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Top 5 Reasons To Quit Coffee

Need more motivation? Here are the top 5 reasons to Get off Coffee

  1. Coffee Makes You Tired: It is ironic that most of us turn to coffee to wake us up in the morning, to keep us going midday, and to help us rock the night away when we wrap up a nice meal with a cappuccino. Although coffee picks us up temporarily, it throws us back down even harder giving us two choices, rest or come back for another hit.
  2. Coffee Makes you Fat: Many studies show that caffeine interferes with weight loss protocols. Think it is the sweets & creamers that pack on the pounds? Nope! It is simple body chemistry. Coffee is acidic and one of the easiest places for our bodies to store acids is fat. Your body can hold onto the weight to keep the acids from harming sensitive organs.
  3. Coffee Sucks Calcium From Your Body: Again the acidity of coffee is the problem. Another defensive strategy our bodies will try to protect our health tissue from toxic acid levels it to pull calcium, which is a base, from the bones to neutralize the acid.
  4. Coffee Accelerates Aging: Because caffeine contributes to the decline in the production of hormones like DHEA,which keeps skin regenerating and well nourished, it accelerates the aging of our skin. It is also massively dehydrating, which makes it doubly difficult to get ample fluids to keeps the skin hydrated and better able to deal with toxins.
  5. Coffee Stresses The Body: Coffee stimulates the release of a laundry list of stress hormones such as cortisol, epinephrine, norepinephrine and glucocorticoids. Aside from accelerating aging, these hormones keep the body in a state of physiological stress. This caffeine imposed state of stress may feel temporarily motivating because it is stimulating physiological processes of the body (most noticeably heart rate and digestion). But there is a high price to pay for exposing the body to stress hormones for extended periods. What the coffee drinker experiences as short burst of energy and concentration, is building up in the body to be experienced later as tension and anxiety. It also impairs fine motor coordination, suppresses the immune system, and causes problems with digestion and elimination.


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