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Benefits of A Gluten Free Diet

More often then not people are quick to assume that a gluten free diet is something that only vegans or vegetarians live by as a lifestyle choice. Needless to say, they may not realize that this gluten free diet can benefit everyone and it will help your overall health.

Often doctors will require that their patients who suffer from digestive disorders follow this type of diet. This diet can also help with loss of balance, brain fog, and other disorders that are neurological.

Studies conducted by the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Program have found that if more people were to adopt this diet and avoided foods that were high in gluten then they would not only be helping digestive problems but also celiac disease. They have also found that one of every 133 adults in the U.S. do suffer from digestive diseases and celiac disease because they are consuming foods that contain harmful gluten.

Other people who suffer form seizures, loss of balance, cognitive problems and Types 1 and 2 diabetes will also benefit from a gluten free diet. Further studies found that those suffering these conditions may have increase gluten sensitivity because of infections, genetics and the function of their liver.

Foods to avoid while taking part of this diet include wheat, oats, rye, barely, and spelt. Food products that contain these ingredients are to be avoided especially those suffering from celiac disease. Other foods and even beverages to be avoided are beer, pasta, grains and cereal.

Now to avoid sounding like a list of foods to stay away from you can have things that contain soy, rice and bean flour. Even farmers who have wheat and grain crops are more aware of how much gluten their crops contain.

They are not the other ones with a raised awareness as other companies are also planning how they will be able to market products so that not only taste but quality are being improved in gluten free products.


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