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Obesity: Avoid the Fatal Mistake

Obesity: Avoiding the Fatal Mistake in Weight Loss Sometimes in our quest to lose weight, we become overly zealous and decide we are going to lose in a couple of weeks what we have gained in a couple of years or more. This is a set-up for failure as surely as if we didn't even embark on a weight loss program. This is also why almost all fad diets fail. They are too aggressive and promise too much too soon. Weight gain is a gradual process. Weight loss is too. If you have 80 or a hundred pounds to lose, or more, you are only going to lose it a pound at a time... period.. So take advantage of small victories. Set your goal to lose 5 pounds at a time. Cut out the foods you know are bad for you and reduce your portions by at least a third, preferably by half.

Obesity: Review of the Basics

Obesity is becoming increasingly prevalent in most developed countries. The incidence among children and adolescents is rising at an even faster rate than that of adults. Let's take a look at the main aspects of this troubling condition which is jeopardizing health by itself and by means of the illnesses and diseases it promotes. What is obesity? In its simplest form, obesity can be defined as "excess body fat". Whether or not one's body fat is "excessive" is determined by body measurements, including height, weight, waist circumference and the BMI (body mass index) which is an analysis of the relationship between height and weight. How prevalent is obesity?

Childhood Obesity Versus Convenience - What Is the Connection?

What does this have to do with convenience foods and/or fast foods? We can start with breakfast. There are an increasing number of children who do not even eat breakfast and those that do may start it with sugary cereals and refined foods low in nutrients and fiber as opposed to items such as a healthy fruit smoothie, eggs, and/or cooked (from scratch) oatmeal or other high fiber grains. Let's look at what school aged children are generally bringing in their lunch bag. Many processed and pre-packaged foods seem to be the norm as they have been deemed more convenient. As convenient as they may be at this time, it is not faring well for the statistics that show the overall rise in childhood obesity and the fact that children who are overweight in childhood are 70% more likely to be overweight as adults.

End Childhood Obesity With One Tiny Action

Have you been wondering what simple steps you can take to control your child's weight gain? What if there was just one single step you could take to make a huge impact? If the idea of making the necessary changes to get your obese child back in shape seems overwhelming, relax. There is one major change that you can make that will help. It is a lot easier to make one change than it is to change your entire way of doing things. This is the one change that you can make to improve your child's health. You can cut out sugar-based drinks. Today's food and drinks contain dangerously high levels of body damaging sugar Sugar is considered a poison food by healthy people who are aware of the impact of sugar on the body.

Overcome Childhood Obesity With These Foods

Do you know a family facing childhood obesity issues? Are you wondering what you can do to prevent the same problems before they happen in your own family? Even if your child is not yet facing a weight issue, your best preventative action is to provide a nutritious diet. If your child is already moving towards obesity, do the same thing. Provide healthy food and never mind plunging the child into a food trauma by putting him or her on a stringent diet. For one thing, stringent diets do not work. They just make your body think you are in starvation mode and it slows down your metabolism so that your body goes further on less food. Take these five steps to prevent child obesity in your family Here are 5 major steps you can make.

Childhood Obesity - Food Does Not Equal Love

Are you a parent that is afraid to say no? Do you need the affirmation of your children or loved ones to build up your own self esteem? There is nothing cuter than a plump and healthy baby or a chubby-cheeked toddler. We all have different bodies and body types. A tall slender parent can have a short stocky child and a short stocky parent can have a slender child. There is no need to think your child should look like you and have the same shape of hands, feet, or body as you had at that age. However, you have to be realistic about your child's health. Don't be the parent that enables their children and poor eating habits There are some parents who want to put their tiny children on a diet for no reason than the parent is obsessed with food and diet and appearances.

Obesity: How Our Busyness Contributes

We all know the difficulty of being overweight. It's hard on our health, hard on our self-esteem, hard on our wardrobe. However, do you know it's hard not to be fat in the times during which we live? We are assaulted from all sides (insofar as our weight is concerned). For example, who has time to cook? We are all overloaded and overwhelmed just getting through the day. You work all day and by the time you get home, you're exhausted, the kids need help with their homework, you've got to get a report finished by morning, you have to wash or nobody will have anything to wear tomorrow... and the cat is vomiting! Egads! Can anybody even expect you to cook?

Suggested Weight Reduction Techniques for Obesity - Important Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of

Obesity is now recognized as a medical issue. To treat it successfully means reaching an ideal body weight without worsening the condition due to the chosen method of intervention. It must be a sustainable program, too, with behaviors that can be easily maintained over time. Some of the commonly used weight reduction techniques for obesity are behavior modification, diet reduction, exercise, pharmacologic approach and surgery. Of these five techniques, diet reduction and exercise are the foundations of an effective and sustainable weight loss program. Caloric energy intake must always be lower than the energy expended in order to successfully lose fat on a long-term basis.

Childhood Obesity Leads to Serious Illness

Did you realize that childhood health problems are becoming much greater over the last two decades? Have you wondered while more and more studies are being conducted to find the causes? Over the last quarter century, childhood obesity has been approaching epidemic proportions. This is a huge problem that affects more than 9 million children just in the United States. At the time in their lives when they should be building strong and healthy bones and tissue that will serve them in good stead all their lives, children with serious weight issues are already on the downward health path. Childhood obesity is not just a factor of appearance and athleticism Obesity does more than just impact the child's appearance and agility.

Childhood Obesity Prevention Is Up to You

Are you worried about your child and their increasing weight gain? Have you wondered what you can do to decrease the possibility of childhood obesity being part of your family life? It used to be that obesity was something that happened to unhappy and unhealthy adults. It was fairly common knowledge that being really fat to the point of obesity was a dangerous health problem. Obesity is defined as having a body mass index of 30 or more. Obesity shortens your life and makes you prone to diseases that will diminish the quality of your life. Even the World Health Organization indicates that being obese is becoming one of the top, if not the very top, cause of poor health.

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