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Fat Burning Foods List

Are you overweight? You want lose those extra pounds but you do not know how to. Dieting is something that you just can't do and besides that you have tried doing everything possible. If this is your story and you are fed up of being smirked at because of your flab, it is time you made some changes in your diet. No, you don't have to follow a diet that will barely let you consume anything. You just have to go through this list of fat burning foods and add the foods mentioned to your diet chart! Easy. Everyone knows that one grows fat because of calories. So those foods that have low calories are surely included in the list of foods for burning fat along with those known to oxidize fats and remove them out of your system.

So, here is the list of fat burning foods. Actually, there are many foods that burn fat. This particular list provides a few of them only.

Citrus fruits - Oranges, lemons, limes, et cetera have a great property of oxidizing fat as they contain Vitamin C. This vitamin helps in improving metabolism thereby making use of all the stored fat and burning it to release energy. Thus, citrus fruits top the list of fat burning foods.
Cabbages - They have fat oxidizing properties and thus eliminate all the deposited fat in the body.
Garlic - Garlic has an amazing ability to dissolve fats. It consists of a compound called allicin which removes all the fats and cholesterol from the body and thus, is very helpful.
Apples - The peel of the apple fruit essentially contributes to burning fat and thanks to the peel, apples make it to the list of fat burning foods. A fiber called pectin is present in apples which mainly helps in weight loss.
Spinach - Spinach is low on calories and has fat burning properties.
Tomatoes - Not only do tomatoes nullify the risk of cancer and decrease blood pressure, they also help in burning fats as they have great amounts of fiber in them.
Walnuts - these contains lots of fiber and thus prevent weight gain. Also, because they are so filling, they stop you from eating a lot.
Broccoli - Again, it has lots of fiber and vitamin C which helps in oxidizing fat from your body. It is most helpful when eaten raw.
Beans - these have lots of proteins and fiber and thus, help in weight loss and fat burning.


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