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Poems: Some Poetry Thoughts

Poems give light to pleasure in words. I don't know what poets like it for, but as I practice my poetry every word comes alive, while I diffuse myself to that which lay before me. From a burnt wood, from the slivers of time, from the gusty wind of waves, how from heart unto heart life could feel and see, believe the hum of seasons, touch the blossom of sun, face the whip of tide, thou receive the mercy of Allah. Thought: In poems the hands are filled with abounding grace In those times they're denied the sweetness of flesh The hands and grip are never releasing Until something blooms from stars, the clouds drop rain And refresh seeds for a harvest.

Examples of a Basic Haiku Poem

Haiku Poems 1. I care for you; You are my first child though I carry yours. 2. I groped for light and was alone; You showed me the way. 3. You keep kicking; I am telling you tales, expecting your birth. 4. Your love is not stable. You're loving me one time; You're loving me more the other time. 5. I was existing; I am living. Time has changed. 6. My love, my soul You will complete my birth By yours. 7. I am giving up things. To compensate Your arrival. 8. They hurt - Your words; But you know I love you. 9. Complicated It gets when they interfere in ours. 10. Without a sender and a receiver Communication is possible In a carrying womb. 11. I will live, Till I die, with you;

Fulfilling the Love of a Lifetime

You give me what I have been missing in my heart and my soul and my being, You give me the life I have longed for that my mind and my heart have been seeing; You give me the hope that is needed to live out the rest of my days, You give me the love that I'm starved for in a million and one different ways; You give me the life I was meant for in dreams and the thoughts in my mind, You fill in the gaps that were empty that were long ago left far behind; You give me "belonging"..I've ached for in the ways that our hearts are entwined, In my dreams I have been with you always and the babies we made are divine; You give me the joy of a family that fills every void I've endured, all the hustle and bustle of many and the blessings that feel so assured;

Two Philosophical Poems About The Truth

Minus Ten Plus Ten Equals Zero If we could combine The perfect good and the perfect evil We would obtain the imperfection. If we could take A piece of paradise And a piece of hell And we could gather them together, Our souls would become less beautiful Because the truth would swallow The lie and, indeed, The absolute truth would become A relative one. And if our love could swallow Our hatred, We would love less than before That moment. If me and you together, We could form an amphora In searching the absolute truth, Perfectly loving Him again We would use the whole faith To remove All the lies and the whole hatred from us. If our lie and our hatred Could become two trenchant Weapons Choosing Lucifer for hitting Our relative truths, In terms of mathematics, They would fall becoming Downright uncertainties.

The Fellowship Of Our Life, Shadow Of Life, A Delicate Rainy Morning

THE FELLOWSHIP OF OUR LIFE Lord holds our hands And He directs us and Providentially guides our steps In ways that we may not understand. How beautiful is this God Who can teach His children! We are circumcised inside Without hands With the fellowship of our life And with this love coming from God, Flowing so smoothly, By the grace of Christ, Flowing continuously In the spirit of our being For the eternity of our souls. The circumcision of Christ Had been buried with Him in baptism. We walk in the Light As He is in the Light. We have fellowship with one another. The blood of Jesus Cleanses us from all sin. The light of our Lord Is the true and eternal light, Which illuminates and sanctifies us Transforming our inner-self.

Poems For The Soul

BLACK AND WHITE A white bird is flying at day, Or a black bird is flying at night, Or a black bird is flying at day, Or a white bird is flying at night. It's black and white, black over white. Oh, my Lord, how painful can be This need of touch in his absence! It's white and black, white over black. Oh, my Lord, how painful can be This absence of his touch! Black penetrates white And white penetrates black Never finding the gray. MY CRYING JAIL Sometimes I'm outside and often inside My crying jail Like a hand of a corporate body Encompassing everything around. An inflexible realness Forces my eyes To speak Against your malignant silence, And forces my bloodcurdling Inner scream to be A sound wave in outer space Like it is pushed through fractured teeth.

From Deep Sleep

I did not get up that day from my deep slip It was destined day and I was not allowed to peep God's emissary were at the gate singing me to pack I just asked for second delay to turn my neck All were fast asleep and under deep impression They were in the sea bed as if down with immersion I looked at them in helplessness and closed eyes for departure It was not all of sudden as I had some inkling for sure I had not time left to apprise them or brief But we were fir believer and had good faith We never attempted to harm any one So they had no fear from any one I was not that old or suffering from any illness They were sure of my longativity in any case The emissaries woke me up from long depth of rest They were real messenger of God and acting as best I knew it will be impossible for family members to live Yet they will come off well and I sincerely believed It was matter of time that they may adjust to situation My term was over and can not be allowed any more continuation I reached to the main gate and just turned back It was calm and quite as I had nothing at stake It was call from almighty and my days were over There was no use to pray and ask for any cover When I look back to my entire stay I think I have missed nothing in any way I fulfilled all my obligations and served to well No one must have any room to complain or tell I had read enough about next world It was amounting to return to same and original fold I left it to future assumption and stayed calm God has created two layers false and realm I am sure of right treatment when presented I prayed all the way and willingly consented I had done nothing wrong to feel shame or resent I am planning now my self in better way to present I will be in better position to explain Life as such has not been spent to go in drain I was really careful in not choosing the evil As it was not going to help me with clear will Next world may not be that horrible and frightening It was showing me some courage with inner lightening I was nearing the place with full satisfaction I was in full control and really it was very good indication .

The Revolutionary Writing of Leon Trotsky

Any good soldier No matter how misguided they may be, will ultimately believe that the end may somehow come to justify the means And in the case of Leon Trotsky, we have such a tragic tale Born in Kirovohrad, Oblast Ukraine as the fifth son of a wealthy farmer, a life in populist politics was interupted by an affinity for the intellectual precepts of a revolutionary theory Engulfed in the mind of an extraordinary brain was the ideology of a highly radical punk Inspired by the tenets of a mutinous subversive fire He went on to write about the great proletarian mass Attuned to the moral misgivings of a corrupt and unforgiving bourgeouisie Trotsky set his sights on the intractable weakness of the reigning despot, Czar Nicolas II, It was the end of the empire on which he staked his noble claim With a sledgehammer to Adolph's encephalation, and one foot in Stalin's grave, Trotsky had a grand start and a velvet ticket to the gala ball.

America, Why?

Often I get frustrated over the way things are in relation to the way they should be. This is a representation of that frustration and the feeling I am unable to do anything about these conditions. Society has changed, and will continue to change. I simply do not believe all change is good or that there is any benefit achieved. This is another of my poems that will never be finished as long as there is something to add. America, why did you stray from the old way. A constitution put forth, the foundation of our land, barely recognizable what was originally Jefferson's hand. Tarnished and smudged by misinterpretation, overindulgence and greed, to satisfy political, judicial, and journalistic need.

My Hope For The Future - I Pray, I Am Mistaken

Nature poetry written prior to the twentieth century always described nature as a place of beauty and contentment. Today the view of nature is entirely different. We live in a world where man destroys more than he builds; where it is more acceptable to thrown down rather than pick up. Our once pristine world is quickly disappearing. I write nature poetry as I see it today or as it may be seen in the future. The two poems I include here are such. Neither is the way nature should be, sadly they are as nature is, or soon will be portrayed. My hope for the future, I pray, I am mistaken. Rich In Life And Lore Once this land was rich in life and lore as nature intended, an artistic rendition, acres sculpted, developed by creator tools, wildlife abundant, a harmonious balance, a glorious celebration of everyday life.

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