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Five Breakfast Ideas When You Are On-The-Go

How long has it been since you enjoyed a nourishing breakfast? When was the last time you had a wholesome morning meal that kept you going all day? Work requirements hardly allow you to sit down for breakfast, and the thing closest to breakfast you have done is grabbing a sandwich while you are tucking your shirt in or doing your hair simultaneously.

Breakfast has always been termed as the 'deciding meal', which determines your energy quotient of the day, and what you have had for breakfast talks a great deal about you performance at your work place. You probably think there is nothing you can do about it, since you are already running against time, and your priority remains to be on time, rather than energizing yourself. You couldn't be more wrong. There's plenty you can do, to ensure a refreshing, reviving day. There are two ways: keeping it short, and simple; and having an elaborate meal, which requires advance planning.

There are ways you can be on the run and yet feel full of life. Just the right food items are available, and you don't require a lot of it, either. Take, for an example, nutrition bars. They are small, easy to grab, and tasty, at the same time, and you don't have to sit down to eat it, you can always bite on it on your way to your office. Don't mistake chocolate bars to be nutrition bars, though - be sure to check the ingredients before you buy an entire stock!

Equally nutritious is yoghurt, which is proportionately composed of calcium and proteins. You get them in packets and tins everywhere; so add that to your breakfast list, instead of 'yoghurt breaks'. Sandwiches are excellent, too, though you might have to spend some time slicing brad, tomato, lettuce, and all that you wish to have in your sandwich.

Certain facts will help you prepare your breakfast better. If you knew that food with complex carbohydrates boost you better than food with simple carbohydrates, you might want to incorporate that to your breakfast. Protein gives you the strength to brave the tiring day at work, too. And a healthy breakfast doesn't mean you have to eat everything in sight, either. In fact, that will only reduce your vigor, so take care to avoid food rich in fat, as always.

Outlined are a few methods to make the most nutritious meals with everyday food stuff:

1. Omelette: You have five minutes to beat the egg, pour it into a saucepan, flip and toss it as and when it is ready and slice an onion into small pieces and serve it with some pepper? Give it a try, and you'll know that it is the easiest piece of cooking ever.

2. Yoghurt with berries: A bowl of yoghurt topped with raspberries and blueberries does not seem like a bad idea at all, does it, when you can store it in a plastic container and relish on that on your way to the office?

3. The chocolate fiesta: It has been earlier mentioned that chocolate doesn't provide you with the healthy nutrition you seek, but when combined with yoghurt, butter, and banana, it can get you going. Add half a cup of milk, equal amount of yoghurt, one banana and a tablespoon of butter, to some chocolate protein powder, if you have the sweet tooth.

4. Oatmeal: Preparing an oat drink by blending oatmeal with water, and adding about a tablespoon of butter makes you full of zip!

5. Fruit meal: Apples, bananas, blueberries, name any fruit, and they are all capable of providing you with sufficient energy.

Try them all out and drowsy days, all-thanks-to-lousy-breakfast will be the things of the past!


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