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Sports Nutrition: Lifeline for a Sports Player

Every sports person has to take proper and healthy diet. Their diet should contain various minerals few to name are calcium, vitamins, proteins and the like. Glucose too is quite necessary for building up the stamina. By intake of proteins and glucose a player's stamina is increased which in turn allows the player to work more and perform at his best. Some minerals make the player's bones strong and a powerful sports person. For strong bones there are various sports nutrition required. These consist of various necessary minerals. Diet and nutrition is the basic part of any player's on field achievements.

Every player wishes to become a top perform. And to become a top performer there are various factors which enables a player to perform with excellence. These factors include physical, mental, and nutritional preparation. Endurance of a sports player is the main and a requisite thing. Whether the player is amateur or a proficient one it does not matter.

Sports nutrition plays a significant role in building a sports person's career. It is similar to fuel to any vehicle. A human body requires various liquids and also several minerals. If a human body gets dehydrated weakness arises. And a performer will stop working. To help a performer to perform at his best, glucose along with water and juice should be provided to hydrate his body with necessary fluids. A human body works for 24/7 similarly as car runs out of fuel while running 24/7, it requires petrol in the same way a human body too runs out of resistance power due to carbohydrates exhaustion and dehydration. This can be overcome by providing proper nutrition.

There are various examples of a body dehydration like, while a runner participating in a running race faints or is about to faint should be given glucose water or juice to keep the body hydrated.


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