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Drinking Bottled Water - The Truth

Water is essential for survival and when it comes to drinking water, you will find it in abundance, but drinking impure water can lead to contamination of diseases and even the spread of certain types of viruses. However on average, Americans are known to be spending around $400 or more on this type of water in a bottle. Is it that safe? The truth is that there are various reasons behind it being considered as harmful.

Bottled water it is presented as a product that assures us our health and makes us see that it is a sign of quality of life, a certain standard of living and friendly environment.

The bottled water industry is growing very rapidly throughout the world, being more buoyant business today, but also one of the least regulated, giving rise to truly outrageous situations.

The water business figures speak for themselves. In the 70's, the annual volume of bottled water marketed worldwide was of around 1,000 million liters. In the next decade, doubling the consumption, but it is from the 1990's when it's exponential growth explodes making it a big business for the big companies.

When compared to home purification systems, bottled water is similar to that of tap water in proportion of chemicals and germs. It's proven that even the top most brands use filtered water rather than purifying water from springs.

The general perception behind water bottles being very tasty and healthy is that it consists of herbs and vitamins. This may not necessarily be the case. This bottled water may contain artificial preservatives and sugar which increases the flavor.

Although bottled water is termed as natural and clean, the fact is highly doubted. Many consumer and research societies have found that even the top most brands have acted against the norms. The water that is used for bottling purposes is bacteria contaminated and contained heavy metals which are considered as toxic.

Bottled water, unlike home purification systems is considered to be dangerous to the environment. This contributes to the outgrowth of global warming. Plastic bottles release toxic materials like nickel, ethyl benzene etc. and that's not all, the plastic bottles consist of polyethylene terephthalate which can take up to 1000 years to dispose creating a huge disaster for our environment contaminating the world for our future generations.

Bottled water leads to many undiagnosed diseases and even leads to imbalance of chemical levels in your system. Home water purification system is the best way to drink water and help to preserve the environment.


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