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You Are What You Eat: The Link Between Scoliosis and Nutrition

For sufferers of scoliosis it is especially important to bring a number of different vitamins and minerals into the diet. The human body lives off these substances, and scoliosis is particularly dependent on certain vitamins and minerals for its management. So much of the problem is focused don the bone structure within the human body, and bones are essentially dependent on these substances.

The first real vitamin that one must focus on maintaining healthy levels of is Vitamin D. Your body depends upon healthy levels of Vitamin D to produce Phosphorous and Calcium. It also ensures that the body can absorb enough of these two elements for survival and growth.

Essentially, it is important that we get enough Vitamin D, because the presence of this vitamin allows for suitable levels of bone growth in the human body. Any lack of this vitamin, for example, can lead to certain metabolic disorders, which can obviously affect the quality of the patient. The deficiency of this vitamin also leads to something called 'soft bones' as well as Rickets.

To get more Vitamin D into your diet you have to look at a certain type of foodstuff. If you are looking for food sources that are very strong in Vitamin D then it is best to look at items such as mackerel, tuna and sardines. In fact, plenty of fish in the diet is definitely a good idea if you want to build up the nutritional tools to help you manage scoliosis.

Vitamin E is the next big vitamin that you should be looking to increase the levels of it in your diet. This will have a direct impact on your management of the scoliosis issue. Basically, Vitamin E helps your body to build and keep on building strong and healthy muscle tissue. This is why it is so essential for the growth of young children, whose bodies are changing so much. Anyone who has scoliosis will need Vitamin E to help build up strong muscles that will help them to support their already struggling spine. This is absolutely essential, and doing this right will add a lot of support overall for scoliosis sufferers. Good foods for gaining more Vitamin E in your diet include liver and kale. Eggs, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts are also great foods to have in your diet too.

The last major element of your diet you should be concerned about is Calcium. This element works really hard in your body to build up healthy bones and teeth. One quite startling fact is that ninety nine per cent of your calcium in your body is found in your bones. To build up the calcium in your bones, this obviously being an important factor in the pain management for scoliosis sufferers, you need to introduce certain foods into your diet. Various cheeses such as Parmesan and Mozzarella are excellent sources of Calcium. Cabbage and broccoli are also Calcium packed foods.

Essentially, if you look for foods that contain these elements you are working very hard in your diet, one essential tool in your arsenal against scoliosis.


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