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Zen - Go Beyond Thinking Live

Zen, a school of Mahayana Buddhism That asserts truths about enlightenment Meditation and spiritual transformation, Self-contemplation and powerful intuition Surpassing rigid adherence to religious doctrine Faith in a foolish denomination or blind devotion To a creed, arrogant sect, or ideological affiliation. Contrary to popular presumption and accusation Buddha never told his followers to worship him In fact Buddha pointed them toward a greater light That of their Creator and developed inner connection The spirit transcends formal studies and observances Is far more than verbal articulation and pronunciation Although communication is good, spirituality is most great The illustrious Spirit of God is not bound by space or time Therefore the magnificent divine is not constrained, nor late It is we burdened human beings who forget to dwell content Be wholehearted, accept the present, and live transparently Forgetting to absorb, dwell, and drink in the moment fully A spiritual awakening requires we go beyond thinking Dwell content within, embrace nature, and live dynamically This means we should not be defined, nor bound by history Let not the past in all its pain, flaws, and trouble shape you Because you are more than and not limited by your experiences Neither should you be quenched or constrained by your future Which many needlessly worry about, fret frantically, and pray for None of these inner unproductive states will open opportunity's door The journey must be enjoyed, embraced happily, and traveled to Without emotional encumbrances, entanglements, or held tightly Let the miracle of life be and accept whatever flows forth unto thee Consider it all a glorious adventure and instructive in life lessons Don't overly suppress your responses and wonderful emotions Neither should you excessively critic or analyze your motivations Just live fully, allowing your spirit to shine and blossom fully Herein is quietness, sacred solitude, and Zen fabulously.

Happy New Year!

A slice of time in the annals of human history Just a descript piece of time, An interval large enough, Yet small, An expensive piece of time, What a time! ! New Year the completion of one global revolution Yet the beginning of another for millennia over and over again The measure of a change in the formation and destruction In the progress and retrogress In the generation and degeneration In the decay and emergence In the birth and death of billions and trillions In the appearance and disappearance Of matter from and in to nothingness New Year 3651/4 days gone Yet another one just began To measure change that will happen In another full global revolution Around our warm, bright and beautiful sun To give us an accounting of what will not and what will happen To fill our statistical data of how many died and how many born How many chromosomes fused?

I Hate You! She Said To Me

"I hate you! " she said harshly to me I said, "Uh, huh" and just let it be Choosing to remain inwardly happy This I was before she married me And this I shall be no matter what This damsel in distress says to me Besides one cannot hate unless There is already love deep within Therefore even in hatred I do win. Earlier I asked for hugs and kisses To which she said, "I don't think so" "Praise the Lord" I said going with the flow "Praise the Lord, what's that about" she replied I rejoiced inwardly because to my ego I died Not really caring what my beloved wife said Well, not responding hastily emotionally Choosing not to be overwhelmed overtly I remained calm and peaceful within me As I did it seemed a transformation Swept over my wife bitter and grumpy Suddenly there was peace and a smile Yet I did not react or alter my mood Remaining cool we watched a movie And with me she began to interact Laugh, converse, and enjoy my company An amazing matter of fact to be exact Soon the nastiness was washed away Swept clean by the Spirit of God in me As I choose to walk by faith not be sight To call those things that were not alright To create something out of nothing By not hastily negatively responding Holding my tongue, ruling my spirit Not electrifying the atmosphere Not entangling myself in a battle I didn't pick up the phone and tattle Remaining calm, feeling no need to tell I simply happily kept my composure No need to intensify the momen's exposure And hence all went fantastically beautifully well So regardless if another person around you Wants to talk trash and release vile from hell Be a reflection of peace and bring divine release.

Walk by Faith Not by Sight - Has God Said? Overcoming Doubt to Live Your Dreams

Has God said? Some will say Allowing their doubt To get in the way To them I exhort Don't get hung up On the matter of how That's right I said Don't get hung up on how Take God at His Word Let circumstances bow! Believe God's Word And let it above all else Be hearkened to and heard Undoubtedly God is sure Tested over time and pure Desirous to bless humanity Uplift us above what we see Take us into our dreams fully Exceedingly and abundantly Above and beyond all we think Surpassing what we in prayer ask Silencing skeptic friends and relatives Critical acquaintances and nuisances Sometimes causing commotion Among unbelieving believers Lying accusers and opponents They who fight the word of faith By which we live in God's grace As we press on to behold His face Looking beyond the forms of this world Persevering past the problems of the day Not letting difficulties get in our way Neither allowing challenges to bury us On the contrary, allowing them to propel us Move us forward into the loving arms of God Into the personal promised land we have That inheritance which God has foretold We move toward it with faith being bold Anything less causes us to pitifully perish Let us arise with fiery hearts and not grow old Until we lay hold fully of what God has foretold Apprehending promises and His divine Presence Christ our portion providing for us His abundance And when our life is spent we shall have no regrets.

