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The King Thing

If you take out all light, you get pure darkens, if you take out all darkness you get pure light, if you take out all the warmth from the universe, from earth, from a human being, you get pure cold, if you take out all the cold, you get pure heat...if you say you know God, then know that he is pure light, and through nothingness created you, and put you into a universe he created out of nothingness; and from light, and heat, and cold, and darkness, we were sent into, and thus, now we stumble between these elements, light, dark, cold and heat, things, because of sin, these are elements, parts to things, for all that is, are things, and we look and we touch, and we smell and we hear things, things that pass by us, away, little things and big things, just things, things that come out of us, come to us, circle around us, invade us, consume us, possess us, who is the king of things? There must be a king, the ruler of things. Before you take the thing, try the thing, because the world now has so many things, and false prophets, the flesh can no longer overcome things. We all have become little gods of things, with so many things, we no longer hear the spirit inside of us, it is saying 'Here is an error, let no man deceive you, for you have been deceived by things.' There is no more compassion, now they slew the brother, the mother; the children wait outside the hospital room for the father to die, so they can collect more things. The children of today, and tomorrow, and yesterday, go from one thing to another thing, they hate not being compensated unto their heart's desire with things, they want their life cramped with so many things, a grasshopper couldn't fit in it afterwards, let along God. And he goes to pray, to his god (and who is really his go?) and says, "I love you, but I want more things," and he takes from his neighbor, and says "I need them more than you," and a voice says, "It is easy to love those who love you, who are lovable, who give you things, that is not a perfect love (try to love the unlovable), it is a thing you need to replace something you lost, love needs no returns, no things to replace something: now the he asks for receipts, he is keeping count. Love is often a one way street and nowadays all we seem to have are two-way highways, and the preacher man says: I shall speak for, and he tells his people to vote for this man, or that man, thinking he is replacing God, speaking for God, because he wants things... not even he, can escape the dead dog, and find a live lion because he has lost the scent.

5-31-2008 (No: 2389)


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