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Why A Solid Self-Esteem is Needed in Today's World

A strong sense of self and good self-esteem is needed for a mentally healthy individual, no doubt about that. Of course how you develop a solid self-esteem or an earned ego is equally important. If people have a low self-esteem, often they will put down others in order to lift it up, but in doing so they are hurting the other person self-esteem as well. You can understand how this can lead to unintended consequences and spread almost like the flu. There was an interesting article in "Terra Daily - News About Planet Earth" online, which was featured in the "About Us" section titled "Study: Low Self-Esteem Increases Bias" written by some staff writers at UC Davis California on February 23, 2011.

Are You Losing Self to Your Virtual You?

We have something of a major shift in our society right now with all the social networks like Twitter, and Facebook. Often people associate more with their online identities than their actual identities in the real world. As the coordinator for a think tank which operates online I'm beginning to see a rather troubling challenge which lies ahead. You see, when folks fill out their applications to join, they have all sorts of ideas, but they have no practical experience in the real world. They care very much about what's going on in the world, they want to see alternative energy, and they enjoy reading all the online newsletters, and articles on science, philosophy, psychology, innovations, space, infrastructure, geopolitics, and the like.

Lord Mahakal and His Wrathful Form

The deity of creation is Brahma, propagator is Vishnu and destructor is Lord Shankar. Thus various cosmic activities take place. The world grows because of creation of living beings and objects. Whatever is created is nourished and hence maturity sets in. That which has grown and got nourished will ultimately age and wither and thus is rendered as waste matter. Thus it is best that it is destroyed. Destruction is the basis of creation. It is only when the old harvest is cut that a new harvest can grow. If beings did not die how could they get rebirth? The world is aptly managed via creation, propagation and destruction. If death did not occur, how can new matter be unearthed for creation?

Lord Shiva's 3rd Eye Opens and God of Passion Burnt to Death

Once, the arrogant god of passion thought of a prank. People were leading peaceful lives. They lived a life of hard work, affection and laughter. God of passion could not endure this and he thought of harassing them. Hence he spread his net of illusion. God of passion entered the minds of all and thus everyone oozed with innumerous desires. Previously people with their meager earnings live contented lives and the remaining time was used for world welfare. Thus everyone was happy. But when desires manifested people became agitated. They desired wealth, status etc. first these yearnings were less but when each one ran in that direction they started competing amongst themselves.

Adult Symptoms Of Dyslexia And Diagnosis

Adult dyslexia is often something the individual does not know they have. Having grown up with this lifelong condition and no way of knowing that their reading processes were different, they may just end up with low self-esteem and may believe they lack intelligence because they could not keep up with their peers in school. Once they grow up, every application form or instruction manual makes them feel sick at the very thought of having to fill it in. Dyslexia has nothing to do with intelligence, the condition is like many other challenges in life, in that you have to learn to live with those challenges it generates. It is perhaps some comfort to know that there are several famous people with dyslexia who have gone on to become very successful, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Richard Branson for example.

In the End: What Matters Most? On Readiness to Change and Consequence

"To array a man's will against his sickness is the supreme art of medicine." ~Henry Ward Beecher In all things we fear change the most, but what happens when we're ready for change? How do we know what changes will make a practice grow? Lots of people have great advice for this, they say: "do what you think is right" or worse, "do what you feel is right". Sound like something grandma used to cook up when you didn't know how to handle the school bully? In the End : It's all smoke-filled air. As a profitability coach, my days are spent, much like a physician, helping others face the issues for what they are and fix them. Nothing is more exciting for someone as dependent on the success of practices as I am as when a practice owner comes to me and says, "Reuven, I'm looking forward to the future and I think I need to make a change.

Dream Interpretation - Discovering Hidden Truths in The Meaning of Dreams

I was blessed with the opportunity to find peace and sound mental health through dream translation when I was neurotic. My neurosis would surely become schizophrenia because I had inherited too much absurdity in the wild side of my conscience. I had many warnings in my dreams, and in my own literary works. When I learned how to interpret the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation I discovered many dream symbols in the literary book I wrote after suffering from a car accident. By translating the symbolic meaning of this book, entitled "The Philanthropic Beggar", I understood that I could easily become schizophrenic like my father.

The Meaning of Dreams and Your Emotional Health - Preventing Hatred and Suffering

When you learn how to accurately translate the meaning of dreams with the scientific method, you discover that the meaning of your dreams gives you clear information about your emotional health and your mental stability. You are constantly influenced by the wild side of your conscience (anti-conscience) that didn't evolve like your human side. This is a dangerous situation you are not aware of. You cannot perceive when your conscience is dominated by the anti-conscience. Thus, you are a passive victim of the invasion of the absurd content of the anti-conscience into your conscious mind. The anti-conscience wants to destroy your human conscience and control your behavior.

A Psychological Profile on Superstition: The Practice of Irrational Beliefs, Part 1

Why are so many people in the world still innately superstitious? Why do they adhere to countless superstitions as if they are a religious belief system? Are we still living in the Dark Ages? Do we continue to retain old habits and old fears for some unknown reason? I think one of the problems is that throughout the generations, people ignorantly pass on their superstitions, from one generation to another, from parents to children, and so people adhere to these preposterous myths, old wives' tales, magical thinking, groundless habits, irrational beliefs, and such superstitious concepts that go back several hundred years if not a few thousand. The seeds of superstition begin at the subconscious level, which is susceptible to blindly believing anything, and then they manifest consciously through our behavior and actions.

A Brief Guide To Child Psychology

The area of child psychology is in actual fact one of the most significant and well studied of all the branches that comprise the discipline of psychology. It aims to help with achieving a greater understanding of the behavior of children specifically through an understanding of their minds. It deals with children who range from the prenatal stage right up to the stage of adolescence. Particularly relevant aspects include both a child's emotional development as well as their social development. The psychologist Jean Piaget has been credited with making a major breakthrough in this area when he posited his idea that children were not actually less intelligent than adults, rather they just thought in a different way.

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