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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Slowly

Eating at a blazing speed is an epidemic to a fast-paced lifestyle. We do about almost everything fast- we drive fast, we want fast money, we want faster internet, and let's not forget fast food. This is one of the biggest problems in today's lifestyle. Living the fast-life style can be very taxing on you and leads to a surmounted amount of stress. We have to take the time to slow down and take a deep breath. To slow down your life a bit, try to eat slower as there are quite a few benefits in doing so. Taking this little piece of advice will do wonders to your body. You might have heard about the Slow Food Movement in Italy to combat the risks of eating fast.

Here are the 6 reasons why you should be eating slowly:

1. Prevent overeating. When you eat fast, you tend to eat more than you would otherwise. Slowing down will, of course in turn, make you eat less since it takes about 20 minutes for our brains to register that we're full. Simply eating slower will shed off some fat. Just doing this alone will make you lose about 15-20 lbs a year without changing up your diet.

2. Enjoy your food. Slow down and taking one bite at a time will help you enjoy your food more. If you're just stuffing yourself, there's no time to savor the taste of the food. What's the point of eating your favorite foods if you're not taking the time to enjoy it?

3. Better digestion. When you eat too quickly it negatively affects your body's digestive system. Digestion all starts in the mouth because of an enzyme produced by your saliva and if you take the time to actually chew your food, your digestive system will have an easier time breaking it down.

4. Quality vs. Quantity. Fast eaters are more likely to eat junky fast foods. Fast foods take a relatively short time to finish but a healthy meal complete with lean proteins, veggies, etc., takes a longer time. Treat your body with quality food. You won't feel guilty and you'll be satisfied.

5. You won't choke! Sometimes when you eat too fast, your food gets stuck in the wrong tube and need water to wash it down. This is never fun if you don't have water right next to you and you have run to get some water. This can be prevented by slowing down your eating.

6. Reduce stress. Fast eaters tend to think about what they're going to do next and don't enjoy the food. They think to themselves, "I got to eat this fast so I can get on to whatever I was doing." Take your time, enjoy your food, and your stress levels will decrease.

Now that you know the 6 reasons why you should be eating slowly, I'll tell you 4 ways on HOW to eat slowly:

1. Schedule it. Take the time to sit down and enjoy your meal with your friends and family and turn off any distractions.

2. Simply pace yourself. Let's say you normally eat lunch in 5 minutes, try to slow down a bit and eat lunch in 10-15 minutes. Eating doesn't have to be a chore, enjoy your food.

3. Make an effort to taste your food. Try to make a conscious effort to pay attention to the taste of the food. You'll begin to appreciate your foods more.

4. Drink water during your meal. Every two bites or so, put down your utensils and drink some water.


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