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Is Combo Pilling for Weight Loss a Good Idea? Combining Drugs Might Be Legal But Is It Safe?

While watching the news this morning, I was alerted to the practice of "combo-pilling, " taking supposedly unrelated medications together to produce more powerful results toward a desired outcome. Combo-pilling diet drugs went mainstream in the 1980s, with the pairing of phentermine and fenfluramine (later known as "fen-phen"). This pairing, as well as a commercial related version, was heralded as the first effective weight loss drug treatment. Later, when it was discovered that the commercial drug was associated with potentially fatal pulmonary hypertension and heart-valve problems, it was withdrawn from the market and the manufacturer was sued to the tune of more than ten billion dollars.

Health Benefits of Eating a Mediterranean Diet - Critical Things You Need to Be Aware Of

A life that is long and free of disease and suffering is what we all want. But with the stresses inherent in modern living and the obscene levels of processed food consumption these days, it seems that this is more of ideal rather than the norm. In the Mediterranean, however, people have long been enjoying higher life expectancy rates and excellent overall health. This is mainly attributed to their diet that is commonly composed of plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes. Fish rather than red meat is preferred with moderate amounts of red wine taken at every meal. Greek cuisine also has a high fat content, but since it comes mainly from olive oils, it's a monounsaturated fatty acid that is good for heart health.

Lemonade Diet Review - Is It Right For You?

Thinking about trying the lemonade diet? Wondering what it is? The lemonade diet is also called the lemon detox diet or the Master Cleanse diet. It's really a Hollywood fad diet that involves you drinking a concoction of water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup all day - and nothing else. This diet has been used by celebrities to slim down for movie roles and photo shoots. The reasoning behind the ingredients is that the lemon juice helps to detox the body and liver. The cayenne pepper helps to rev up the metabolism. The water helps to flush out the fat. And the maple syrup gives you the minerals and essential B vitamins that your body needs to function.

Raw Food Diet Weight Loss Plan

Looking for fail-safe effective ways to lose weight? Fed up of all the old tried and tested formula? Do not lose heart because there is a new method which is almost guaranteed to make you lose weight, almost with no effort at all. The raw food diet is the newest diet that is taking the entire world by storm. If you are looking to lose weight and looking to do it quickly then the raw food diet may be a good idea. If you have given up on going to the gym as too strenuous, dieting as too painful and artificial methods as too risky, then the ultimate solution is the raw food diet. The amount of time that you need to take out of your day in order to follow a rigorous gym regime can easily be made up simply by sticking to the raw food diet.

Detox Diet Tips - Important Things You May Not Know

A detox diet is a healthy way of cleansing and renewing your body without depriving you of food and important nutrients. When you are about to start a weight loss diet or want to recover from a particularly indulgent week, detoxifying your body of the toxins becomes important. While there are different types of detoxifying diet but the most common is the fruit diet. Eating nothing else but fruits and vegetables for three days or so allows your body systems to rest and recuperate. It is important however to remember that fruits and vegetables lack fats and proteins and as such should not be sustained for a long time. As a rule of thumb, consult your doctor before attempting any fruit diet.

5 Common Mistakes Made on a Raw Food Diet

So you've been on a raw food diet for a while now and you feel stuck. You have cravings all the time, you have low energy, you haven't experienced the health and vitality that everyone talks about, and you definitely don't have "the glow". You aren't alone. There's a reason you and so many like you are dismayed by your results (or lack thereof) from your switch to raw foods. You're doing it all wrong. But don't worry, it's an easy fix. Take a look at these 5 common mistakes made by raw foodists to see if one, two, or even all of them can be blamed for your raw food woes. Mistake #1: Eating Too Much Fat By far the biggest mistake made on a raw food diet is overdoing it on fat.

Grapefruit Diet

I am sure you have all heard of the grapefruit diet. It is also known as the Hollywood diet. Here is some great info to help you choose if the grapefruit diet is right for you. First, the grapefruit diet has been around for as long as I can remember. The grapefruit is a marvelous fruit that is high in fiber and vitamin C. It is also great for your skin. If you eat one to two per day you will see a difference in your skin. Weight loss is possible by eating a half of a grapefruit before each meal for two weeks. The fruit fills and you eat less after eating it. Grapefruits are known to burn off fat and kick-start your metabolism. Some people who have followed this diet will lose ten pounds within that two week period.

What Is A Healthy Kidney Diet Plan?

A healthy kidney diet plays a major role in the management of kidney problems and the prevention of kidney disease. Whether food is "kidney friendly" or not depends on how much - or little - of the following five items are in it: fluids, phosphorous, protein, potassium and sodium. Let's look at fluids first. Generally speaking, drinking a lot of fluids like water is good for your kidneys - especially for preventing kidney stones. But if you are experiencing kidney problems, you have to be careful about fluid intake. When a kidney is damaged or diseased, it has trouble filtering out excess fluids and flushing them from the body in urine. Taking in even more fluids at a time like this can trigger swelling, high blood pressure and shortness of breath.

Common Sense Dieting: Bottom Line Is Calories In Versus Calories Out - No Matter What Else They Say

"Lose 20 pounds in one week! No dieting! No exercise! No lifestyle change! " I will admit that I've been sucked in by such snake oil pitches and pie-in-the-sky promises ever since I was first embarrassed by having to shop in the "husky" section of the boys' clothing department. Yet, decades later, such 127-point screaming headline proclamations remain as common fare across the back pages of tabloids; or enthusiastically, breathlessly broadcast on slick, highly produced infomercials featuring questionable "experts" interviewing "real people" experiencing "actual results." When we can turn down the magical thinking long enough to strap on our adult brain thinking caps, we know that losing weight is not rocket science;

The 4 Phases of the Dukan Diet Explained

There are four phases of the Dukan Diet. Each with distinct elements and different meal plans. The Attack Phase (Pure protein phase): This is the initial phase of the Dukan diet. It's a very encouraging phase and results in fast and impressive weight reduction. This phase strictly allows only protein food and minimizes all carbohydrates and fats from the diet. The length of this phase is between three to ten days depending on the amount of excess weight that is to be lost and the motivational component. It is expected that within this phase dieters are likely to shed approximately two to twelve pounds of their body weight. To avoid unwanted effects like constipation, bad breath and dry mouth, no less than 1.

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