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Build Muscle Lose Fat Diet

Within the weight loss and muscle building market there is a special diet that is being talked about. The diet we are referring to is the build muscle lose fat diet. The basic premise of this diet revolves around being able to lose considerable amounts of fat whilst at the same time building considerable amounts of muscle. This really is the holy grail of fitness training and is something that the majority of people working out try to attain throughout their entire lives.

The question is 'does this diet even exist'?

Is it a delusion?

This may shock you. No, it is not a myth. The people who follow the Eat Stop Eat diet are experiencing rapid fat loss and muscle gains. Many people don't believe it to work because they have been brainwashed to believe that in order to get bigger muscles then you must eat lots. However, by doing this we become extremely susceptible to gaining fat as well as muscle. We are constantly told that we cannot build any muscle unless we put ourselves in a caloric surplus. That leads us to the next question.

What is the Build Muscle Lose Fat Diet?

The build muscle lose fat diet is a way of eating where your body is burning more than you are consuming. This allows you to burn fat and build muscle.One way to do this is to follow Eat Stop Eat, which is an intermittent fasting program that is backed up by scientific research. By following this protocol you can easily cut out a full days worth of calories in week. This will enable you to lose weight very easily. When you fast you also get the added benefit of increased GH; a hormone that helps you build muscle quickly and easily.

Fasted Workouts?

It makes perfect sense to workout fasted because of the fact your GH will be at an all time high and fat stores will be used for energy.You will also notice higher concentration and focus levels when you workout due to the hormones released. This is only scratching the surface when it comes to fasting and it's amazing benefits.

Another amazing benefit of fasted workouts is the incredible amount of fat you will burn by weight training. Since your carbohydrate stores will be depleted your body is relying on fat stores for energy. The energy from your fat stores will then help you get stronger and stronger and build lots of muscle very quickly!


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