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What is Relevant?

Has there ever been a time in your life when you have all of a sudden really wanted to achieve or buy something and then everyone else seems to also want it. It might also be that the thing that you want, whether that is a car or a job or maybe even an experience, you are starting to see it everywhere you go, on billboards, in magazines, people talking about it and it is on the television. Why is it now everywhere, now that you are interested in it, and yet earlier you did not notice it at all? Relevance is a big part of the picture to why we see things or not within the world around us. We choose daily what is important to use and what we decide to focus on.

The Simulated Universe

What is a Simulated Universe? The Simulated Universe argument suggests that the universe we inhabit is an elaborate emulation of the real universe. Everything, including people, animals, plants, and bacteria are part of the simulation. This also extends further than Earth. The argument suggests that all the planets, asteroids, comets, stars, galaxies, black holes, and nebula are also part of the simulation. In fact the entire Universe is a simulation running inside an extremely advanced computer system designed by a super intelligent species that live in a parent universe. In this article, I provide an exposition of the Simulated Universe argument and explain why some philosophers believe that there is a high possibility that we exist in a simulation.

St Anselm's Ontological Argument For the Existence of God

The ontological argument offered by St. Anselm attempts the method of a priori proof, which uses intuition and reason alone to prove the existence of God. It can reasonably be argued to be the strongest among the arguments that purport to establish the existence of God through reason. It can also be argued that it is easier to be persuaded that ontological arguments are no good than it is to say exactly what is wrong with them. This article will focus primarily on St. Anselm's version, and attempt to do exactly that-show what is wrong with it. While the ontological argument may very well be the strongest argument for the existence of God through reason, the strongest of a weak set remains weak.

Homo Artificiosus - The Next Step in Our Evolution

"Homo Artificiosus - Person, skillfully made (artificial)" Everything is changing so rapidly we don't even have time to name the period we are in - in my lifetime I've seen the Atomic Age, the Space Age, the Computer Age, the Internet Age, and many others Yet the most monumental change is now dawning on us, and only a few know it is coming. We have entered the last century in which Homo Sapiens will dominate our planet; for Homo Artificiosus will soon superceede us. Sequencing of the human genome has been completed and the code is rapidly being deciphered. Soon we will understand what most, if not all, of these millions of genes control. Before 2020 we will be manipulating these genes to create designer people (blue eyes, blond hair, low body fat, high IQ, and many other choices).

The Personalness Of God

"Meanwhile his disciples urged him, 'Rabbi, eat something.' But he said to them, 'I have food to eat that you know nothing about.' Then his disciples said to each other, 'Could someone have brought him food?'" -John 4:31-33 Our experience of God is very personal. He relates with us intimately. We can all say with very real authority, about some things in our lives, that God gives us special and divine revelation through his Spirit, in ways that no one else knows -- no-one else can possibly know, not even a close family member. How special is this relationship we have with God that he does this? And no-one who lives is spared -- each person is gifted.

The Mythical Belief - Government Ought to Do Something

People act as if the government possesses magical powers that can solve all of our individual and social ills. All this mythical entity has to do is wave its wand and all our problems vanish in a blink of an eye. I know-most people would state that this belief is ridiculous. However, is that what they really think? I can prove that the majority of people act as if this were true. How many times have you heard someone say "Government ought to do something?" I don't know about you, but I've been hearing that statement all my life. If you ask them what government should do they tell you that they don't know-but government ought to do something. When enough people believe in "The Big Myth" or what some call "The Big Lie" there will always be charlatans that claim they know what ought to be done.

What Is Creation?

Everyone at some stage in their life questions why they exist and the meaning of all that is. We come up with various theories in our continuous search for truth to find a perfect model that stands the test of time. The creation theories we hold on to tend to rely heavily on individual belief structures and value systems. Any amount of difference in approach can lead to undecided reasoning. Creation and belief are thus two different things. One approach is what we want to believe and the other what is factually understood through our physical perception. What then creates a perfect model for creation if facts cannot be accurately determined so readily and when belief is choice based?

Words Are Only Labels

What is a word, a phrase, a sentence but a creation within our world in which to communicate with another, who in turn understands us through the process of stimulated repetitiveness? We learn words in our world from a very young age and continue each day adding to our dictionary of knowledge called the brain. Each word learnt is adjoined often by an impulse or stimulated interaction directed by an outside source. How would we then categorize such communication as language except to call it creative interaction? Think about how words evolve within our world, firstly made from sounds and then built up into words, then into more complex structures to order our life and better understand the other people around us.

Marie Antoinette - Her Humanity Vs the Need For Mob Rule

Toniette, as she like her friends and family to call her, was a mere 14 when she became the promised wife to the future King of France. Her passive arrival as a Duchess from Austria to this place was surreal, in that it was a marriage made for political purposes... that is to cement France to Austria and insure peace throughout Europe. Her commitment to her future was anything but passive. She was well trained by her mother, the Empress of Austria... and committed to the betterment of her subjects. And immediately she absorbed her life a French citizen. At the time of her arrival to the Court of Louis XV, her future husband's grandfather... there was a great amount of turmoil regarding the current King's moral life.

The King Thing

If you take out all light, you get pure darkens, if you take out all darkness you get pure light, if you take out all the warmth from the universe, from earth, from a human being, you get pure cold, if you take out all the cold, you get pure heat... if you say you know God, then know that he is pure light, and through nothingness created you, and put you into a universe he created out of nothingness; and from light, and heat, and cold, and darkness, we were sent into, and thus, now we stumble between these elements, light, dark, cold and heat, things, because of sin, these are elements, parts to things, for all that is, are things, and we look and we touch, and we smell and we hear things, things that pass by us, away, little things and big things, just things, things that come out of us, come to us, circle around us, invade us, consume us, possess us, who is the king of things?

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