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Are Your Kids Making You Eat More?

According to a recent study in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, adults living with children under the age of 17 eat more fat, and saturated fat, than adults who don't live with children. In fact, according to the study, based on findings from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, adults living with children consume as much as an additional 4.9 grams of fat (including 1.7 grams of saturated fat) daily - adding up to the equivalent of almost an entire individual frozen pepperoni pizza. The study found that having children in the house often meant that parents found themselves eating more saturated fats in the form of cheese, ice cream, salty snacks, cakes, cookies and preserved meats - with busy, time-pressed parents tending to rely on "convenience" foods not only for their busy children, but for themselves, as well.

What's in Your Food - Part One - Cottonseed Oil

Most people read their labels when buying food at the grocery store. Some things consumers want to see in their ingredient list, others they don't. Whole wheat should be listed first, but you don't want to see artificial sweeteners or other chemicals. Consumers know a lot about what is on their labels. But some things we don't even suspect. Like cottonseed oil. Have you ever heard of it? Did you ever notice it on your food label? I didn't. When I was researching organic cotton for clothing I found out some interesting facts about cotton and food and to my surprise found it on many food labels. And here's what everyone should know. Cotton is not regulated like a food product, even though we consume it, because cotton is primarily used for clothing.

Stop That Random Eating!

Stop that random eating! This careless eating is what is making many of us over-weight and unhealthy. I do not mean "stop eating" but think before you eat. Plan your splurges. When you see that plate of cookies, doughnuts, samples in grocery stores just say NO! During the holidays this is a major problem. There is food everywhere. Give yourself two splurges a week and plan them out. Be sure it is something you really love. Keep your home sugar free and fat free. Sound difficult? It is not at all. If your house is lacking in sugary drinks, potato chips or chocolate chip cookies you will more than likely forego your craving. It is far too much work to go to the store.

4 Tips For Eating Mindfully

Which of these best describes your typical meal: 1. You eat standing up, working at your desk, or while running around the kitchen trying to make sure everyone else has everything they need. Mealtime is stressful, hectic, and not a lot of fun. 2. You eat at a beautifully set table, have plenty of time to enjoy your meal and the company of the people you're eating with, and savor both the taste and atmosphere of mealtime. If you're like me, #1 is your typical meal, and #2 happens only when the stars align, there's no full moon, you're on vacation, and your kids are off at camp. But it doesn't have to be this way! Eating mindfully, more like scenario #2, can actually help us lose weight because we're paying more attention to what and why we're eating.

Easy Fat Loss Nutrition Tip

Everybody wants to lose fat. No matter if you're 10 pounds overweight or 200, it's on everybody's mind. If it weren't there wouldn't be new infomercials popping up on television every week trying to scam you into buying their cheap piece of plastic or fad diet book. The truth is... the truth that the fat loss television marketers and diet makers don't want you to know is that it's pretty simple to lose fat. All you have to do is start making minor tweaks to your nutrition right now and I guarantee you'll see results within a week. I'll give you a very easy tip to follow right now. Eat more fiber. If you follow this one nutrition tip, you will lose fat. It's impossible to not lose fat if you consume more fiber.

Flax Seed Bridges Nutrition and Culinary Cravings

Flax seed is an all-around ingredient that can stimulate a nutritional boost in every meal, making it a healthful supplement for the whole family. Nutritionists, fitness buffs and Omega 3 enthusiasts alike have prepared several flax recipes that you can conveniently access online and easily prepare by grinding its ground kernels over your coffee grinder and integrating the milled kernels with prescribed ingredients as well. With the ground kernels being inexpensive to begin with, the grain is definitely a practical and versatile solution to the need for healthy and economical, but nevertheless great tasting meals. A Healthy Way to Start the Day With breakfast considered as a metabolic booster, flax seed then becomes the perfect choice for an energy perk up that would sustain you throughout the day.

Why Optimum Nutrition is Essential to Optimum Health

An important starting point for achieving optimum health is through utilizing optimum nutrition. Optimum nutrition helps maintain good health in a dilapidated environment, fights off disease, corrects imbalances in the body and provides energy and enthusiasm for life. Optimum health is linked to optimum nutrition. But, the point is that it is important to get the proper nutrients from the food. Nowadays, industrial food marketed in the food chain are filled up with additives which affect the quality of food. In order to get optimum nutrition, natural supplements like vitamins and minerals have to be added to the diet. Each year, average American eats twelve pounds of food additives and a gallon of pesticides, not to mention all the air-born pollutants that are inhaled!

Vinegar and Heartburn Connection REVEALED

In this article, an expert nutritionist explains to you which vinegars that are on no account to be ingested by sufferers of heartburn, and another type of vinegar that besides being a worthwhile diet supplement, actually works to significantly reduce your medical impairment. The question is therefore, what place does Vinegar have in your diet plan against heartburn? There are many options for vinegars for western consumers, but doctors and paramedics alike are of the opinion that only one of them is appropriate for heartburn patients. Heartburn can be defined as the sensation in the region of the throat or the chest of burning, frequently with a bitter or sour taste.

Sugar Conspiracy

I pride myself on having about the same weight now as when I was a muscular teenager half a century ago. And I tell anyone who will listen that all it requires is wise choice in foods plus a daily walk. I just discovered that the task of staying slim might be getting more difficult in "modern" countries. Very recently, I noticed that a sandwich I made of canned tuna on whole grain bread, no dressing of any kind, tasted rather too sweet instead of the expected slightly bitter. Quite clearly, the bread was to blame. Last Saturday, I spent extra time on my grocery shopping, reading ingredients. 1. Every bread had one or more of sugar, corn syrup, high fructose syrup, honey, or molasses.

Understanding the Maze of Healthy Fats Vs Bad Fat

People hear the word fat and they think bad for your health. This happened because there was so much conflicting information that if you were not a nutritionist you could not understand the meaning of what is fat. And with this confusion most people just decided to cut all fat from their diet. Some have even gone as far as to say not even low-fat; they just want a diet of no fat period. But is having a diet of no fat really healthy? What is the real meaning or importance of having fat in your diet? Well let us take a closer look at the fat issue and see if all fats are the same. A closer look at fats reveals that there are some fat that we really need to eliminate from our diet.

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