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Taking Cameras And Film On Planes With Ease

Just about everything having to do with flying on any commercial airline has changed in recent years. There's no exception, whether you're taking your film camera on a once in a lifetime vacation or you're a photojournalist scheduled to cover an assignment. You can still take your camera and film on the airplane, but you need to take certain precautions to protect your film. You can fly with many kinds of cameras. Both film and digital, disposable cameras, video cameras, and cell phone cameras are all allowed on flights. The film, on the other hand poses the problem. If you pack undeveloped film in your checked luggage, the high intensity screening equipment will destroy your film.

Tips For Photographing Your Paintings

There are good reasons for taking photographs of paintings. One of the most important is so you'll have an accurate record of your valuable artwork for insurance purposes. If all you have is a description of your painting, you really have no proof of ownership, and should your painting be destroyed, there would be no payment made by any insurance company. For valuable pieces of art, an appraisal is a must. The appraisal should include a description of the piece, size and condition, the medium used, any markings, where the piece came from, date completed, and information on the artist. Adding to the appraisal some quality photographs of the artwork will complete the package for insurance purposes.

What A Modern Digital Camera Can Do

Many users of modern digital cameras will not experiment with many of the functions it contains; as a result some people are often sold the wrong type. When you finally make up your mind that you are going to buy a digital camera; have you worked out what you are going to ask for? To help you make this decision some hints and tips are discussed below. Before you consider anything else, ask yourself what you want the camera for. Next you need to think carefully about where and when you will use it. Although costs have plummeted dramatically in recent years, it is still something that has to be considered. You will probably be downloading the images onto your personal computer so check to see if your pc is up to the task of printing and editing these images.

10 Winter Activities That Make Fabulous Photos

Baby, it's cold outside! Winter is here, and you can't find a better time of year to capture those perfect winter photos. Why not make the best of this opportunity? Want to add some "pop" to your winter photos? Try photographing colorful subjects against the white snow. Who makes better subjects than your own family and friends, right? For example, picture your child all dressed up in his brand new powder blue snowsuit, building his first snowman. What a great photo opportunity! Here are 10 Winter Activities That Make Fabulous Photos 1. Snowball fights 2. Sledding 3. Snowboarding 4. A child catching snowflakes on their tongue. 5. Making a snow angel. 6.

Take Amazing-Looking Close-Ups With Your Digital Camera

There's a world we don't often think about ... it can be seen when you go walking, out in the garden, or even sitting in the house. In fact, it can be seen anywhere if you care to look. It's the world we probably all take for granted ... the small world of plants, flowers, insects, objects, you name it! So if we take a look at these everyday objects more closely, you will find a hidden and exciting world to be discovered with your digital camera in 'macro' mode. Let's have a look at some digital photography tips on shooting close-ups ... Get Used to your Camera Macro mode is normally depicted by a 'flower' symbol on your camera, which allows you to take close-up shots of subjects.

Digital Imaging - Choosing The Right Computer

Taking pictures has been a traditional art form and an enjoyable hobby for many, and with the dawn of the digital revolution, photography has become even more fun ... but you don't even have to have a camera to still enjoy the excitement of this digital era we live in ... here is the start of a few basic tips for anyone to get to grips with digital imaging if you want to take your images to the next dimension. First things First - Choosing your Computer Building up your hardware and software to manage your digital imaging can be quite costly, so you need to ask yourself "How far do I want to take this digital imaging?" If you just want to do it for a bit of fun, then you may choose a cheaper model computer, for example, but if you intend to be more serious, it's worth inquiring about your computer model before buying.

Advice On Picture Framing Kits

Art Framing Supplies Make Framing Your Favorite Photo Easy! Both amateur and professional photographers create marvelous prints. After the creation part of the process, however, both groups of artists need to present their artwork to the world. One way to do that is to frame it. Photo framing supplies, which also come in picture framing kits, can be customized to your specific needs and artistic desires. Where Do I Start With Selecting The Appropriate Picture Framing Supplies and Picture Framing Kits? Most artists begin with the work of art itself, and see what it suggests in terms of frame and matting choices. Your preference as to art framing supplies could depend on whether the artwork is a photograph or a painting.

Photos To Digital Format

Last May when my Mother passed away suddenly, we wanted to have something different to celebrate the good times we had together. I thought a slide show comprised of old photos of her and other family members on DVD would be a good idea. We checked with the funeral director, they did offer a service but I thought I could do better. They only offered to copy 15 photos along with one song. Who wants to hear the same song over and over all day at the viewing? I didn't. Besides we wanted to have her favorite songs and gospel groups. A lot of the family members like the same music as Mom. I figured that I might as well make copies of the DVD for anyone who may want one.

Photo's On Canvas - How Long Will They Last

At some point most photographers consider how long their printed pictures will last. As we think about this point we can see how this thought originates at the heart of photography, after all when we take a picture we are trying to preserve a moment in time. We are creating a remembrance of something that will never be exactly the same. In view of this expressed thought when we print our images we want them to keep their visual integrity. Yes, we want them to look as good as they did the day they where printed 100 years from now and longer. Realistically is this possible and how can we determine how long photo's and specifically in this article photo's on canvas will last?

Make Money With Pet Photography

Pet photography is indeed a way for you to generate some income if you think your pets are cute enough, it is a hobby that you can transform into a booming home business. Lots of people pay a lot of money to have their pets photographed, but not only do you not need to pay anyone you can for fact make money from your pets photographs. Stock photo sites are sites where you can submit your digital photograph by uploading them unto the site, and for each time the picture gets downloaded you get paid. A lot of people wonder who in the world will download pictures and pay for them, reality is a lot of people do some of which are, advertisers, designers, eBayers, scrap bookers and many more.

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