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Raw Foods Diet! Easy Recipes to Transition Now and ReEnergize With Enzymes - Feel the Difference

"The Law of Biogenesis, attributed to Louis Pasteur, states that life arises from pre-existing life, not from nonliving material." - Wikipedia

This simple law is centuries old; it communicates exactly why one's diet should consist predominantly [if not completely!] of raw plant-based food. Your life - that is, your health, your state of mind, your level of passion and drive - simply cannot be "generated" from "nonliving material."

Enzymes - vital catalysts to all the biological reactions currently taking place in your body - are not found in dead, cooked foods. Contrarily, all raw foods are dense with enzymes, though how well our bodies can utilize enzymes from other creatures' flesh is largely debated. Whatever the case, virtually all enzymes die when heated past about 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply put, any food that's been cooked has been stripped of the life force nature intended you to obtain by eating it.

Medicine has recognized the importance of enzymes for decades, but it wasn't until fairly recently that scientists and doctors discovered just how vital the enzymatic role is. Every action you have ever completed - walking, reading, thinking, talking, dreaming - was carried out through the help of enzymes.

"Enzymes are the substances that make life possible. They are needed from every chemical reaction that takes place in the human body. No vitamin mineral, or hormone can do any work without enzymes... they are the manual workers that build out body from proteins, carbohydrates, and fats." - Dr. Edward Howell, Enzyme Nutrition

There are three types of enzymes the body needs to thrive:

*Metabolic - those enzymes necessary to every single bodily function, that is, everything you have ever done - from burning fat to brainstorming

*Digestive - enzymes used to break down foods and utilize their nutrients within the body

*Food - enzymes present in all raw foods which aid in digestion. According to Dr. Howell, "nature has enclosed all raw foods with the correct and balanced amount of food enzymes for...human consumption."

The body creates and regulates metabolic and digestive enzymes. Obesity, lack of energy, and an array of other health problems arise when the body is deprived of the third category of enzymes found in raw foods due to overconsumption of cooked foodstuff. To help digest over-heated, enzymeless foods, the body must implement its own stores of metabolic enzymes, stealing them from the major organs and diminishing one's overall life force. Simply put, when you eat cooked foods, you body must sacrifice a degree of livelihood to digest them.

Fortunately, all you have to do maximize your livelihood is consume a diet consisting of at least half raw foods. If you think that sounds too difficult, think again! If you're not yet keen to the deliciousness of bright fruits, juicy veggies, and protein-packed nuts and seeds, maybe you'd like to experience the revitalizing effects of raw enzymes while eating cookies, cakes, pastas, and even burgers? Thanks to the innovative culinary entrepreneurship of Philip McCluskey - who lost 215 pounds enjoying his own decadent recipes - you can wield the raw power of raw foods without giving up the tastes and textures of your favorite cooked delicacies. Philip's raw food "cook"-book, Raw Food, Fast Food, features over 50 decadent recipes designed to grant you the great enzymatic power of raw foods without sacrificing taste. Indulgences like fudge, ice-cream sundaes, or even tacos can be prepared quickly and easily for guilt-free consumption! While some of his more complicated recipes may require a dehydrator, you need not worry as the dehydration of foods below 104 degrees Fahrenheit yields little to no enzyme loss.

One of the most prominent raw food advocates, David "Avocado" Wolfe [Masters Degree in Nutrition] says "leap and the net appears." Stop waiting for that comforting "safety net" to justify your leap towards health, happiness, and success.

The result of "an enzymeless diet... is a shortened lifespan..., illness, and lowered resistance to stresses of all types, psychological and environmental." - Dr. Howell

Avoid the cooked foods trap! Take steps toward constructing your dreams today!

Just remember "you may have all the raw materials with which to build, but without the workers (enzymes) you cannot even begin." - Dr. Howell again:)


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