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Preparing Kale - Surprisingly Delicious!

My first experience with preparing kale was about three years ago, when Phil came home with a bunch of kale that he had been given by a friend for helping in her garden. He made us a gorgeous salad out of it, but I couldn't get it down. I just could not stand eating it.

The next day, he made another bunch of it into kale chips in our toaster oven, and because they were dried all the way to crispy I could handle it. Although it tasted alright, I didn't feel any particular pull to eat more of it. Meal planning just didn't really involve preparing kale. But then I started researching.

I began to learn more about the nutritional value of kale. It has a huge amount of vitamins A, C and K. It's made up of 16% protein by calories, and full of fiber. It helps reduce inflammation, which is good for people with arthritis or cardiovascular health issues. It has a ton of antioxidants and chlorophyll, along with some calcium and iron.

The more I learned, the more I thought that eating kale would be a good thing to work into a healthy eating plan. And the more I thought preparing kale would be a good thing, the stronger my determination to like it became. In order to like it, I looked into ways of preparing it that would soften the texture and the flavor. This is important because you'll probably have the same initial reaction that I had when I first encountered kale.

I finally found my kale heaven when I discovered massaging. This is where you rub the kale with your hands, giving it a deep tissue massage. You can use salt or not, but I always use just a pinch, which helps the kale soften.

A salty dressing - using tamari (soy sauce), miso and toasted sesame oil - neutralizes the natural bitterness of kale and makes for a salad that I honestly can't get enough of. I always find it funny how quickly and dramatically my tastes changed once I decided that I wanted to enjoy kale.

You can change your outlook on foods and eating if you make it a priority to learn what's healthy for you, and then consciously make the decision to move towards a healthy eating plan. If you want some ideas on where to start, check out the 7 day healthy eating challenge I put together for you.


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