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Darkroom Wizardry Vs Digital Magic

In the past, producing fine art nature photography was always a touchy combination of talent, patience, and precision. However, with the advancement of computer technology and software programs such as Photoshop, the relentless, tireless photographer who crouched in dawn's early light to catch that particular scene is a rare find. Moreover, negatives then had to undergo a lengthy process involving chemicals and formulas and be deftly set up to dry in a darkroom. Today, with the touch of a few buttons, the same image can be produced in almost no time at all. This is the reality of modern photography. Slide film, chemicals, filters, and darkroom techniques are falling by the wayside, thanks to digital software programs that allow the user to adjust the focus, color saturation, size, and opacity of an image without leaving the computer screen.

The Making of an Image - Roseberry Topping

Great Ayton is one of my very favorite locations. The village, itself steeped in history, is a great starting point for exploring the North Yorkshire Moors and in particular Roseberry Topping. The distinctive peak, dubbed the 'Cleveland Matterhorn, ' stands at only 320 metres high yet it can be seen for many miles. Thanks to the local geology and an array of footpaths including the Cleveland Way it is not hard to find a great view point in which to view the hill. Being only 20 minutes away from my home, Great Ayton is one of my default locations. If I'm short of time or I don't want to travel far, i'll goto Great Ayton. This philosophy leads to a familiarity and understanding of the local landscape which I think is essential for any photographer.

Movies and How to Share Them on the Internet

There are an increasing number of sites popping up all over the place on the internet that will let you upload your movies to show them to others. The biggest and most popular of these is You tube with millions of visitors viewing the site every day. The good news is that it is easy to upload your movies to this site and they will accept file sizes of up to around 1 GB and this will easily allow you upload even quite large movies if you wish but the larger the file size, the longer it will take to upload. Before you attempt to upload anything, you should check the size of your movie file by using "Get Info" (Mac) or by right clicking the file and selecting "Properties" (Windows).

Shutter Basics For Digital Photography

The shutter speed is a very important part of photography that all photographers should know about. Even if you are using a fully automatic camera, understanding the basics of it will help you out as well. This article will show you an intro to what the shutter is and how it works. The shutter of your camera is what controls the amount of light that is let into your camera. Have you ever wondered why when on automatic mode, sometimes it takes a long time for the photo to take and other times it goes by fast. This is because of the shutters speed. The amount of light let into the camera effects how the photo will look. More time for the light to be let in will make the photo brighter.

Digital Camera - The Easy Way To Take Pictures

In comparison to film cameras, digital cameras have number of advantages which includes displaying the image on the camera screen right after recording, a single small memory device can record thousands of images, records video with sound, provision to edit images, and above all storage capacity can be re-used by deleting the images. There are numbers of devices available that has in-built digital cameras like mobile phones, PDA s etc. Specialized digital cameras are fit into astronomical devices like The Hubble Space Telescope. Digitizing images on scanner and digitizing video signals are much older than making of still images using digital signals from an array of discrete sensor elements.

Easiest Digital Photography Tips And How To Avoid Mistakes

Taking photos can be tough. This article will give you some of the easiest to follow digital photography tips that will get your photos looking like the pros in no time. This Article will also cover some very common mistakes and how to avoid them for good. Let's begin! Perspective is Everything Have you ever looked at a subject matter from only one perspective and later realized that there is a whole other perspective? That's exactly the same with photography. Most photographers live their life in one perspective: taking pictures from eye level. Rather than put the camera to your eyes and take the photo, get low, climb a tree, look at the subject at hand from different perspectives.

3 Biggest Mistakes Beginners Make In Digital Photography

Photography for beginners can mean lots of very easy mistakes that ruin lots of could be great shots. This article will cover the three biggest mistakes people make in digital photography. One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is simply trying to photography too much. There could be a shot with a train on the left, a balloon on the right, a clown in the middle, air force one in the middle, and a couple smiling at the camera and it would just be too hectic. Complex photos are not fun to look at and usually make a viewer too confused and look away. The solution to this is simply to isolate on one or two subjects only. Take a picture of the train, then a shot of the balloon, then the clown, etc.

Editing Digital Photography - Use The Perfect Tool

Photography can be a tricky art selecting the perfect light conditions, adjusting the focus, zoom and even the time of the day you choose to click your photograph... every one of these factors adds up to create that perfect image, which you've planned so long and worked so hard to capture. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, your photograph doesn't quite end up the way you envisioned it. No matter how minor the glitch, it still detracts from the flawless image you're looking for. And fleeting moments don't last forever, nor are the changes of them occurring on a regular basis very likely. Here's where editing your digital image can salvage that lost pride in your skills, while also allowing you to add effects, you would have found exceedingly difficult, if not impossible to achieve with just your camera.

Light Makes Right - 3 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Photos

If you're new to photography, then you know how much fun it is to get the perfect shot, but you also know the disappointment you feel when a picture doesn't turn out like you'd hoped. Light is the most important element in getting the perfect shot. This is especially true with outdoor photography. When you're outdoors, you have almost no control of the light. Also, when you are shooting outdoors, there are many factors that can influence your photo. That's why it's so important to be ready when the "right" shot comes along. After all, when the special moment happens, you want to capture it with your camera and enjoy it for a lifetime. Part of being ready is being knowledgeable enough to take advantage of whatever lighting condition you may encounter.

My Experience With The Shiro DX331 Digital Camera

I used to have a Shiro DX331 Digital Camera for about a few years. It is perhaps one of the cheapest compact digital camera available on the market. If I am not wrong, this camera is made in Singapore. Appearance wise, it is a nice and slim little digital compact camera. It has a nice and smooth slide door that is meant to protect the lense. It can deliver an output of up to 7.1 Mega Pixels. It also sports 4X Digital Zoom. The model that I have comes in a silvery body. I am not sure whether it comes in other colour variants as well. I had put the camera through quite a few scenarios. Here are my thoughts of this camera. The Shiro DX331 Digital Camera is generally capable of taking acceptable daytime landscape and urban shots.

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