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Omega Three Fish Oil Can Benefit Every Member of Your Family

Does this sound like you? You want to know why you need omega three fish oil? I did too until I started researching and learned a ton about them. Do you know these nutrients are critical to your health?

Maybe you've heard of fatty acids? Or "good fats"? These are the omega 3 fatty acids your body needs to stay healthy.

Here's something to consider, your brain is made of about 60% fats. These fats are a mix of omega 6 and omega 3's. So you do need both. Omega 6's are plentiful in the American diet-processed food, baked goods, etc are full of these. So, you got enough. But you don't have enough omega three fatty acids. At least that's what nutritionists, doctors and the Harvard researchers say.

And a deficiency in these omega threes spells trouble. It can lead to heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and even depression.

See, if your brain doesn't have what it needs, it tries to make replacements. But, these replacements aren't quite right and don't function in your body the same way. So, chronic inflammation can start which leads to many serious diseases.

Studies show high levels of these replacement cells are found in the blood of people with depression or ADD. Studies also show, you can reverse these with the right nutrition.

Omega three fish oil is your best resource for these fatty acids.

Specifically, you're looking for the DHA fatty acid in the fish. This DHA fuels your brain so it can carry messages throughout your body. It improves your eyesight, your mood and can even help with concentration and focus which is why omega 3's are recommended for children with ADD or ADHD.

Research shows these fatty acids also clear arteries and protect your heart.

In short, every person needs to get them everyday. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish 2-3 times a week which will cover the needs of the typical person. But, some people need more-heart patients, children with ADD, and anyone suffering with depression.

Omega three fish oil is easily gotten in supplements. But, every supplement isn't the same.

You'll want to make sure your supplement is high in DHA and is free of toxins like mercury. Your label should tell you what kind of fish was used to make the supplement, how it was purified and how much DHA it has. The DHA is what you need for your body.

For good health for you and your family, please visit my website to learn more about omega three fish oil supplements and what the important things to look for.


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