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Breaking the Fast - Why Breakfast Is an Important Part of Your Day

I have always been a huge fan of breakfast, and I'm a serious believer that it is the most important meal of the day. For most of my life, I was sure that the word breakfast was actually a synonym for sugar. I actually grew up believing that the history of cereal went something like this: "In the beginning, God created cereal... and it was good."

And I couldn't get enough! A typical morning included pouring a giant bowl of cereal, toasting some Poptarts, washing everything down with a big glass of chocolate milk, and getting ready to take on the world... for half an hour, at least. The sugar crash was on me by 10 am, at the latest. Well, after years of living and breathing by the lower shelves in the cereal aisle, my unquenchable quest for knowledge and my desire to make it past 10 without needing a nap led me to do a little investigating on the origins of breakfast, and here's what I found.

For as far back as I could find, breakfast has always been an integral part of our lives. The name literally means to break the fast from the night before, and it was important to start the day with something that would both refuel the body from the night of fasting and leave you at 100% energy to start the day. In the early 1900's, however, a Seventh-Day Adventist named William Keith Kellogg accidentally discovered corn flakes after a pot of wheat was overcooked and dried out. In 1929, Mr. Kellogg introduced Rice Krispies to the world, and since then, breakfast has gotten less and less healthy.

But the fact is, breakfast is incredibly important to the overall quality of our day. It is the first fuel that we give ourselves to support us through the activities of our day. So, the question is, what kind of fuel are you giving yourself? Is it helping you wake up, or is it making you want to go back to bed? Is it supporting you over time or giving you a quick high followed by a crash?

One of the easiest and most powerful habits that you can learn is to take a whole food supplement with your breakfast. Not to be confused with regular vitamins and minerals, whole food supplements actually contain the essence of the whole foods they contain (mainly fruits and vegetables). The most common multivitamin on the market is made of 32 vitamins and minerals that are made using chemicals in a laboratory. Whole food supplements are made from the actual food like apples or broccoli. Did you know that scientists have isolated over 10,000 nutrients inside of one apple that synergistically work together to improve your health? The truth is, to compare 10,000 nutrients made by nature to 32 nutrients made by man is just not possible. It's just not comparing apples to apples. So, no matter what you normally eat or don't eat for breakfast, add a whole-food supplement to the mix. It will totally change your life.


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