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Hackers and Logic Bombs on Computer Systems - What About Logic Bombs on Humans?

A logic bomb computer virus is one which starts working and is self-triggered upon some event occurring, think of it as a hidden hot-key when you ask the computer to do something. At that point it executes various tasks, anything from deleting program files to deleting saved information. Worse, these logic bombs can be triggered by a negative event, something that does not occur as well, for instance if you fail to do something by a certain time, even if you don't know what that something is? Now then, what about human logic bombs? Can they exist too? Yes, they do exist, and for those who study Freud you will immediately understand this, as some event triggers a certain type of behavior in the individual due to a very powerful imprintation of neurons in the person's past history or childhood.

Are Humans and Chimpanzees Really the Same Species But Different Breeds? Be Honest Now

Humans are upright walking primates right? Yes, that's true, but who is to say that Chimpanzees which share 98.7% of human DNA aren't actually a breed of humans? Scary thought, okay, but hear me out, even though you don't care to think here because it very well might humble you from your species-centric attitude. Now then, since the DNA is so close, it is quite possible that humans and Chimpanzees can inter-breed, thus, they are by human definition - the same species. Of course, this is easily proven right? Last week, I was discussing this with an overseas acquaintance, someone with a 150+ IQ and they said "yes I guess it is. But there will probably be a lot of people whom are against it.

Forcing Logic is Irrelevant - But Humans Do it Anyway!

It seems rather illogical to force logic to prove something, for if someone starts out with erroneous assumptions and builds upon false premise how can they ever guarantee they've arrived at the best possible decision, or correct answer? The reality is they can't, but humans do this all the time. Most often this occurs when someone is trying to prove themselves correct, and so they set out to do just that, and they build their logic tree, or put forth axioms, rules, and statements, that they assume to be correct. But just because someone assumes that an axiom, rule, or statement is correct doesn't mean it fits in all circumstances, and trying to force logic in this way is irrelevant, not only to the process itself, but to the inconsistency of logical time efficiency.

Vedanta As I Understand - Introduction

From my personal experience, I am convinced with Advaita (non-dual) philosophy that there is only ONE God. The entire universe is ONE and all are inter-connected. What qualifies me to write on this topic? I am in no way superior to any of you, readers. I am a companion to you in life - a seeker of 'existence' in the present body. My writings are based on what I learned, understood, experienced and convinced about. The benefits of Upanishads are enormous. Lectures on Upanishads must be attended on a regular basis with a guru consistently in a group discussion often called satsang. Soon you begin to observe that your attitude toward life and your priorities changes resulting in less stressful life.

47,336,400 Seconds

If you live ninety years that's how many seconds your life will last. Depending on our viewpoints, this can seem like a long time or not long at all. Consider that every second ticks past without pause, as well as the fact, that despite all the downtime here on earth, there seems copious time for all we wish to do - sometimes too much. Perhaps our experience of time is best illustrated in the prettiest of all planetary phenomena: the sunset. THE EXPERIENCE OF A SUNSET I used to walk in a locale I lived in, from home to the beach, just before sunset. I'd arrive at the beach to sit under a gazebo and just sip my drink-the sun one whole centimetre (in my view) from the horizon.

The Herd Mentality

What are the effects of diversity of human thought and the lack thereof? There seems often times to be a monopoly of human belief, which restricts individuals from being independent in their own minds. This is a sad situation and a dangerous one. This occurs because of the lack of religious and political diversity and the lack of diversity in any realm of belief and opinion. When everyone believes the same thing within a community, social pressures evolve that pressure individuals to conform to the herd mentality. One who is born within a predominantly Christian community, for example, would have social pressures to conform to the herd mentality. For an individual to step outside the box and to be a Muslim or Jew or atheist is dangerous.

The Big Oak Tree and a Philosopher

Zhuangzi was an ancient philosopher who lived around the third century BC. He was one of the founders of Taoism, along with Laozi. His style of delivering his principles and ideas was a little different from that of other philosophers. He did not leave any written records explaining his philosophy. Instead, he left many stories that contain significant and profound meanings. From the written records that do exist, he seems to have been a naturalist. His stories tell us a lot about nature and natural features, such as a tree, an insect, a fish, a bird, or a spirit. He uses trees several times in his stories to teach people the true nature of existence.

Physics Vs Metaphysics And Mankind's Romance With Immortality

Physics defines the science of matter and energy and interactions between the two, popularly seen as a study of quantum theory, transmission of discrete energy units, and quantum mechanics, the structure and behavior of atoms and molecules. Metaphysics represents the branch of philosophy concerned with reality's nature, including the relationship between mind and matter, fact and value, the corporeal and incorporeal, or the first principles of a particular discipline, a priori speculation. As a tool of science, physics reflects a long romance between eminent thinkers and the theory of everything; as thinkers court an unseen but tantalizing essence surrounding the body of translucent matter.

A Story About Big Calabash

One day, an ancient Chinese philosopher, Hui Shi, was visiting his philosopher friend Zhuangzi. Hui Shi told Zhuangzi that the Calabash tree presented by his king bore a large Calabash fruit. The Calabash was too large to be used as a bottle like it usually would be. Hui tried to use it as water jar, but it was too heavy to carry when full of water. He cut it in half and tried to use it as a water ladle. Again, Hui found it was too big, and that it would not work. He could not come up with any other good ideas for its use. He decided that it was useless, and threw out it. Zhuangzi looked at Hui shook his head, telling him that Hui did not know how to determine the value of things or how to use them.

The Beauty of Imperfection - Wabi Sabi

I often think about how imperfections and flaws are part of what absolutely make natural materials so beautiful. This is what makes all of us imperfect humans beautiful, too! The Japanese have a whole aesthetic philosophy that studies and worships this feeling, it's called Wabi Sabi. Like so many Eastern philosophies, the absolute and real truth of Wabi Sabi cannot be written or expressed in words, but words is what I've got, so I'll keep going! Wabi Sabi is the beauty of imperfections and the fact that everything is passing, transient, temporary. For example, we have a cement wall in the garden that is crumbling. My husband wanted to take it down and make a new one.

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