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Adolescent Nutritional Needs

Adolescent nutritional needs are much different and more important than any given time in life with the exception of women that is pregnant or those that are breast feeding. It is this time frame that growth spurts occur and this is also the time when the vast majority of junk foods are introduced. For these reasons, adolescents between the ages of ten years old to their late teens have some special needs. This period of growth is often associated with teenagers, which implies that the real growth occurs in the early teen years, which technically begins at age 13. However, the reality is that it begins much earlier. Girls will begin their initial growth spurts between the ages of 10 to 11 years old, and boys will begin this spurt generally 2 years or so later, between the ages of 12 and 13.

The Power of Protein Powder Supplements

Protein is so crucial in sustaining body functions and building muscles because it repairs new cells that produce badly-needed enzymes and hormones. They provide the body with calories and essential amino acids. Protein comes from meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, vegetables, cereals, legumes, and fruits. It does not build up in the body and therefore should be provided at regular intervals during the day. Athletes and bodybuilders in particular require a higher volume of this source of nourishment so supplements are suggested two or three times a day. If these musclemen do not consume this nutrient in sufficient quantity from normal foods or supplements then they will not be capable of building any muscles at all.

CoQ10 Supplements Functions on the Body

Every day you live proves that you have won a struggle of survival. You are past the age when people used to say that they are from a civilized society. Actually speaking we are back to the jungle, once again, but of a different kind. A more modern, lethal and so-called civilized jungle, where people only survive, in a never-ending race with time. Leisure is almost like a thought from the past as you spend your day huffing and puffing, busy with your exploits, hoping to sit back and relax some day in your old age. You fail to notice that all the time that you were busy your body has started to pick up the signs of aging, even before its natural process has started, all because of overburdening your body with loads of work and lack of proper care.

What Is Magnesium Oil And Why Is It So Good For Me?

Despite being well known as 'Magnesium oil', it is in fact not actually an oil. However, with its oil-like consistency, it makes for easy application to the skin. Magnesium oil is a compound of water which has then been saturated with magnesium chloride - hence the consistency. When applied directly to the skin, magnesium oil has the potential to be absorbed much better than pill form magnesium supplements. It has been said that about only 20% of nutrients from a pill are absorbed into the body, the rest being flushed out of our systems. Where as with the 'oil' you can expect to absorb anywhere up to 100% of the nutrients. These days it's pretty hard to manage to get our daily dosage of the essential minerals.

How to Get the Most From Your Whole Food Supplements

Whole food supplements are natural and nutritious supplements that are made and extracted from whole foods. The vitamins and minerals that are found in these supplements are not isolated, which means that there are a lot of various nutrients that can be found in them. This kind of nutrition that are made from whole food have structures that are highly complex with a combination of antioxidants, enzymes, coenzymes, activators, trace elements and a lot more (yet to be known and discovered substances and factors) that are synergistically working together in order to enable the vitamin complex to perform its job in the body. Most people are aware what whole food supplements are but they do not exactly how they can get the most from these kinds of supplements.

Shilajit - The Energy Booster

The word 'Shilajit' literally stands for 'exuding from the rocks' in Sanskrit. Known as Shilajitu in Ayurveda, it was considered the nectar of Gods, a boon to mankind to live life youthfully and attain robust health. An integral component of Ayurvedic medicines, Shilajit is a Rasayana material and is known to contain 85 minerals. A kind of resin from the Himalayan Mountains, Shilajit is recommended by Ayurvedic practitioners as a health booster and as a remedy for stress and lethargy. Shilajit is proven to increase stamina, strength and relieve stress. Considered to be a restorative tonic in Ayurveda, Shilajit is also known to work as an anti-ageing rejuvenator.

Protein Powder - 6 Reasons Why

Protein powder is getting more popular by the day. When it comes to protein sources, using protein powder can add so much value to your life. We are always on the go, having something that is not only easy to use and convenient, but healthy is a great option for a busy lifestyle. Below are 6 reasons why protein powder is a great option. Convenience. Protein powder can be put in all kinds of containers and shakers. It can be easily transported and when you are put in a spot where getting a whole food meal is next to impossible, having your protein in powder form is the next best thing. Even in the morning when you are too busy to make breakfast. How about a protein smoothie?

Cortisol Manager

Cortisol Manager is a health supplement that helps keep your cortisol levels where they should be. At first glance, I'm sure most of us wouldn't think twice about using a product such as this. It seems irrelevant, unnecessary, and probably a waste of money. But that couldn't be further than the truth. Cortisol is directly linked with stress and stressful situations. Keeping your cortisol levels within range can make a big difference in the quality, and length of your life. If your cortisol levels are out of balance, it could seriously hinder your mood and your health, without you even realizing. Cortisol Manager helps relieve stress, promote relaxation, and even help you get a better sleep at night.

Coenzyme Q10 Supplement

Coenzyme Q10 Considering the fact that almost every single cell in the human body contains coenzyme Q10, it's no wonder why CoQ10 is considered a vital necessity to human life. Within the cells, energy is produced in the mitochondria, which is where the highest amount of coenzyme Q10 can be found. It aids in the very process of converting food and nutrients into energy. The heart and the liver contain the most mitochondria per cell, thus carrying the most coenzyme Q10. Discovered in 1957, it was given the name ubiquinone, which signifies its ubiquitous or widespread distribution in the human body. It has been said that it is essential for generating 95% of the total energy required by the human body, as well as the health of tissues, cells, and organs.

The High Cholesterol Vitamin Cure

For the past several decades, cholesterol has been the major focus of efforts to combat heart disease. The emphasis has been on low cholesterol diets and potent anti-cholesterol drugs, despite intrinsic adverse side effects and significant risks. It was believed that elevated cholesterol was the main reason for arterial plaque formation, otherwise called atherosclerosis. And it has been accepted that atheromatous plaque reduces blood flow through affected arteries, resulting in strokes, heart attacks and PAD (peripheral artery disease)-which are all manifestations of the same disease, just affecting different end organs. But there is a single vitamin that can rapidly lower your cholesterol level.

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