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Truth and its existence

The Truth is : Truth never exists. Sounds obfuscating but irony of living in a real world makes it true. So how does one go defining Truth? A truth for you doesn't necessitate that it is a truth for a person who wants to view it as false. Truth is subjective as well as relative! It has a start and hence has the ability to have an end as well. The dichotomy of Truth can bring out the pervasive anomalies of how things can appear different for the same context. Take for an instance, I intent to tell people that am honest person, but how do you make it a truthful description of yours? Well, your actions plays a major role here. The way you respond, the way you want to communicate can eventually lead to what people can perceive it as a global truth, at least for the life span each truth has.

Self-Realization Through Emotional Restraint

Self-realization by restraining ones own emotions can be achieved in many ways. One has to come to terms with the three faculties of man: emotion, speech - words, and deeds. The combination of all three, or the implementation any of these will help us in obtaining our goal. The three faculties working in harmony can only result in the desired effect; once this is attained, accepting the others or their viewpoints become easy, lack of which could explain the escalating troubles all over the world. To achieve a goal in life is what most people aspire. Therefore, it is paramount that one has something to look forward to in life, without which life has no real meaning.

The Sanctity of the Individual or the Collectivist Beliefs of the Altruist

A favorite saying of an altruist is "This is for the good of society." Of course, he never defines who this society character is. He assumes everyone knows what he is talking about-or maybe he hopes nobody can figure it out. Altruists believe in selflessness and self-denial. They exhort individuals to sacrifice their best interests for the great god "society." At different times in history they have used other names for their god-such as the "state", the "collective" etc. Whatever they choose to call their brand of slavery, it always means the sacrifice of the individual for the good of "others." Since the beliefs of altruists, do-gooders and world-improvers violate Natural and Economic Law-the only result they achieve is the poverty, misery and degradation of the masses.

What Is the Meaning of Life - Why Are We Here?

Many people have pondered the question: What is the meaning of life-why are we here? After much reflection, most conclude that this question is unanswerable. Tragically, some decide that life has little or no meaning. A fortunate few arrive at a place where they say "Yes! I understand. My life does have meaning." They realize that the answer isn't something outside of who they are. The answer is in the nature of their existence. Rational Selfishness versus Altruism An individual must live for the sake of his own existence. Altruists deny this fundamental truth. They claim it is selfish and mean to be concerned with one's self-interest. They advocate sacrificing for others.

Contentment Vs Complacent

CONTENTMENT : how much are we to that? How many people have wanted to kill themselves, and have been contented with tearing up their photograph! Jules Renard (1864 - 1910). Do we suffer from premature arrest of an unassuming question but an 'to be assumed' fact if we are really content with the Life we live now? How much of our Assumption can yield us and how much calculations does an action of ours demand to synchronize the entities, namely the Effort and Output. These are the two most basic parameter which has always been enigmatic and elusive factors. Are we content? Is Contentment an overvalued virtue? Is it merely the precursor of stagnation of ambition and ultimately, its cessation?

Ephemeral Of All

Time, a relevant scale that tries to draw out uniformity among the varied different(in-different as well)inhabitants of this supposed to be lonely earth, encompasses a lot many enigmas that still draws curiosity of intellects around. Well, coming back to the topic " Ephemeral of all", it's just a self claimed postulate of a question which am so fond of asking... " Which event or process is the ephemeral of all", in other word which event, action, reaction or process has the least period or existence? I had come upon a long list of people, all with their own ideas of ephemerality. One came up with an option of 'life span of fly' ... Which fly?? Any fly.

The Buddha In Me Part Three

The nearest tour was to Nepal. This is how he started his journey to the land of Gautama Buddha, the divine sage. Through the in-flight magazines, he gathered a little information about the mountainous country, Nepal. John got lost in the relics of the past. In the evenings, he would sit with some Buddhist monks at a monastery and learn about the life of Lord Buddha. Everything around fascinated him It was altogether a divine experience to him. Whatever he learned from the monks made him susceptible as to the Catholic past of his life. Nothing but search for truth seemed to be there in Buddha's life-no mention of punishment, hell, fires, etc. His Americanism seemed to be endeavoring to be resilient, as if ashamed to demonstrate the real John.

Live a Good Life - 5 Things You Don't Know About Your Life Philosophy That Could Ruin Your Life

What you don't know about your life philosophy, or worldview, could be sabotaging your vitality in life and could actually be causing you significant problems. In today's world, where the saying goes "What is true for you isn't necessarily true for me", it is hard to know that the life philosophy that you follow won't lead to significant problems. How do you know that the ideals that you hold will not cause you more problems than you already have? Let me submit to you five principles that could help you evaluate what you believe about life to determine if it will hold up when you need it the most. First, is it a philosophy that you can build on as a life framework?

The Bio-Neurobiology Of The Self

Like always My eyes see, my ears listen, my nose smells, my fingers touch and I cannot help cognizing and ask questions of my everyday experiences and experiences of others that reach me through one of my senses, some of them or all. So like then now it is my eye that caught some written material and threw my selfish self in to examining them in an effort to may be understand more than anything my selfish self. As I read through the material I thought if I could only understand my selfish self and be able to see it from outside of it and from a neutral vantage point what else would there be that I won't master at all. Nonetheless wherever I went and whatever I did and am able to do got me always wrapped up in my selfish self and it more and more proved to me that it is all there is in whatever ways and how it was said and done.

Capital Punishment - Right or Wrong?

We all have opinions and views, so I am not looking for a fight with my readers on this controversial subject, I have just not said much on it ever in my writings in the past, of over 5000-poems, articles, books, short stories, and so forth, and why I ask myself, have l left out Capital Punishment? The best reasoning I came up with was: I never got around to it, I always had my beliefs, opinions, thoughts on the subject: so right or wrong, here area a few. Most of my view comes from my Graduate Studies at Liberty University, in Old Testament Studies (and perhaps, being in the Army for 11-years also framed my thoughts on the subject): "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed;

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