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Spamalot Delivers Laughs All Night

Drawing on the insane humor of the much loved "cult" movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", Monty Python's Spamalot has been wowing the audience on Broadway since it opened in March 2005. With a story line roughly looking at the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the spoof musical parodies everything in sight in its quest to bring the audience to their knees in laughter. It pokes fun laughs at the Arthurian legend and quaint old English mannerisms, and satirizes that great institution that we love dearly: the Broadway musical! Some famous tunes and references to Python offerings from the 1970's make it to the stage including 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life", and nods to "the Lumberjack Song" and "Ministry of Silly Walks" sketch and the "Dead Parrot" sketch.

Kathak Dancer Rekha Mehra Presents Ecological Ballet on World Environment Day at Triveni Auditorium

New Delhi: Rekha Mehra, renowned Kathak dancer & President of Urvashi Dance Music Arts & Cultural Society organized a dance ballet "DHANI CHUNARIA" on WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY at Triveni Auditorium. Her efforts were to create awareness about the looming reality of global warming which is no more a distant reality but a scary truth staring at us in all its bleakness. Mr.Vijay Goel, General Secretary of Bhartiya Janata Party was the chief guest. The event was graced by presence of Reena Ray, Secretary of Tourism and Culture and Shekhar Vaishnavi from Sahitya Kala Parishad as Guest of Honor. The dance ballet choreographed by Rekha Mehra and Raghuvendra started with Shiv Tandav and celebrated nature in its different form thus giving the message that one should respect nature as its essential to live peacefully.

Acting - How to Get Discovered

By positioning yourself for success I mean: 1. Start training and don't stop no matter how good you think you are or how good others tell you are. 2. Study the industry. Find out how it works. Find out who casts what, what agents look for in an actor, what the unions do, what the current issues are in the industry, etc. 3. Figure out what your type is. 4. Learn basic business, networking and self-promotional skills. 5. Learn how to audition. Auditioning and acting on set are two different beasts. 6. Surround yourself with people who are already doing what you want and not with people who are trying to get what you want. 7. Talk to both working actors, who are making a living from acting as well as to aspiring actors who have been talking a lot over the past couple of years, haven't done very much, still don't have an agent and aren't taking classes and who are always making excuses for why they are not further along in their careers.

Dance Shows Are Not New to Television

Despite what many people think, dancing on television is not new at all. The history of dance shows on networks is surprising to many, but dance programming has been around since the beginning of television. There is no doubt the recent network dance shows have brought back the desire to dance. After all, dance is, indeed, all the rage these days. Check almost any television network and you will find a dance show. With so many shows hitting the major networks, there is a renewed interest in dance, especially among teens. Many teens both experienced and not, are watching the shows for the latest moves and the latest dance fashion. Dance programs are becoming a hit more and more everyday, and the audience is growing hot for it everyday.

Belly Dancing - The Exotic Power of Istanbul Belly Dancing - Top to Bottom

Belly dancing comes in many varieties and among the most popular is Istanbul belly dancing. Nightclubs are popular showcases for this beautiful variation of the art. This energetic and beautiful form of belly dancing is tied directly to the history and culture of Turkey, which is being exported to the point of having a world wide impact. Though it has solid roots in Turkey it has changed into its present form as it migrates and interacts with the cultures that embrace it. In spite of this melting pot effect with other belly dancing forms, there remains very distinct characteristic that is entirely unique to this the Istanbul style. This is especially true in the area of wardrobe since the dance was originally part of fertility festivals and was not to be seen by men.

Who Can Speak For Me? Israeli Theatre Assays the Palestinian Conflict, Acting As a Moral Conscience

We compound our suffering by victimizing each other. -Athol Fugard It seemed at first that Nurith Yaari had bent over backwards to demonstrate that Israel's theatre scene is not shy about self-reflection, self-criticism and, perhaps, even self-flagellation, based upon the plays she selected for inclusion in IsraDrama 2007. Surprisingly, half of the plays staged in this November-December showcase in Tel Aviv were political dramas taking dead aim at Israeli-Palestinian relations in ways that often reflect less-than-flattering images of Israel's official policies and the attitudes of many of its citizenry. Yaari is a professor of theatre at Tel Aviv University and artistic director of IsraDrama, sponsored by the Institute of Israeli Drama and designed to encourage production of and scholarly attention to the work of Israeli dramatists.

How To Start An Acting Career

Step 1: Find out what it really means to pursue the career in acting you say you want to pursue. Talk to both working actors as well as those who have been struggling to get work or who have been working sporadically. You can learn what to do and what not to do from both groups. Learn what a typical day could look like, especially at the beginning of your career. Step 2: Start reading up on acting techniques. Read books like Sanford Meisner on Acting or The Art Of Acting by Stella Adler. They will help you to understand that there are different techniques that, first of all you will need to fall back on time and time again in order to be able to deliver consistently compelling performances and also how acting classes are conducted.

The Intriguing and Mysterious Belly Dance

Belly dancing is an ancient art form, practiced in many Asian and eastern European countries. Women of ancient times used the dance to make childbirth easier and to recover more quickly after it. Belly dancing is a beautiful way to celebrate your growing body and prepare for the physical challenges of childbirth both before the birth and after. This renowned dance is a healthy physical workout that suits women at all stages of their life. Furthermore, by dancing barefoot, the belly dancer connects with the Great Mother Goddess, with the Earth, and with nature. The moves exhibited can be pure sensuousness and enticing, they have enchanted people since ancient times.

Finding the Right Belly Dance Costume

Belly dance costumes aren't difficult, and when one is custom made to fit you, it's the best! There are books, videos, patterns, and articles available on belly dance costumes and if you just use your imagination you can come up with something that works for you. We will discuss some of the basics necessary to outfit yourself in an attractive and enticing belly dance costume. Chain belts can be used as a hip belt, and you can even build it up with other bits of costume jewelry or chains that you might have on hand. If you have enough costume jewelry, you can fashion a matching necklace, or stomach drape, or add jewelry pieces to a swimsuit top to make a bra.

The Inviting Music of Belly Dancing

Belly dancing music is influenced by Turkish and Classic Egyptian (mere examples here, I could chose Ghawazee, Modern Egyptian, Tunisian, etc) are primarily defined by the music and its interpretation, as well as culture-based costuming. The base movements are the same, the underlying beats of the music are often Middle Eastern (and other traditional non-Western compositions), and the music influences the attitude of the movements and also the type of clothes worn. Turkish, Greek, Moroccan, even some Bollywood music can be great for belly dance. If you are going to perform to music that does not come from the belly dance music of the Arabic world, do some research first so you create a respectable composition instead of an ignorant mish-mash.

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