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Thoughts and Revelations: Why Am I Single?

Perhaps you may be wondering why I'm single. I've provided a lot of good advice and information on a variety of subjects relating to dating and relationship. I seem to have an understanding with how humans operate, yet yes indeed, at the time of writing this I am single. I am single by choice, just the same as when I meet the right woman, I will be no longer single, by choice. Here's a question to ask yourself, why are you single? The answer will be a reflection of your life experience, views and opinions. It will delve deep into your subconscious. There are many reasons why you are single, unique to each person, but fear not, being single isn't as horrible a fate as you may think it may be.

Don't Let The Fear of Being Alone Control You: Tips on How to Combat the Fear - And Win!

Many are controlled by the fear of being alone: the sense of loneliness; the silence in the house, the lack of touch and soft caress. Being alone makes them feel unloved and invaluable. They feel that without a partner they have no one to share their lives with. At times, when they look around, they get the impression that "anyone who is worth anything has a relationship" - and they are the only ones who don't. This realization depresses them. Their self-esteem is affected. They panic that they will end up old and alone. Focusing on finding a partner: Angela's story Angela woke up in the morning in a miserable mood. Being alone in bed, in the silent room - it was more than she could bear.

Celebrate Singlehood in Seven Ways

You can be alone but never be lonely. If you are worried that you are not yet married or do not have a lifetime partner, then the following ideas will surely lift your spirits. You can definitely learn to celebrate your singlehood: 1. Go out with friends and family. Once you already have a partner, you cannot do this all the time. After all, you need to spend more time with your beloved. That is why you are still single, spend as much time as you can with your friends and family. Hang out with them. Travel to several trips with them. Pursue activities that they will also be interested in. Besides being surrounded with these lovely people, you will less likely to feel alone and dejected.

How to Be an Effective Military Wife

It's never easy being a military wife: deployments, constant movements, finances, children, and plenty of other responsibilities. However, that doesn't mean you cannot manage all of them. You can be a successful, effective military wife. Here are some tips to help you out: Make it a decision to be independent. Whether you like it or not, you will be left alone for a huge part of your marriage. Your husband goes on duty, and your children need to be in school soon. It's therefore important you can make your own decisions. Keep yourself busy. Long-distance relationships are already hard enough. Things get worse when you know that there will be times when your husband is out of reach.

Single Christian Men and Women - Getting Ready for A Relationship

For our single Christian men and women who are in the age of majority, the thoughts of having a relationship and eventually marriage cross their minds. However, getting into a relationship especially serious ones is not an easy task to do and has to be well thought of in order to be successful and happy in life. Before you can be ready for a relationship, one has to prepare for it. And in preparing oneself, you have to search for answers. What kinda relationship do you really want to get into? Do you want to just remain single and uncommitted in a live-in arrangement setup? Do you want a serious relationship with marriage or are you just looking for companionship?

Single Christian Men and Women and Physical Intimacy Such As Kissing, Touching and Having Sex

Single Christian men and women in their everyday lives sometimes encounter people with whom they experience physical intimacies. As part of our good Christian daily living, we should know how to deal with it so that it will help us in attaining our Christian heart's desires rather than lead us to misunderstandings, heartaches, troubles and wrong decisions. Physical intimacy or perceived closeness within close proximity, with or without physical contact could be manifested in human relations with feelings such as close friendships, love or sexual attractions. Examples may be presence within another's personal space, holding hands, hugging, kissing, caressing, and even sexual activity.

Ways to Not Feeling Lonely When You Are Single

Millions of people are single for various reasons. Some choose to stay single, while others may not have found the right person to spend their life with. You may have a tendency to become lonely but you can get over it. Embrace being single -- you get to do what you want when you want. You don't have to 'check in' with anyone or get 'permission' to do something. By the way, no one should ever have to 'get permission' to do anything. If you do, you may want to become single again because this isn't a sign of a healthy relationship. You're not in a romantic relationship; you're in a child/parent relationship. You shouldn't have to get permission to volunteer, play baseball/softball, golf, take a class, or do whatever it is you like to do.

Single Christian Women and Pre-Marital Sex

In our daily lives, single Christian women and men have found comfort and enjoyment with the company of their boyfriends and girlfriends, so much so that they have become emotionally dependent on each other. However most often than not, this emotional and physical closeness has exposed them to the probable consequences and dangers of pre-marital sex. The virtue of virginity has been with us since the Roman medieval times when kings, queens, princes, princesses, ladies and their knights protect themselves with "chastity belts" against temptation and rape. It was thought of as a blessing, of high value and even good luck in some cultures. Preserving a woman's dignity and honor for her husband and knight was regarded as one of the purest virtues of the highest order.

Single Christian Women - Guided by Their Fears and Insecurities

What do mature, single Christian women seriously think about at this stage of their lives? For a great majority of single Christian women, having to finish their secondary and possibly tertiary education if lucky, they think in terms of what career path they will take, so that the question what shall I do to make a living while I'm still single to support myself runs through their minds. For some, as single parents or worst as bread winners for their families with siblings and inadequate parents, those single Christian women who have taken the cradle of responsibility early in their lives worry not only about themselves but their parents, siblings and at times children as well -- how to feed, care, clothe and educate them.

Single Christian Women Professionals - Living Alone

To our single Christian women professionals - we salute you! Inherited thru generations of Christian living from the Medieval period up to the present, the purpose of work to provide for the physical needs of one's family as well as to avoid the sin of idleness stayed with us. It was because of this work ethic woven into our religion that the typical attitude of single Christian women was formed. Somebody's got to do it especially in a household where there are no men, as women have to take charge in order to move forward. These women are go-get.ters and have trained to be experts in their fields of discipline. In the white-collar field, they could be doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, nurses, etc.

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