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What is Relevant?

Has there ever been a time in your life when you have all of a sudden really wanted to achieve or buy something and then everyone else seems to also want it. It might also be that the thing that you want, whether that is a car or a job or maybe even an experience, you are starting to see it everywhere you go, on billboards, in magazines, people talking about it and it is on the television. Why is it now everywhere, now that you are interested in it, and yet earlier you did not notice it at all?

Relevance is a big part of the picture to why we see things or not within the world around us. We choose daily what is important to use and what we decide to focus on. Some things are not that important to us, that it is true to say that often we will not even notice it until it becomes something we are interested in. Like for instance if you all of a sudden like the smell of a perfume and want to buy it because you close friend is in love with it. Yet earlier you were confronted with it at the store and you walked straight by it without an interest. Maybe also you had seen it on a billboard with a pretty girl all provocative showing off this elegant bottle that you are now so interested in. However, when you saw this advertisement you did not even take note of the perfume, but instead the body of the model and how she was presenting herself in the picture.

It is not until we wish to focus on something and not until we find it important that we begin to see it in our life apparent. Basically what we want is what we get, and if we focus on it enough it will present itself in our life all around us. This would also apply to all things in our life, for the things we want and do not want. If we concentrate hard enough on anything in life it will become present all around us, it will become a possibility and a part of our daily living environment.

You can imagine that even things such as being hurt by another, if someone focuses hard enough on their pain of such situations, that they will continually see it. It will become part of their life on a daily basis, depending on how often they decide to focus on it. What you focus on is what you get, it is what you find important to consider within your life and environment.

I'm sure most people will find it hard to imagine that they are actually creating in their life circumstance in which they are drawing to them experiences that they do not want, and they question why it continually happens to them. They continue to think over it and worry, that in every situation in their life they look at the possibility of it occurring again. That they are actually searching for it instead of trying to concentrate on other things that they do want and looking for alternatives to living a life that they would rather have.

It is even possible to control your life through what you focus on. If you desire something long and hard enough it will eventually present itself within your life in some form or another. It is this desire and focus that gives it a place in the world around you. If you desire something long and hard enough you will bring it into your life, no matter how you do it, it will be around you everywhere and at every moment.

Relevance and concentration is what determines the world around us, what makes things important or not. We choose to see what we want, and create our world around us purely by what we find important to have and experience and sometimes what we wish to not have or experience, what we fear. Our life is what we focus on, it is chosen by our own goals and acknowledgement.

What we see is what we get; we become what we focus on, what we find as important and relevant.


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