Playing Powerfully, Working Skillfully, Living Supernaturally

Playing powerfully David the young boy Tending to the sheep Sang to the Lord God Praying his soul to keep Walking in the pastures He fought valiantly a bear Defeating it with bravery David was bold and did dare To next later take on a lion With which he was victorious All the while saving the sheep Preparing him for his destiny Obscure partly, yet he did see The great future of spirituality As he worshipped and served His God lovingly and passionately He prepared himself for the kingship Unknowingly of course for this Nevertheless David progressed Always earnestly giving his best Outdoors with the sheep he played Using a sling shot to move rocks It was a fun and carefree sport A sport and practice David enjoyed Though little of neither employed Until a giant named Goliath appeared Taunting and terrorizing his people Across the entire nation of Israel Goliath terrified all the warriors Causing them to run and hide This Philistine giant full of pride Talked trash daily to the Israelites Until a boy named David said no more And arose with a zealous vengeance To challenge him and even the score Although the mighty warriors laughed Even they of renown in the land of Israel King Saul wanted David to win and tell Posterity of a great liberation from enemies Although Saul's army didn't fit David perfectly He thought to lend it to him for battle generously However David didn't feel comfortable in armor David was content to trust in the Lord his God Picking up a mere slingshot to get the job done Fully trusting God, David saw Goliath as fun A small challenge to be conquered under the sun Therefore with all boldness David did arise and run Pursuing the giant in hand to hand mortal combat David gave his enemy no more thought than a gnat To the battle with a simple slingshot, which he fought Hitting the giant with a rock right in the forehead Amazingly with one blow, the giant was dead After which David swiftly ran over him and stood Taking Goliath's own sword, he cut off his head Triumphantly Israel rejoiced, their enemy was dead Yet the lesson to be learned here is powerful indeed When you love and serve God, your life is truly freed As the Creator gets in your stuff and uses your toys Takes what you deem to be fun and gets the job done.

Hijacking Jesus and Using God for Your Agenda

I've got a wonderful idea Let's hijack blessed Jesus You know the Lord is cool Everybody loves Jesus We learned about Him In our Sunday school You know the golden rule Don't act up or play the fool Some folks call Christmas By a Jewish name Yule Most Christians prefer baptism In an ocean or beautiful pool This sprinkling thing is lame Not even Scriptural you know Seems like a bit of a vain show Traditional, stuffy, and boring But it makes the parents With babies feel good As religious practices should Therefore how about we add Some religion to our politics Get everybody all hyped up Into an emotional frenzy Declare our opponent the enemy Satan even and the antichrist Set on course to take us to hell Put fear in the hearts of citizens Such a strategy will serve us well Fear is a great torment you see Therefore it will work magically To get people to pull away From the opposing view If we take fear and spew Mix some Satan and hell In the way we look and review Our opponents political policies Twist with subtlety, use ambiguities Police the airwaves cleverly Mold the frail minds of many With Karl Rove style propaganda Quick sound bites send a message Disparage and mar their visage Yeah, like Christ on the cross Let's use God for our agenda Proclaim ourselves right Religious, moral, and holy Demonize our opponents Tirelessly and wholeheartedly We can self-righteously call it The grand old Republican party.

Lest We Forget - Ode To Keeping Faith

The term "LEST WE FORGET" is synonymous with ANZAC and general war tradition. How incredible it is to think the powerful images of the losses of war still send tremors of respect through the minds of those left behind for those who were felled -- for the fallen. Lest we forget those who gave their lives in supreme acts of courage; lest we also forget, our very human nature to take for granted the divine providence of material and spiritual blessing that these men (and many women also) fought to protect. Humanity has a very patchy history regarding its innate propensity to utterly forget God and make up its own imperialist ideas, running the show itself. Time and again throughout history we've shown that we 'divide and conquer' to our peril, and this is the lament Rudyard Kipling sought to convey in his 5-stanzaed "Recessional, " featuring the refrain, "LEST WE FORGET.

An Invitation To My Wedding

This poem shows the exuberance of a newly-born creation in Christ. What bride is not ecstatic on her wedding day? It refers to the Parable of The Ten Virgins Jesus taught in Matthew 25. Are you ready for The Groom? No one knows the day or the hour, but He's coming! You're invited to my wedding, I'm going to be a bride! God made this match in heaven When He laid my sins aside. The Groom I'll have is perfect: He led a sinless life. Then gave Himself to save my soul So I could be His wife. The wedding feast will be quite grand! I hope that you'll be there. He gave His life for your soul, too. It's a relationship we can share. My wedding lamp is filled with oil For the Groom I long to see.

I Refuse To Be Discouraged!

I refuse to be discouraged, To be sad, or to cry; I refuse to be downhearted, And here's the reason why. .. I have a God who's mighty, Who's sovereign and supreme; I have a God who loves me, And I am on His team. He is all wise and powerful, Jesus is His name; Though everything is changeable, My God remains the same. My God knows all that's happening, From beginning to the end. His presence is my comfort, He is my dearest friend. When sickness comes to weaken me, To bring my head down low, I call upon my mighty God; Into His arms I go. When circumstances threaten To rob me from my peace, He draws me close unto His breast, Where all my strivings cease.

Candidates, Does The Rain Have a Father?

There they go again, speaking godlike pronouncements to us, making promises they have no power to keep: meaningless rhetoric. I envision You, Lord, speaking to them as You did to him: Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation? Who marked off its dimensions? Surely you know! Who stretched a measuring line across it? On what were its footings set, or who laid its cornerstone while the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy? Where were you when I said to the sea, "This far you may come and no farther; here is where your proud waves halt"? Have you comprehended the vast expanses of the earth? Tell me, if you know all this.

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