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The Skinny On Whey Protein Powder

Back in the old days, curds and whey were not considered to enhance one's health, but were still consumed by most people so as not to waste any food. The curds and whey are the solids and liquid left over from the cheese making process. The whey is the concentrated liquid. To obtain the powder the moisture is removed in a drying tower, after going through purification filters.

We all need protein, which is an amino acid, on a daily basis for strong, healthy bodies. Some of the reasons we need protein are:

  • Aids in growth and repair of muscles, bones and cells
  • Gives us energy
  • Helps regulate our metabolism

Why all the hype about whey protein powders?

There has been a lot of research in the past decade to show that whey is a high quality, complete protein and is easily absorbed in our bodies. Body builders and other athletes need this protein to aid in the growth and repair of their muscles, especially after exercise. Since it comes in a powder and is usually taken in drink form, it is convenient for the busy, active lifestyle.

What is the difference between whey protein powder and isolate whey protein powder?

Isolate whey protein has 90% protein and very little fat and lactose. This helps those that are lactose intolerant. It is also able to be absorbed more efficiently by the body. It is considered to be more pure than just the whey protein.

Who can benefit?

  • Those wanting to lose weight - It gives a feeling of fullness, reduces appetite and speeds up metabolism. It also has no carbohydrates which also aids in weight loss. This, taken along with an exercise program, will increase muscle density, which in turn burns calories.
  • Athletes - Elite athletes and body builders notice a difference in their performance and endurance, when taking whey protein. Since it is a healthy choice, they do not have to worry about adverse side effects from less natural sources of proteins.
  • Everyone - Since we all need protein in our bodies, and often have inferior protein sources, taking isolate whey protein powder will help give our bodies this essential nutrient.

So, add a little whey to your diet and see the difference it can make for your overall well-being. Go to your natural health food store and ask knowledgeable staff to assist you in making the right choice. Your body will love you for it.


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