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December 21, 2012 - 7 Prophecies of Doom

1. Ancient Mayans The Ancient Mayans were obsessed with time, and their calendar was in some ways more accurate than our current calendar. The Mayan calendar is able to predict eclipses thousands of years in advance. It also turned out to be prophetic, as it predicted in the 8th century BC that "white skinned bearded gods would arrive from across the sea on March 5, 1519", the exact day that Cortez and his Conquistadors arrive in the new world. The Earth and the Sun come into exact allignment with the center of the milky way galaxy on December 21, 2012. The Mayans reference a "Dark Mother" / Black Hole, at the center of the galaxy. (Which science has recently shown to have credence).

The Book of Judgement

The Book of Judgment A Vision seen in the early, 1980s by the author of "The Last Trumpet... " which was to be put in into the book, but never Was, and drawn shortly after the vision, while living in Roseville, Minnesota, USA; named 'Judgment.' Deathwatch Death, has its deathwatch, it knows when the vigil Must start, sometimes it is tradition, other times it Is religious; no matter which, it never rests: Death appeared out of nowhere, said "I am unknowing, it is finished, and it is time to move away from the sun towards the shadow lands." I said, "I want to speak to the devil first?" He asked, "Why?" And I mumbled, "I want to know about God, " and Death laughed, and said, "I could take you now!

Artist's Life Purpose is Dharma in Daily Life

Eden Maxwell is soulful and his soul reaches out to include art, writing, dharma, character, consciousness, culture, intuition, and evolution. His book "An Artist Empowered: Define and Establish Your Value as an Artist" contains such a sense of Dharma and creative life, that I invited him to share more about his understanding. Janet Riehl: Tell us about dharma and how dharma connects with art. First of all, what does Dharma mean? Eden Maxwell: Although the Sanskrit word Dharma has no precise equivalent in English, it does have three main meanings in Buddhism. 1) Reality or Truth (as it is, i.e., not relative) 2) Teaching 3) With a small "d"--the elements of experience When I combine all three meanings, it adds up to my purpose in life, the reason for which I have come into this world.

Art in Zen and the Zen of Art

Zen is a term that is bandied around in common language with great freedom. Here, a Zen practitioner and artist, Eden Maxwell, author of "An Artist Empowered" tells us how these realms interconnect. Janet: What does Zen Buddhism have to do with art? Eden: The source of all great art is intuition; I say this because spontaneity, creation, cannot be planned. Planned art is design, and that's another subject. Janet: What about the art in Zen Buddhist tradition? Eden: In Zen Buddhism, the fundamental concept is to intuitively grasp the truth; there are no lengthy discourses, and no reasoning for a logical answer. Those who practice Zen reject the phantom world;

Has Modern Music Lost It's Meaning?

"Been a long time since I rock and rolled, Been a long time since I did the stroll" Hmmm. The uncontrollable emotions I feel when I hear those lyrics are like nothing you can imagine. Such meaning, such insight, such ridiculousness. You probably recognize these song lyrics from a band that some claim to be among the greatest bands ever. I dare anyone, double dare you, to find powerful and original meaning in any lyrics by Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, The Beach Boys, Kiss, and many, many others who at one time were considered the greatest thing that happened to the modern music of the day. Even Zeppelin's "deeper" songs were based on "Lord of the Rings.

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