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Digital SLR Camera Review - Choosing Between SLR Cameras or Compact Digital Cameras

When purchasing a digital camera, it is often a tough decision to choose between a SLR digital camera and a compact digital camera. With this digital SLR camera review, we will cover the most important aspects in the decision making process. SLR Cameras are your best choice among digital cameras if you want to do more than take family vacation, holiday, and birthday pictures. Despite the fact that many point-and-shoot compact digitals have increasingly higher megapixels, the SLR is the choice for serious photographers and photography hobbyists. This digital SLR camera review will cover the importance of purchasing a SLR camera if you are serious about your photography.

Wouldn't You Love to Be Making Money With Digital Camera Equipment?

Are you a fan of photography? Do you own a digital camera? How you ever thought about becoming a freelance digital photographer? Well, if you would like to make money using your digital camera then there are considerable benefits to be had by learning a little more about this exciting and creative interest. The principal advantage to making money with digital camera equipment is the flexibility it affords you. For example, would you be happier working late at night with the owls for company or are you more at home with the larks? The great thing about being a freelancer is that you get to decide when, where and for how long you work. No more being stuck in an office or factory for eight hours or more a day.

What You Can Do With Picture Uploading Sites and Benefits of Using Them

Picture uploading sites provide individuals with a way to view their digital photos and more via the World Wide Web. These types of website come in a variety of types and allow the user to create wonderful memories with a simple click of their mouse. In the past, there were a few commonly used websites which enabled individuals to upload pictures but today the possibilities are practically endless when it comes to websites specializing in this type of help for the general Internet using public. There are many things which you can do with picture uploading sites. The main purpose of this type of website is to allow the user to upload their photos in order to be viewed.

Charging For a Photography Business - Never Underestimate the Value of Your Work

If photography is more than a hobby for you, it means you're investing your time, your money, and above all, although you might not be aware of it, your creative and artistic skills. How can you monetize this? There are too many people who start out their photography business by trying to attract customers with too low prices. Prices that hardly cover the costs. But the competition is not only about the price! A cheap offer might appear attractive initially, but you will want to be known for a quality work, not just because of the price. Offer a service that is different from others. Pay attention to what people need and look for. Communicate and preserve a trustworthy relationship with the clients.

Digital Art From Your Photos

Image manipulation is a fascinating bonus for the digital photographer and once you explore this exciting subject it is all too easy to get hooked. However, please note this word of caution before you try any image manipulation; Never save manipulated images over your original images Once you have a result you want to keep, it is all too easy to click that little "save" icon - but do not do this. You will immediately overwrite (replace) your original image with the new one. You will never be able to get your original image back. So make it a golden rule to leave the original image untouched and click the "save as" button whenever you want to save any pleasing manipulated images you have achieved.

Learn Digital Photography Now - Make Money From Your Photography Microstock

By trade I'm a web developer and my wife is a graphic designer. Together we began selling our photographs through the internet over two years ago as a way to earn a little extra cash from something we enjoyed doing. At the time we only had a little 4 megapixel point-n-shoot camera but my wife knew about editing photos from studying Design in college. At the time we thought we knew about photography as well, however we now know what we didn't know then. When we began selling our photos online we only earned $16 in our first month. Given that this was something we were passionate about we persisted and, with lots of research we raised the amount to $270 in six months.

Cameras Looking at the Basics

A camera is a light proof box with a small hole in it; which allows light in. The simplest camera is a 'pin hole camera' which does not have a lens, but just a tiny hole, the 'pin hole'. These are usually hidden or spy cameras. The light is concentrated on the light sensitive receptor at the back of the box. In the early days of photography the receptor was a large glass plate coated with chemicals, now it is a small electronic device. All modern cameras are comprise the same basic components. Whether it is a digital camera or an SLR. Although the SLR cameras have a more complex operating system. (more buttons and features) Basic components of all cameras A light proof box called the body.

Archival Storage Boxes Protect Your Work

Protecting your photos require a number of things, not the least of which are good quality archival storage boxes. Use of the proper photo storage box will insure that your photos are protected from moisture, sunlight, acidity - all of the elements that can cause photographs to become brittle, discolored and even destroyed completely. Archival storage boxes are the heart of an effective archival system. Of course, there is much more to archival photo storage; simply using the correct photo storage box is only part of the equation. You cannot simply dump your photos into archival storage boxes and expect them to be properly preserved. You'll need crystal clear acid free plastic bags for each one.

6 Tips to Keep Your Camera Lens Clean!

Dirt on your DSLR lens is one of the main factors that reduces the image quality of your photos. Although some defects caused by small spots may be repairable in post processing, larger dirts most probably will probably make your photo useless. Even a tiny stain that you haven't noticed or ignored during the shoot out can ruin hours of hard work at the end of the day. The most important fact that you have to consider before cleaning your lens is to choose a proper method to make sure you don't scratch your lens surface. Here we present 6 tips for you to effectively clean (and keep clean) your DSLR lens without giving any damage to it. Remember most of these methods presented here are also applicable to compact digicam and other kind of optical devices: 1 - Use a UV (Ultraviolet) Filter This relatively cheap filter is a perfect protection for your valuable lens, both from dirt and other impacts.

Is There Dust on Your Smile?

We've all heard the saying "a mind is a terrible thing to waste". I got to thinking about that and so is the value of a smile. Who would waste a perfectly good smile? Well I know we have wasted many in our house. All of those wonderful photos of life activities that brought such vivid smiles when we looked at them. Where are they now? Stuffed away somewhere in an old dusty box. This past Christmas my wife got a great idea for a nice gift for our children. They are older so she thought of making up a memory photo album for each one. To begin the process the dusty old boxes of photos were first found and then cleaned off and finally opened. As her project progressed and the photos began to be pulled out and looked over, it was amazing listening to the giggles & watching as the smiles came automatically.

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