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Leading Scientist Presented With A National Award For His Unsurpassed Commitment To The Understanding Of Human Lactation

One of the worlds leading lactation experts, Professor Peter Hartmann, has been awarded with the Rank Prize Fund for Nutrition, worth 50, 000, in recognition of his groundbreaking collaborative work with Prof. Robyn Owens and their invaluable contribution to the current understanding of human lactation. The funds, which are awarded in acknowledgment of excellence in; animal and health nutrition, crop husbandry and optoelectronics, will be presented during an official ceremony in London on February 8th at The Royal College of Physicians. Professor Hartmann has been dedicated to the field of human lactation since his daughter's birth in 1971; prior to this he studied milk synthesis and hormonal control of milk production in animals.

Recent Releases In Global Health

Under Shah's Leadership, USAID Poised 'To Regain Its Prominence' In Global Nutrition, Lancet Opinion Says Rajiv Shah's appointment as USAID administrator "comes at a crucial time of challenge and opportunity for the Agency to improve the nutritional well-being of impoverished societies, " write the authors of a Lancet Comment that examines the U.S. Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative. Though the initiative "sends a clear message to the world about U.S. intent to partner with poor nations to achieve their national food and nutrition goals ... the Initiative's nutrition plan, unlike its detailed agricultural blueprint, currently lacks a comprehensive set of aims, activities, research needs, and programme benchmarks, " the authors write.

Low-Carb Diet May Lead To Similar Benefits As Weight Loss Medication Combined With A Low-Fat Diet

A low-carbohydrate diet appears to be associated with substantial weight loss similar to that produced by a combination of the weight-loss drug orlistat and a low-fat diet, but may be more effective in reducing blood pressure. William S. Yancy Jr., M.D., M.H.S., and colleagues at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Duke University Medical Center, Durham, N.C., examined body weight, metabolic and adverse effects in obese or overweight outpatients ages 18 to 70 who were randomly assigned to one therapy or the other for 48 weeks. Of the participants, 57 in the low-carb diet group and 65 in the orlistat and low-fat diet group completed the study.

Eating And Drinking During Labor: Queen's University Researcher Says Women Should Choose

The traditional practice of restricting food and fluids during labour does not provide any benefits, finds a new review co-authored by a Queen's University Associate Professor. "Based on our review, there is no convincing and current evidence to support restriction of fluids, and perhaps food, for women during labour. Women should be able to choose for themselves, " says Dr. Joan Tranmer of the Queen's School of Nursing. Practitioners have been concerned about eating and drinking during labour since the 1940s. The restriction is thought to prevent Mendelson's syndrome (named after work by Dr. Carl Mendelson), a rare, but sometimes fatal, condition caused by regurgitation of acidic stomach contents into the lungs when a general anaesthetic is given.

Cancer Study Yields Results

A researcher at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science is investigating the potential use of non-pathogenic baker's yeast as a promising, natural therapy for cancer. Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum presented his findings Tuesday, Feb. 2 at a special conference on "Cell Death Mechanism, " sponsored by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) at the Omni San Diego Hotel in San Diego. "The central focus of the meeting is cell death regulation and how to mine and exploit it for therapeutic gain, " a written evaluation of the AACR special conference states. "This conference includes new complexities of cell death and cell survival, new technologies, and clinical translational aspects necessary for the evolution of new therapeutic strategies.

Also In Global Health News: Food Needs In Sudan; Malaria Vaccine; Agriculture In India; Generic Drugs

Drought, Conflict More Than Triple Food Needs In S. Sudan "The number of people in Southern Sudan needing food aid has quadrupled to about 4.3 million this year from a year ago because of violence and drought, the United Nations World Food Programme said " Tuesday, Bloomberg reports (Maier, 2/2). The agency, which is facing a funding shortfall of $485.4 million, estimates more than 11 million people in the country will need food assistance this year (2/2). GlobalPost Examines Ongoing Malaria Vaccine Trials In Africa The GlobalPost examines the ongoing clinical trial of the malaria vaccine, RTS, S - or Mosquirix - in seven African countries. The trial expects to enroll 16, 000 children to test the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine and should last between three and five years.

FSA Takes Small Steps To Encourage Young People To Eat Well, Get Active And Feel Good

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) today officially launched SmallSteps4Life - an innovative approach to motivating young people to take simple steps towards improving their health and well-being, both inside and outside the classroom. The programme also supports the Change4Life movement, and is part of Get Set - the London 2012 education programme that will help deliver the lasting legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. SmallSteps4Life invites young people to set themselves challenges relating to the themes of eating well, getting active and feeling good, over a period of at least four weeks. Examples include: eat a healthy breakfast every day, walk to and from school, and get more sleep.

Blood Pressure-Lowering Diet Appears More Effective When Combined With Other Interventions

Combining an anti-hypertension diet with exercise and weight loss counseling may result in increased reduction in high blood pressure along with other benefits. James A. Blumenthal, Ph.D., of Duke University Medical Center, Durham, N.C., and colleagues studied 144 overweight or obese patients with high blood pressure. For four months, 46 were assigned to follow the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet; 49 followed the diet and added supervised exercise and cognitive-behavioral weight loss therapy; and 49 ate their usual diet. Blood pressure as measured in the clinic decreased by 16.1/9.9 millimeters of mercury among those in the DASH plus weight management group, 11.

U.S. Government Resumes Medical Evacuations From Haiti; New Food Voucher Distribution Targeting Women Begins

"The U.S. government said on Sunday it would resume military evacuation flights" within 12 hours for critically ill and injured Haitians who were harmed in the Jan. 12 earthquake, Reuters reports (Rosenberg/Brown, 1/31). Medical evacuations had been suspended for a few days, but the reason for the suspension "is unclear as various government authorities have provided different explanations, " the Wall Street Journal reports. In a statement, White House spokesman Tommy Vietor said, "Patients are being identified for transfer, doctors are making sure that it is safe for them to fly, and we are preparing specific in-flight pediatric care aboard the aircraft where needed.

Nutrition Services, Prevention Important In Nutrition Care For Special Health Needs

The American Dietetic Association has published an updated position paper that addresses the nutrition aspects of health care for people with developmental disabilities and special health care needs. It emphasizes prevention, coordination of care, the increasing role of technology and the importance of services provided by registered dietitians and dietetic technicians, registered. ADA's position paper, published in the February issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, represents the Association's official stance on this health issue: It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that nutrition services provided by registered dietitians and dietetic technicians, registered, are essential components of comprehensive care for all people with developmental disabilities and special health care needs.

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