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A Torn Rotator Cuff Doesn't NEED To Mean Surgery

Remember that favorite peer of pants you had as a kid? The ones that you wore and wore and wore until the material was so thin your mother picked them up and threw them out? Well, that is what happens with the rotator cuff in so many people. A torn rotator cuff is more a more common injury than any other type of tendon tear. It is the result of constant use and abrasion between the shoulder ball join and the shoulder cap. It is extremely common in athletes who put a lot of tension on this area, but even normal wear and tear can lead to this problem in middle aged people. The normal recommendation for a rotator cuff tear is surgery, and this can be scary as well as expensive.

Introduction To Physical Therapy - Rehabilitation Of Amputees And The Advantages Of Physiotherapy

Amputation is a major blow to anyone, both physically and psychologically. To help a person deal with the loss of a limb a team of trained professionals is engaged - a doctor, a prosthetist, a psychologist, and nurses. To rehabilitate an amputee, a physiotherapist is also required. When a person is adjusting to life without a limb, a physiotherapist is almost indispensable in the patient's healing process. An amputee has to deal with several physical and physiological issues the. Among these are phantom pains, which are painful sensations that seem to emanate from the limb that has already been removed, as if it still exists. These are nervous responses and require physiotherapy to overcome and treat it.

The Advantages Of Becoming a Physical Therapist

Physical therapists are health professionals who help in restoring function, relieving pain, and improving the mobility of the persons with disabilities. They treat accident victims and patients with disabling conditions such as arthritis, fractures, low-back pain, head injuries, heart diseases, cerebral palsy and more. Physical therapy specialists advice several exercise programs to increase the strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination and range of motion of the disabled individual. What is more satisfying than bringing back a disabled person to his normal life style? To become a physical therapist, one must have a master's degree in physical therapy from an accredited institute and a state license.

Physical Therapist Jobs Are Hot Right Now

Physical therapy jobs are hot right now since there is an ever increasing demand for qualified and skilled physical therapists in all the health facilities. This situation has been brought about by the increasing numbers of elderly population, a group which is particularly susceptible to a variety of debilitating physical conditions that demand physical therapy services. Besides the rise in the elderly population, other factors that contribute to this increasing requirement for physical therapists are (a) the baby-boom generation entering into an age when they are prone to heart attacks, strokes and other diseases and (b) increasing number of babies with birth defects who are being saved with the help of advancing technology.

Physical Therapy Assistant - A Rewarding Future

A physical therapy assistant is one who assists a physical therapist in providing physical therapy treatment to patients. Physical therapy assistants usually perform physical therapy proceedings as instructed by the senior therapist. They assist the senior therapist in managing conditions such as sprains and fractures, back and neck injuries, burns, arthritis, stroke, amputations, multiple sclerosis, injuries related to sports, birth defects and others. It is the duty of the physical therapy assistant to gather information regarding the patient's response to the treatment and describe the outcome to the supervising therapist. Physical therapy assistant jobs promise a rewarding future.

Physical Therapy and Direct Access

Physical Therapists have historically been required to work under the direction of a referring physician. While this has been a relationship that has worked in the past, the profession of Physical Therapy is growing with advanced degrees now required of all new graduates to have their Masters in Physical Therapy and more programs offering a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. As Physical Therapists and the profession of Physical Therapy advances, the relationship between the therapist and the physician must be redefined. In order for a client to seek the services of a Physical Therapist, they have been previously required to see their primary care physician first for an initial assessment.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome - Exercises and Treatment

Iliotibial Band (IT Band) Syndrome is a frustrating source of knee and hip pain for athletes, and is one of the most common causes of lateral knee pain in runners. Most cases of iliotibial band syndrome occur as the result of "too much, too soon" or poor biomechanics and can be prevented with these simple tips and listening to your body. Anatomy of the Iliotibial Band The iliotibial band is a thick layer of tissue along the outer part of the leg that runs from the hip to the knee. Irritation can occur either in the hip or the outside part of the knee as the iliotibial band rubs across the greater trochanter and the lateral epicondyle of the femur. Iliotibial Band Syndrome Symptoms Symptoms of iliotibial band syndrome include pain at the outside part of the knee that is worse when bending or extending the knee, such as during running or cycling Other symptoms include pain on the outside part of the hip over the greater trochanter.

Top 10 Sprained Ankle Facts - The Most Important Things You Need To Know To Accelerate Healing

1. Ankle pain is often due to an ankle sprain. And the body's response to injury is to swell. Swelling also causes pain. Reduce the swelling, reduce the pain. 2. The ankle is the most commonly sprained joint. 3. A sprain is an injury to ligaments, which connect bones to one another and is caused by the twisting or bending of a joint into a position it was not designed to move. 4. Some common symptoms of a sprain are pain around the joint, swelling, and bruising. 5. The most common way the ankle is injured is when the ankle is twisted inward (inversion injury). With this injury, ligaments that support the ankle can be torn which leads to swelling, inflammation, and bruising around the ankle.

Physical Therapy Information - Alexander Technique

An actor, F. M. Alexander (1869-1955) was responsible for the invention of the Alexander Technique, which is named after him. He toured Tasmania and Australia as part of a Shakespearean troupe. When he started having problems with his throat, he developed a method which has put his name down in history for posterity. As Alexander's throat started becoming hoarse, he began to visit all the doctors he could, wherever he was. It was all in vain for him. There was nothing physically wrong with him as far as they could see, and they could not treat him. Alexander was a stubborn man, and when doctors could not solve his problem, he took matters into his own hand.

How Long Does It Take To Rehab A Sprained Ankle?

How long it takes to heal a sprained ankle depends on the severity of the sprain, the age of the person, and the physical condition of the person, but a grade 1 or mild grade 2 sprain should reasonably be rehabbed in a maximum of 2-3 weeks. It all depends on how fast you heal and how severe the damage is. But you must have realistic expectations for completely rehabbing a sprained ankle and not rush it. You need to learn how to listen to what your body is telling you and then react appropriately. Good sprained ankle care demands that ankle rehab is only to be started after visiting a doctor and verifying there is no structural damage. Only a few years ago, when an athlete would tear his ACL it was a career ending injury.

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