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Writing Programs - Are They Worth It?

We all have our strengths and weaknesses and it seems in this day of increased internet business and online interaction, a strength in English and writing is a definite advantage. For the rest, the latest trend in writing programs must seem like a God-send. But for those who have or might succumb to the temptation of wasting their hard earned dollar on such a program, it might be prudent to remember this: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The number of programs promising to write your articles for you and rewrite the same article for you and distribute it online is growing, but I've yet to come across one that is worth the money. Here's why.

Tame the Email Monster by Delegating Email Management to Your Virtual Assistant

If you are like me, you receive a large number of emails every day. You may also have more than one inbox. After all, your Social Media accounts have private messaging as well. Facebook and LinkedIn have inboxes. Twitter has DMs. There are messages bombarding you from everywhere you can imagine. If you have a personal email account, that is just another inbox to manage in your busy day. Outsourcing your business email to your Virtual Assistant will allow you the freedom you need to work on the money-making areas of your business. You can do more teleseminars, host more live events, sign more clients, create more information products, and even offer more group coaching programs.

Outsourcing After the Credit Crunch

So we are told that IT heads are keeping the faith in outsourcing (survey computer week) despite the sight of bedraggled refinery workers picketing outside factory gates carrying placards with 'British Jobs for British Workers'. A slight whiff of fear is evident in the Outsource market as the implications of what these workers were saying quickly sunk in. What they were complaining about was not just about jobs being given to others but the way it was being done - using labour arbitrage - i.e. cheap labour in a situation not too dissimilar to the 'globalisation' of the IT services market. This is where executives scour the world to save a few cents on labour cost and when the advantage is gone move onto the next cheap site of well disciplined labour.

Bargain Vs Value - Are You Sabotaging Your Business?

The word "bargain" relates to the price of something; specifically a low price. What about "value"? And what about a distinction between the two? Are these words significant in the application to business services we delegate to freelancers? Bargain. Value. Hmmmm. Lord Byron had a few thoughts on the subject of bargains: "A bargain is in its very essence a hostile transaction. Do not all men try to abate the price of all they buy? I contend that a bargain even between brethren is a declaration of war." It sounds like Lord Byron spoke from experience. Why else would he be so impassioned? "Hostile transaction. Declaration of war." Those are strong words. When hiring pros to make their valuable contribution to the success of our businesses, rarely do we look for a bargain.

How the BPO Industry Changed Common Filipino Lives

Offshore Outsourcing in the Philippines was not welcomed with open arms by some Filipinos during its debut in the first days of the year 2000. However, in a closer look, the BPO industry have been making a dramatic effect in the lives of common Filipinos. Through the years, it made significant changes on how people look at their professional and personal lives. The Philippine BPO service provider industry practically saved the nation from a potential economic downfall during the height of the recent worldwide economic recession. BPO companies remained strong amidst left and right company shutdowns and BPO workers stayed secure in their jobs as the unemployment rate zoomed up.

Various Advantages of Hiring a Call Center

Most business organizations usually avail the call center services to meet with the ever growing demands of their customers. They are the ones who take away the excess workload from the shoulder of its clients, thereby allowing them plenty of time to focus on the other core business operations. In a business organization, there are basically two types of business processes or operations. The first one is the core process and the other one is the non core process. The core business operations include decision making, management issues, etc. The non core operations include customer service, telemarketing, sales, advertisement, calling to schedule appointments, email replies, etc.

Customer Service Outsourcing - Risk and Reward

Outsourcing for customer service is one of the ways in which businesses can cut capital costs, increase efficiency, and can provide a degree of flexibility in the size and functionality of their customer service team. However, unlike other "peripheral" business functions which might be more easily outsourced, such as programming, web development, bookkeeping, or administrative functions, outsourcing your call center carries risk, because contractors will speak directly to your customers. For a business that intends to be customer-focused, this means that certain cautions should be taken when outsourcing for customer service. When looking at outsourcing providers, top consideration should be given to the reputation and the depth of skilled resources that the provider has.

Bookkeeping and Outsourcing Benefits

Different kinds and modes of bookkeeping services exist. One cannot deny the fact that bookkeeping is an integral part of any kind of business. The interesting fact is that every year, a big deal of time, cash and resources are spent for meeting the day to day requirements of bookkeeping, accountancy and tax sheet preparation. Companies offer their bookkeeping services to well known Certified Public Accountants and also to the bookkeeping departments of small scale and medium scale business entities and companies. By outsourcing their bookkeeping requirements and needs to bookkeeping firms, businesses gain a lot in areas such as enhancement of the company focus and improvement of their flexibility to act and respond to key business problems.

Online Virtual Assistant - 7 Things You Ought to Know About It

There is an array of definitions present in the internet for the phrase 'Online Virtual Assistant'. But the most common understanding about this is that it gives online administrative support through the use of computer and the internet. Below are 7 things that might help you fully understand the concept of giving online assistance. An online virtual assistant is not your traditional secretary who occupies an office space in your company. This means that they work most of the time from their home. They do not need to be in the same area as to where your company is located. They can be thousands of miles from the client but just as long as they do have an access to the internet and a computer with them.

Hiring a Freelance Direct Mail Copywriter? Be Warned!

You're probably reading this because you're curious about getting a freelance copywriter for direct-mail... And furthermore, you probably are wondering, what is that you need to be "warned" about, well... Actually plenty! But I will keep this short and sweet for you. I have isolated the top 5 things you must know before hiring a freelancer for your direct-mail copy. 1) The secret is best freelance copywriters are NOT freelancing What do I mean by this? Its simple. You will not find these guys running around freelancer networks looking for work, or trying to get you to hire them. Most of their work is by referral. Not that they'd turn you down if you found them, but they don't go out of their way to find work.

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