisfy you! Not leave you drained and unsatisfied.

If you want your "food to be your medicine" for living a better life as recommended Hippocrates, the Greek father of medicine himself, you have got to start incorporating raw living foods into your diet! When you eat cooked foods - those are foods which have been heated to a point where natural enzymes available in the food die, and your body must accordingly waste energy building its own enzymes to digest the food - you yourself become depleted! You are depleted not only of the energy used by your body to digest the food but also of the nutrients needed to be happy and healthy.

Within three days of finally saying 'adiós' to my secret destroyer the cheeseburger and eating a predominately raw diet of bright delicious fruits, vitamin-rich greens, and protein-packed nuts and seeds, my energy levels were through the roof! I had lacked the drive, focus, and passion to manage efficiently my huge college-preparatory workload. But raw foods awakened me to my own capabilities. The restless nights spent finishing homework and worrying about making it through the next day ceased completely. Newfound alertness and drive meant getting things done fast with good result. I was freed not only of stress and time-confinement but also of excess body fat. With no [zero!] increase in the little amount of exercise I was doing, my unsightly stomach shed away. The best part is I was too busy enjoying my new vivacity and abundance of free time to notice my body getting more and more healthy. It wasn't until I saw the lines separating my once fat-buried abs that I realized the wonderful physical effects of raw living foods.

I know now that raw foods are the way to go! And it's because they contain the enzymes sufficient to help digest themselves - so they don't rob the body of the energy you need to live happily and healthily! Living foods - appetizing fruits, juicy veggies, and filling nuts and seeds - are packed with the vital nutrients needed to achieve a thriving mind and body! I can't stress the transformation I've undergone due to incorporating raw food into my diet. But I can refer you to the more well-known story of the man who introduced me to the wonder of raw foods.

Philip McCluskey lost 215 pounds on the raw food diet. Like me, he admits to having little passion for life before raw foods. But they have revitalized him. Since his switch to raw foods, he's become a successful author and motivational speaker. When you eat what your body was designed to eat, the mind, body and spirit can thrive almost effortlessly.

There's only one regret I have about switching to a mostly raw diet and that's that I didn't do it sooner! Well actually, two regrets. I would have liked to know of the wonders of delicious raw gourmet food on the onset of journey. A common complaint among those I'm convincing to feel the joy of raw food is the vast taste and texture difference of the foods. Philip solves the inconvenience by introducing easy to prepare raw meals that out-taste your favorite delicacies. Raw Food, Fast Food outlines simple recipes for savory soups, mouth-watering burgers, tacos, smoothies and more. The difference between a conventional cookbook and his own is that all the simple delicious recipes included in his are designed to reinvigorate you naturally with energy and nutrients - while still satisfying your taste.


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