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Wide Angle Photography - Broaden Your Horizons

Your digital camera has a powerful zoom lens. I have never seen it, but I bet it does. In fact, when you bought it, one of the first things the salesman mentioned was the magnification power of the zoom lens. It is one of the 'must have' features of a modern digital camera. A powerful telephoto lens is terrific, and essential if you are shooting lots of sports photography, wildlife photography, or any photography that requires you to capture your subject from a distance. But with all the marketing that goes on around telephoto power, you could be forgiven for believing there is little value in a good wide-angle lens. This is simply not the case. In fact, if you take a lot of travel photos, you may find that your powerful telephoto rarely gets a workout.

Buying Inexpensive Photography Props

You cannot deny that to get the best effect, you need photography props. But most photography props are quite expensive, and buying inexpensive photography props seems to be next to impossible. But there is always the alternative - instead of buying inexpensive photography props, you can always decide to create your own! Even when you are buying inexpensive photography props, what you need to figure out is what sort of props can bring out the personality of the subject you are trying to capture. After all, anybody can depict a person on film, what makes a photograph special is how you can capture the essence of the person on camera. Once you decide on this, you can look at either buying inexpensive photography props or creating ones of your own.

Top 6 Tips For Beginning Photography

Welcome to the wonderfully addictive world of photography. We have a great community. As the title says, these tips are meant for those beginning photography. I hope you find them useful. 1. Basic Equipment - There is no need to spend thousands of dollars when you just begin exploring photography. There is some basic equipment that every photographer should have though. A Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera is a must in order to go beyond the everyday point and shoot. SLRs give complete control over the aperture (iris opening in the lens), and shutter speeds. Together the aperture and shutter control the exposure of the shot. The basic lenses are the standard, telephoto, and wide angle lenses.

How to Choose the Best Photography Backdrops

Taking pictures may seem simple, but it involves many different factors that make photos stand out and look the best they could be. An appropriate backdrop, adequate lighting, and visual clarity are only a few factors that make a good photograph. If you want to take a good picture, you must consider these factors. Good lighting helps show your picture"s subject clearly and highlight the features that you want to be noticed in your photograph, and a carefully chosen backdrop will set the mood of the picture and help tell your subject"s story. Choosing a good backdrop is easy once you"ve planned out all the important details for your photo shoot. Recommended photography backdrops for human subjects are those that are important to your subject and coincide with your subject"s purpose in having their pictures taken.

Landscape Photography - A Guide For Beginners

What does it take to create the perfect picture? A great photographer would probably say, "Recurrence, consistency, unity, disparity, balance, irregularity, imagery, stark truth and a good dose of passion." These are the components of any perfect photograph and these are the same components needed for landscape photography. Landscape Photography - A Surviving Passion Landscape photography is not new. With so many beautiful things around you and with your camera on hand, it's difficult for a photographer to resist taking a picture. Many photographers are attracted to this type of photography. This is not surprising. You can trace the oldest landscape photo to as early as 1800s.

The World of Images is a Beautiful Place, Just Walk Into It!

The history of digital camera is quite amazing in itself. The camera market saw early models in the late 1980s but they were not good when it came to performance, price and image quality. However, in the mid-1990s, digital cameras were introduced for the technology-gadget fanatics but these too were slightly below the expected levels. It was only in the late 1990s that power-packed cameras started to come out of the factories. This led to a steady decline in the sales of film cameras and a significant growth in the sales of their digital counterparts. Let us have a close look at the advantages offered by the digital cameras of today. These cameras have become affordable and their memory cards are now inexpensive.

Learn the Secrets From Photography Schools

With the advent of digital cameras, the Internet is now bombarded of countless digital photographs and amateur photographers. Perhaps, you have your own photo blog and you have joined a couple of photo sharing sites. But does this make you a photographer? Can you truly say, "I'm a great photographer, " if you have received a couple of comments saying, "Nice photo! " Learning fro Photography Schools However, your passion for photography is certainly a key ingredient to becoming a good or great photographer. If you have the passion for capturing that perfect moment then you might just have a chance of becoming an artist and perhaps earn money from your skill.

If You Need an Inexpensive Alternative to Custom-Made Frames - Find What You Need Online

If you create artwork in commonly found sizes, such as four by six inches or eight by ten inches, and if you create a lot of artwork that you wish to display, ready made picture frames can provide a cost-effective solution to your artwork display conundrum. You can find ready made metal picture frames, wood picture frames, and wood photo frames, plus picture framing supplies, that allow you to frame your own artwork in style. Metal Picture Frames Metal picture frames make a great addition to artwork that will be on display in a room with modern and contemporary architecture and furnishings. The sleek and slender black metal frames are also used to frame photographs that are put on display in fine art galleries around the world.

Model Posing Tips

Do you often find yourself waiting, camera in hand, while your model struggles to get the pose right for the shot? For the professional photographer posing a human model, the working relationship is something like that between film director and actor. Yet photographers don't get training in the human side of posing a model. Here's a little list of tips and tricks for getting your subject to perform well for you. Flatter Them Actors and models get into this line of work because they love the attention, after all, so work with that. Fuss over them about how great they look today, what a nice shot you're taking of them, how they're Vanity Fair material, and so on.

Antique Kodak Camera

George Eastman invented the camera-this had a unique 'KoDak"sound when one pressed the shutter to take the photograph. George also thought that the letter K was quite strong hence he quickly spotted the Ko-dak sound. Photography is something special -the ability to capture images, pictures and marvel at them moments, days, months and years after the event has occurred. When the time came to find a name for his unique invention, George Eastman did not think it fit to name that after himself -neither "George" nor "Eastman" but instead hit upon the word "Kodak"and thus the world was introduced to the Kodak camera and they quickly embraced this new invention.

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