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Is Healthy Eating Really Important?

It is often said that you are what you eat. Can this statement be true? Yes and no. Yes poor dietary choices can lead to illness, shortened life expectancies and poorer quality of life. Good dietary choices can lead to a healthier, longer and higher quality life. In the most literal sense, this statement is untrue. An example is if you consume many chocolate malts you will not one day become a chocolate malt, but your body will be heavier, you may suffer diabetes and you may have a poorer quality of life. So the truth of the matter is that the statement is true.

A person who values his health and life realizes that the foods we choose to eat are extremely important to our health. Nutrition is a major building block of proper growth, bodily functions and preventing illnesses.

Healthy eating is important to our health from birth until death. Healthy food choices are important to our appearance, our energy and our general well-being.

Food is fuel for our bodies. All the nutrients that our bodies need come from food. Foods contain the essential building blocks for our bones, muscles and organ tissues. Cells continue to break down, die and rebuild our entire lives, making healthy eating very important every day of our life.

Our bodies use energy to talk, breathe, walk and any other action that we do. Our bodies get energy from two sources. One is the food we consume and the other is stored body fat. Along with nutrients for energy, our bodies also need fats are carbohydrates to allow our organs to work properly. Other substances in our body such as hormones which we need to work are not produced if we do not eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Our bodies have built-in defense mechanisms to ward off disease. When we are not properly nourished these defenses are weakened. A weakened system allows viruses and bacteria to attack the body. The body in a weakened state will become ill.

Without the proper nourishing foods and water our bodies will not operate in optimal condition. Proper healthy eating is vital to our well-being our entire lives. It is best to learn good nutrition from young on, however even though damage may have been done to our bodies due to unhealthy eating, as long as we are alive it is not too late to start giving your body the nutrients, water and care that it deserves.


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