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Real Wolfman? The Werewolf of Bedburg

The year was 1589, in the German village of Bedburg. This was a time when superstition and religion ruled supreme in people's lives. Many things that we consider common today were considered ghastly in those times. That is why the alleged crimes and the trial that followed must have been unimaginable for folks living in the time of The Werewolf of Bedburg. For years the local townsfolk had been tormented by something that they could only describe as a demon. Their livestock and even children had become the victim of something horrible. Throats were ripped out and flesh was eaten away from the unfortunate victims. The beast that lingered in the forest had left a trail of blood and misery in its wake.

How to Fight the Winter Blues While You Go Ghost Hunting

Why do some folks hate winter time so much? Is it the cold, the snow, the icy roads, or is it something else they truly fear, like getting the winter blues because they always think there's nothing to do. I for one love winter, now I don't care much for the heat bill, but as far as the snow, and the cold and the other things the season provides, it's wonderful to me. You should learn to use the cold, snowy winter to your advantage instead of a means for depression. One thing I learned years ago, is the more it snows, the happier it is for me. Your probably thinking this person is a lot different then I am, aren't you? Will, that is what makes folks like we are, were all humans but we all have different likes and dislikes.

Real World Zombies

Yes finally I get to do an article about zombies! The biggest reason why its hard to answer questions about zombies is because a zombie isn't really defined. Does the heart of the zombie have to stop? Does the zombie need to hunger for brains and flesh to be a zombie? Does a human have to die before he becomes a zombie? Sadly its hard to really define a zombie and no central definition really exists. So fur the purpose of the article I am going to define a zombie as an animal that is under the control of either a virus or another organism that after infected its purpose is to spread what ever controls it. First lets look at something that you would never expect to be called zombies, bugs!

Creating a Sacred Space to Communicate With Your Spirit Guides

Creating a sacred space within yourself is a great way to work with your Spirit Guides. It will increase your awareness in your body and in your consciousness and is a focused, portable place where you can go to commune with your guides. To create your sacred space, simply use your imagination. Those thoughts are where creation begins. As you work with your imagination, you will actually be able to create that place in the Spiritual Plane and eventually astral travel to spend time there in that reality. You may already have an imaginary place from your childhood. If you do, it is perfectly ok to use that one. If not, you can choose from a temple, a natural area, a castle, even a movie.

Human Nature: UFOs

Humans are curious; they have been so since the beginning. Maybe it is for the best, but maybe it will lead us to death. We can never change that and we should not change inevitable things, those make us human and that is what we are. There are so many phenomenon in our world, many of those are ignored or hidden on purpose. What would the people do, if they knew, but it's not the people, people are ready, it's the responsibility and the power, which is another part of being a human. If we look at ourselves as beings, that are perfect, but incomplete and if we look back in the history, there are just so many things that just say - we had a lot of help from beings, which might be our true ancestors, maybe just as incomplete as we were, but not from this world.

Lord Mahakal Tripurari Kills 3 Deadly Demons

One name of Lord Shankar is Tripurari too. In ancient times 3 terrible demons were born and they were brothers. Their names were different and like illusory cities they had built 3 magical cities. They had imprisoned all world denizens in these 3 cities. Every individual of these 3 cities were under their vision. They would think as per these demons thinking and execute tasks accordingly. Thus the entire world was under their illusory power wherein righteousness declined and unrighteousness waved its flag of victory. Demonic wealth grew and all the 3 cities appeared glorious. And yet everything within was dark and shady. These citizens lived a hell like life full of worries and strife.

The Devil's Tramping Ground in North Carolina

Deep in the forest of an otherwise inconspicuous and rural area of North Carolina, is a place that even the bravest of the Tarheels will not venture. Just on the outskirts of the town of Bennett, is the place that Lucifer himself comes to do his thinking. At least that is what some locals say about the popular and strange patch of land known as The Devil's Tramping Ground. It is said that the devil paces in circles, thinking of new and diabolical ways to create more suffering for humanity. This local tale may sound crazy, but the circle that sets back in the forest outside Bennett, NC is very much a reality and for as long as even the oldest residents can remember.

Haunted Legends - Lydia The Phantom Hitchhiker

One of North Carolina's most famous ghosts is known as Lydia. The lovely young phantom has captivated the minds of locals in the Jamestown area since the late 1920's when the story first seems to have emerged. The haunted legend of Lydia has since been told by people from across the entire state of North Carolina and beyond. The local legend begins in the innocent year of 1923. There was a young and beautiful girl named Lydia who lived in the High Point area. On the way home from the school dance, she was involved in a horrible automobile crash and lost her life. Along a certain stretch of road many years later, a young man was driving home when he spotted a young woman wearing a long white dress, who seemed to be stranded and in need of a ride.

The Sobbing Spirits Of Luana's Canyon

The gold rush during the 1800′ s brought as much sickness, tragedy and death to fortune seekers as it did riches. Many gold seekers fell victim to disease, accidental death and extreme disappointments in return for their sacrifice. This story is not very different from many other tales of gold rush miners and their families. However this story turns from disappointment to darkness and has managed to put Luana's Canyon on the map of paranormal travels forever. Luana's Canyon is situated just southeast of the small town known as Kingman, Arizona. It was during the 1800′ s that a family lived in the canyon in a small wooden shack. The husband was a dreamer and wanted nothing more than to provide a better life for his loving wife, Luana and their small children.

Past Life Weapons and Psychic Attack

Our world has always been a challenging place to live. Over many lifetimes you have probably died more than once by violence. Whether it was fighting in a war, being the victim of pillage, committing a crime, or just simply living your life, it is likely that many of your deaths involved weapons like spears, ax, swords, stones, daggers and even poison. As a slave, (Most of us have been a slave at one time or another) you may retain the energy of a whip, chains and shackles. In my work with Past Life Therapy, I have seen this retained energy over and over. One client still carried the chains around his wrists that held him captive in the bottom of an Egyptian ship where he was forced to row for hours on end.

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