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The Rhythmic Tribal Belly Dance

Tribal belly dance recreates what might have been as far as different tribes and the interaction between them. There is no real evidence as to what really existed but it is understood that tribal belly dance has its roots in folkloric and traditional dance. It has really taken off within the last ten to twenty years. Tribal Belly Dance is a Western style of Belly Dance derived/fused primarily from the dance/troupe style of Jamila Salimpour in the 70's. This style of dance fuses various folklore and contemporary dance movements, from various countries such as the Middle East. In addition it uses a mix of music, often preferring acoustic instruments, authentic tribal songs or tribal sounding songs.

How to Belly Dance

At first it may seem difficult to learn how to belly dance, but with a good instructor and patience you can pick up the basic moves of this enticing, ancient dance. Belly dancing is a fun way to stay in shape for all ages and body types. Belly dancing music was very prominent and ubiquitous in the U.S. throughout the 1950s resulting in dozens of recordings along with quite an assortment of fascinating album covers. The theme was: middle class women, spice up your married lives by belly dancing for your spouse. Belly dance isn't even a completely descriptive term. Middle Eastern dance encompasses so many dance forms, even going into African tribal dances, Latin dances such as Flamingo and more.

Turkish Belly Dance - A Beautiful Mystery!

One of the more fascinating styles is the Turkish belly dance. The dance music is characterized by the sounds of the oboe, clarinet, kanoon, finger cymbals and hand drums. Turkish dance costumes are among the more risqué of the cabaret styles, baring plenty of leg and cleavage. Similar to Greek and Armenian it is usually faster than Egyptian dance music, and often there are less rhythmic changes. Turkish belly dancers spread their traditional dance around the wider world, and enchanted their audiences when they appeared on dance stages in countries from America to Argentina; from the Arabian Peninsula to England and from Japan to Italy. Turkish belly dance has been at least 500 years of history.

The Egyptian Belly Dance - A History

Egyptian belly dance offers an authenticity and continuity of culture that one will not find in American style. Each dance has its own unique qualities. Egyptian belly dance is an authentic ethnic dance in movement and spirit. The dance and dancer are the physical manifestation of and visual compliment to the exotic music they accompany. Egyptian belly dance was among the first styles to be witnessed by Westerners. The exact origin of this dance form is actively debated among dance enthusiasts, especially given the limited academic research on the topic. Much of the research in this area has been done by dancers attempting to understand their dance's origins.

How to Do Tricks - Website Review

Whether you wish to learn to do card flourishes, how to vanish cards or make cards appear out of the air, this site will reveal the secrets of card magic in easy lessons with many diagrams and photos to help you learn how to do magic with cards, as well as other props. It can take a lot of time to become a professional magician. Professional card magicians get there by putting in plenty of practice with sleight of hand, card fans and polishing their glide and card forcing moves know how. This is your shortcut to shuffle to the front of the pack with clever magic with cards know how, here for you to learn and do for your enjoyment. Here are just a few of my favorites: There's A Hole In My Pocket: For this one you borrow a coin from an audience member and place a mark on the coin.

The Secrets to Learning Piano With Independent Hands

When learning piano one of the most difficult skills to master is making your hands work independently. Still this is a fundamental part of the pianists technique so we have to learn to master independence of hands at an early stage. Some brains just seem to be wired up for learning to work their hands independently from the start. There are many youngsters who find it very easy and many intelligent adults who struggle and despair that they will never master the skill. There is no need for anyone to despair with piano lessons 'though. Just follow the advice below and you will find it easier to learn to play piano well. Sometimes you may feel you are getting nowhere but, although improvement may be slow it will still be there if you persevere.

10 Tips to Make Your Dance Studio Website More Effective

Simply having a website is not good enough anymore. Your website can be the most cost effective way to communicate to existing and perspective customers. Your website can serve as a powerful round-the-clock marketing tool for your studio. I know there are many owners who still view a website as a necessary evil, but if you look at the typical "buyer profile of young children's activities" - these parents, mostly moms, spend a large amount of time "buying" on the web and want information NOW. It is important to have these types of strategies in place: Drive perspective & existing customers to your website Guide perspective customers through the "buying process" in "baby" steps Have a simple "call to action" like "schedule your a free trial", "schedule a free tour" Allow existing customers to get to information quickly, they know what they want, let them find it easily Tip #1 - Drive Traffic to Your Website Your website address should be on everything: Brochures, flyers & posters Refrigerator magnets & window decals Yellow Page ad, letters, email signatures Voice mail greeting (be sure to visit our website for the latest information) Google Search Engine - www.

Why You Need Opera Glasses Or Theater Binoculars

How do you enjoy the Theater? How well do you appreciate the Opera? If you are going to the Opera or Theater House without a pair of Opera Glasses (often referred to as Theater Binoculars), you are not enjoying it as much as you should. You may ask, "What could I possibly be missing?" Well I was able to answer that question for myself a few years back. I was attending a play put on by a local company with a close friend named Julie. Julie had been given a pair of Opera Glasses the week previous as a gift, and we had agreed to break them in together. Neither of us had ever used Opera Glasses or Theater Binoculars before nor did we think it would be of much impact on our lives.

Expressions Of The Self - Stage And Vocal Performance - With Steven Memel

IT'S EASY TO ASSUME that successful veteran actors such as Lauren Bacall, Isabella Rosellini and John Woods might not need additional help developing and evolving their craft or pushing their careers to a higher level. But that's precisely why they and many others seek the help of Steven Memel, a Los Angeles-based vocal and acting coach who, for nearly 20 years has counseled professional and aspiring performers with a philosophy of reinforcing the purity of art as an expression of the self, one that must come from deep within. "There is only one art, " he says. "And that is life. There are just different channels through which we express ourselves." Rooted in this philosophy are his techniques for awakening, or reawakening, that artist within.

The Art Of Auditioning

I was reading an article on job interviewing skills. The author said a lot about first impressions, and that in just 4 seconds, a job applicant is sized up with regard to: appearance, intelligence, poise, ability to exude confidence and willingness to contribute to a team effort. So I started wondering about how those qualities might "fit" into an audition scenario. In a job interview, the applicant may be given ample opportunity to demonstrate his talent and his potential asset to the company for which he/she is interviewing. The interview itself may be quite lengthy, cordial, friendly, even if the interviewer is not necessarily impressed and ends up tossing the resume into the trash once the applicant has left the office.

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