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You Don't Have to Skip Carbs to Be Thin

Remember when you were at a party and your "sweet tooth" was finding it hard to resist the foods because you were trying to avoid foods that have carbohydrates in it? You must have heard the myth that to lose weight you should avoid carbohydrate rich-foods.

Carbohydrates are one of the three main energy-producing substances that our body needs. It comprise mostly of the foods that is usually available on the table. Without them, the body will have difficulty in doing the tasks needed on a daily basis, the body will have a sensation of starvation and the body will soon feel weak and sick. Our body needs carbohydrates, but we just have to choose the good carbohydrates. Most of the time, we indulge in white breads, pasta, white rice and sugar. These are bad carbohydrates. Too much of these contribute to the culprit in gaining weight. However, we don't necessarily need to avoid carbohydrates to be thin. We just have to choose the good carbs.

Do you know that vegetables and fruits are carbohydrates? And so are the beans, grains and nuts are also sources of carbohydrates. These are the kind of foods that helps sustain our energy because these are the good carbohydrates that contains the much-needed phytonutrients to support our immune system. You can eat as much as you can of the vegetables, which are good carbohydrates, and never to worry about gaining weight because the fiber content of the vegetables supports a better elimination.

So to be healthier and thin, don't skip the carbs,choose the good carbs and enjoy a full healthy meal. Here's to your weight loss success!


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