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Cholesterol Isn't What You Think

If you believe in evolution, how did we evolve needing all that cholesterol produced by our body during the millions of years of change, but now in the 21st century we take Lipitor and other cholesterol-lowering drugs to lower cholesterol? What changed? Why is heart disease increasing even though cholesterol-lowering drugs have been prescribed for over ten years? Heart disease should be decreasing - right? Duh? What's happening?

The answer is alarming - it's money. Pharmaceutical companies subsidize our medical schools and they teach our student doctors that a diet high in cholesterol is generally acknowledged to be the major component of arterial plaque, and plaque is related to heart disease. (This is the plaque theory. Yes, it is a theory just like the theory contained in this article is just another theory. Pick your poison.)

Why the cholesterol theory does NOT make sense.

Ladies, how do you make a dress? Yes, I know I changed the subject, but work with me here. Answer: With cloth, zipper, buttons, etc. Right? You do not buy a dress to make a dress, do ya? Nope.

Guys, if you want to make a Ford, you do not buy a Ford. You buy a chassis, an engine, tires, seats, etc. Right? Right. Okay, it is the same concept with our bodies. Our bodies do not make cholesterol from cholesterol. Our bodies make cholesterol from pancakes, syrup, and other foods. Therefore, eating foods that contain cholesterol is NOT the problem.

Here is the problem. Stop concentrating on reducing cholesterol levels in foods that contain cholesterol, and concentrate on reducing chemical toxins in your food. Too much cholesterol is a sign that you are eating too many toxins. Like what? All the "stuff" on ingredient labels. I'm sometimes called the Orlando Dancing Doctor, and I suggest the first way to lower your cholesterol is to stop eating ingredients in your food that you cannot pronounce. Like EDTA, (the word is over 30 characters long - that's some chemical! Flavoring, extracts, modified food starch to name just a few.)

These ingredients are chemicals and activate your immune system. Your body has no idea what these chemicals are - none. So, your body says, "YIKES, we are being attacked by GERMS!" Your liver sends out cholesterol to attack the unknown ingredients. What's a simple solution? Stop eating "stuff" in your food and your cholesterol will decrease. Can you cook with "natural flavoring" in your own kitchen? Of course not. All flavorings and other made-up vocabulary is a food manufacturers secret weapon. Now they can make overly-processed food taste fabulous and still be inexpensive for you to purchase.

Dr. Castelli says: "Since there was no correlation between those who had heart disease and those who were not in the usual risk factors of smoking, high blood pressure, HDL's, and cholesterol. Instead, the evidence seems to suggest the possibility that heart disease is a hormonal disorder primarily."

Where do we get the hormones that Dr. Castelli is talking about that increases your likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke? That's another subject about hormones being added to our meat and dairy products in America.

What's the bottom line? Your medical doctor is right - high cholesterol is a health danger sign, and should be lowered. The answer is not in a cholesterol-lowering drug. The answer is at the end of your fork. Lower the chemical additives and preservatives in what you put in your mouth. Eat foods without food labels. Fresh is best with no additives and no preservatives. Remember, if you cannot pronounce, definitely don't eat it.


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