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Six Team Essentials

Peak performance should be the goal of every organization. There are hundreds of books, tools and other resources dedicated to the pursuit of this outcome. Over the years, and through working with hundreds of clients, we have come up with a working list of Team Essentials. The list is by no means complete, and the unique qualities and goals of individual teams will add to or detract from this list - however, this list provides a framework around which a team can achieve. Vision - without a common vision, it is difficult to achieve results. The foundation of any team should be a shared vision for what the team is there to accomplish. Effective Communication - in order for a team to get the most from its members, it is imperative that everyone makes an effort to communicate openly, honestly, and without reservation.

Bring Your Team Back on Track

Bringing a high performing team back on track is critical for leaders. As a team-building trainer, I use a range of tools to help leaders achieve this objective. The most effective approach has been to sensitize leaders about certain behaviors that cause teams to slip. The process encourages teams (including leaders) to make a strong commitment to 'SAY NO' to different behaviors, attitudes and actions damaging the overall productivity and performance of the team. Team leaders are asked for taking personal responsibility to cultivate a climate of trust, confidence, and openness that once again leads teams to the achievement of supercilious goals. If your goal is the same, following steps can guide you through the journey.

Employee Win-Wins - Starting Small For Them

Managers need the support of their people to build teams that will have positive impacts on the running of the business - and the outcomes that are necessary. To make the most of this, good managers create valuable one-to-one relationships with as many employees as they can, such that rapport builds and creates win-win opportunities, where both sides get positive benefits from the interactions. Where there is repair work to do - as new managers often find when they take on an existing team - perhaps where the previous manager has underperformed, the progress to rebuild trust can take a little time. Employees who have suffered consequences of poor management relationships will by pretty shy when it comes down to exposing themselves to more painful experiences in the future.

Creating Effective Employee Relationships - All About the Bottom Line

The purpose of relationship building in the workplace is pretty simple really. There is value for all sides of the equation and within that, it's important to acknowledge that there is a bottom line. As employees; indeed as business owners, managers and team leaders, we are all in it for something, because the most of us need the work we do. When we attend work, we do so for some pretty basic reasons. We want shelter to keep us from the elements. We want to be fed and kept healthy. In modern societies we are very fortunate that these are pretty much covered off for most of us. So we need more. The basics - the core rewards that work provides us with - are sufficient to provide the minimum we need.

5 Actions to Boost Team Performance

Teams of people working together have the potential to deliver great results. At the same time, you are probably always looking for actions you can take to boost team performance. So what 5 actions could you take to boost team performance? Action 1: Make the results clear Your team will have been tasked with achieving something. The question is how clear have you made the results that you want them to deliver? For example, reviewing a process as a result is pretty vague. On the other hand, reviewing a process and recommending 5 ways to eliminate waste is much more tangible. Action 2: Communicate well A key foundation in any team is communication. You need to be able to get your messages across effectively, both verbally and in writing.

Teamwork - Lessons From Nature

In every aspect of our lives we can find teams in action whether that is in the home or in the work environment or our community at large and in nature itself. Teamwork when executed well teaches us the value of working together; cooperating for the common good and united in the direction and the destination we are headed. An exceptional team can achieve far more than the individual parts that make it up. As the acronym for goes 'together everyone achieves more'. So what makes the difference? Great teams generally have the following components; Mutual trust and respect for each other. Complete support and open communication with one another. A clear leader who is a coach.

Building and Organizing a Virtual Team - Strategies That Work

In order to survive in the increasing demands of the workloads that our management offers, we need to keep ourselves from worrying a lot and be more focused on what are the effective ways of building confidence in a team. Team building involves goal setting and a game plan. A virtual organization must always begin a strategy plan with the goal. You cannot hit a target that you don't have your eyes clearly set upon. So setting goals is where the productivity begins. When you have a goal, you can then immediately proceed to the next step of team building. The contemporary management scene also requires that team building strategies should include the understanding of virtual organization and community.

Does Your Team Know Your Goals?

There is nothing more important than good old communication when it comes to getting your team inline with your personal and business goals. I was recently reminded of this last weekend with the purchase a travel trailer. Everyone's first time backing up a twenty eight foot trailer into confined space comes with two things: 1) Someone to help you 2) A ton of frustration. When your team, or in my case my spouse, does not know exactly where you want to go, how you need to get there and what it takes to get the job done, time and efforts are often wasted. I assumed my wife knew 'if you can't see my mirrors I can't see you' and hand signals are more effective than yelling.

Team Building Exercises to Improve the Workplace

People have experienced the awkward moments of starting a new job and being the new person. People have also participated in ice breakers and other games and activities that allow them to interact with their coworkers. The team building exercises assure that people interact and meet one another, often in the context of solving a problem in a fun, stress free situation. A team building activity opens lines of communication and helps people get to know one another in a non-work environment. Companies spend lots of money on team building activities in an effort to unite its workers. If people feel a connection and have fun during a team building event, the hopes are that the connection will improve productivity as people learn to work with one another.

Becoming the Voice of Reason on Your Team

How to Have a Positive Impact Regardless of Your Role Avoid the Voices of Dysfunction We've all heard the voices. And not just in our heads. At work the voices are all around us - in other cubicles, walking down the hall, and especially in meetings. Usually, the loudest voices seem to be negative: Voice of Whining - "What were they thinking? We can't count on them. It's all their fault." Voice of the Past - "We cant' try that... we've always done it this way." Voice of Upset - "You are wrong. I am right. How can you be so stupid?" None of these voices are positive. They make the team dysfunctional. They destroy trust. And they result in lower team/project performance.

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