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Manuka Honey - A History of Healing

New Zealand, due to its history of isolation in the formation of the current continents that we know today, has created a natural environment that has developed a unique base of flora and fauna, endemic to the country. Approximately eighty percent of the natural flora is only found in New Zealand, including 65 species of plants and trees. Being dominated by Podacarp Forests, Kauri Plantations, Southern Beech Forests and areas of shrublands and tussock in lower regions of the topography of the country, Manuka are a common sight in the New Zealand bush. Being a vital component of the New Zealand ecosystem, it provides much leaf and organic matter on the forest floors to provide nutrients and energy for the other vegetation to survive. Additionally, it provides protection for many smaller and growing plants, protecting them from the sometimes harsh growing environments in New Zealand.

The Manuka tree, or Leptospermum scoparium, is a small shrub-like tree which has been utilised by the indigenous Maori and European alike. Manuka honey was revered for its ability to aid in the healing process of burns, cuts and wounds. The Maori were skilful hunters and gatherers, with a detailed knowledge of the plant life and the benefits they bore. The Manuka tree and the honey it produced were extensively utilised to aid wound healing and for optimal wellness. The tree was utilised to make a tea while the shoots of the bush were regularly chewed to aid digestive complaints. For internal use, a concoction of hot water and Manuka leaves were drunk.

With advancing technology and research capabilities, the true value of Manuka Honey is being realised. As the honey is produced by bees that pollinate the Manuka tree, the unique properties are transferred to the honey itself. Antibacterial Manuka honey has been scientifically proven to assist the healing of cuts, burns and wounds and the special properties aid in reducing recovery time. Its antibacterial properties help to protect the wounded areas. The application of medical Manuka honey is often as effective as comparable modern medical practices; and sometimes, even more effective.

With a history of helping to heal that has stood the test of time, Manuka honey could be considered a daily ingredient of long term health and wellness, for you and your family.


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