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Abyss Has Opened

"Abyss has opened, full of stars" - Lomonosov Abyss has opened full of stars. Pluto to Venus, Moon to Mars - We see the universal force Charting the cosmos from its source. Abyss of stars; in stars, abyss - From depths to heights - from ague to bliss - The life is manifest in all - In every part, key to the whole - In whole, key to every part. The mind to soul, the breath to heart - All of life's pieces intertwined And through the synthesis refined. The void in me, the stars in you - The will to be, the sight that's true - Will intermingle and imbue The world with light of every hue, That will commingle into white And frame and sanctify the night Shining throughout the day with sun - And in the night, when course is run, Return again to their source And be the parcels.

Poetry Scam - Fake Poetry Contests

Creative poem writing is being abused for profit in a very sneaky way. For a struggling poet, it can be painful to admit that a letter from a poetry contest or publisher is nothing more than a sales hustle. But what's worse? Being honest with yourself or being the victim of a company that exploits the vanity of aspiring poets? If you are an aspiring poet, this scam is one to watch out for. HOW IT WORKS? You have written a poem and decided to give it a go at free poetry contests. Few days later you receive an email informing that your poem has been selected as a winner and will be used for inclusion into a future release of an anthology of poetry. The trick however is that if you want your poem published, you have to buy the expensive book which will include your work.

Have a Temper Tantrum For I and Me Until Everyone Can See

Have a temper tantrum for I and me Blab, grab, and complain until all see How important and special me must be Tell the whole wide world boisterously Make no small to do for I, myself, and me Remind them of your importance abundantly Celebrate thyself as a peacock flamboyantly When your expectations are not met fully Boo-hoo, whimper, and wildly cry tirelessly Anguish with remorse afterward regretfully Apologize profusely and say it was foolishly Expressed entirely arrogantly and uselessly In an attempt to be recognized elaborately As you compare yourself with others fearfully Hoping to find some sort of "special" feeling Perhaps unkind, but you need inner healing Acknowledgment & affirmation of your identity Pursue this anxiously and eagerly endlessly Until you work yourself up emotionally into a tizzy Get others to bend over backwards for you quickly Forget all ease, peace, patience, and elegance Make your demands known with brash defiance Awaken others to your uniqueness and brilliance Boast brutishly and rudely until others know you entirely Reveal to them the ego's deep need of proud exaltation Never mind if they see a foul demonic manifestation Of your ego's incessant desire for self-actualization Stop questioning yourself with doubt and inhibition Soon all will eventually know your deep inner motivation After which you can resort to intimidation and manipulation To get what you want, twist people's arms, build a funny farm Full of weak willed souls lavishly catering to I, me, and myself Until you feel most special and highly uplifted above everyone else Then your world will be a delightful, beautiful, and wonderful place Or not when you realize your pride has caused you much disgrace.

God's Gone Wild - No Guts, No Glory

Our love for people must surpass our love of power. We must remember we are interconnected and interrelated as one. None of us are as strong and wise as all of us. Stop presumptuously judging, arrogantly alienating, and self-righteously demonizing people. Many times they are God's disguised blessing to you in an unfamiliar package. Realize in the economy of God, the Father in heaven wants to unite we His family on earth. Divided however we destroy ourselves, defile the planet, and fall apart. The Wright Brothers' boldness enabled them to progressively and continually create the airplane when most laughed and said it could not be done. They pioneered a new era of evolution in aviation excellence.

Stressing and Obsessing - Overcoming Anxiety and Emotional Torment

Stressing and obsessing Always deeply digressing Devastating your soul within Caught up in a world of spin Spiraling deeper within Into fearful scenarios Suspicion and accusation Countless mental fixations Gruesomely tormenting yourself Vexing your precious soul Can you not pause a moment To be still, reflect, and be whole To just be and transcend thought Before your mind erodes you Decaying your personhood like rot Have you entirely and completely forgot How to happily live, dwell, and simply be? Is it too difficult to flow with life freely? Have your thoughts entirely consumed thee? Seduced dreadfully and got the best of thee? You troubled child, always overwhelmed Entrenched and ensnared in numerous thoughts Your mental processing going full force in trot Can you not simply remove thyself from your mind Enjoy the preciousness of this joyous moment in time?

I is Never Satisfied - Compulsive, Obsessive, Overbearing

The almighty I I is never satisfied Always wanting more Always needing to exalt itself Assert itself and be heard Be recognized and known Give this old dog a bone So he can stop barking Stop bothering lovely me Needing stuff tirelessly In this consumeristic society Salivating and foaming at the mouth Almighty I shall eventually go south Die and be buried like the other I's Me's and my's all shall expire & cry That is their relatives who say my My parent, my friend, my lover Taking ownership wholeheartedly As if a person fully belonged to them Of course I understand and have compassion However something about I is never satisfied Never relaxed, quiet, content, and dignified Why then by ourselves are we stupefied Mystified, hooked, and grossly horrified When we obsess, never live, let go, and let Others simply be, without trying to twist them To cater to us and our needs, wants, and desires Do we like passion and fire, preferring to manipulate So we ourselves can egoically appear to be great Certainly to have a paradigm shift it is never too late However life is moving on happily, steadily, & speedily You must choose to enjoy it freely or confine it futilely Though your quest for control merely be an illusion As you pursue controlling others you lessen fusion Relational fusion with precious people, delightful souls As you yourself, an emotional bottomless pit, seek to be whole Pitiful it is, I know it well, this dissatisfied I, is a living hell Break free then I say, abide in the Spirit, and live well Transcend the egoic mind and be present in this time Peaceably dwell and be in spirit for a most sublime experience .

Paparazzi Pleasures - I is in the House Today

I is in the house today I'm gonna use that I Every way in all I say I has got the best of me Cause it's all about me Me, myself, and I in society Self-actualization incessantly Self-expression and exaltation Puff of my persona with gratification Talk about me is sheer exhilaration Never mind my minuscule fixation Inner plight and utter devastation Spiritual annihilation and destruction As I exalt I above all others on earth Forget to open my heart to the new birth The way of God's enlightening Holy Spirit No time to open my heart or listen to hear it I'm too enamored with my, myself, and I Out of my way I has things to attend to Lofty things which don't concern you Marvelous things that ego loves greatly Bring on the paparazzi and more publicity Good, bad, or ugly focus on me entirely Never mind the occasional few who Lie, distort, and make an ass of me As long as I'm the center of attention I can forego all thoughtful apprehension Mesmerized by me beyond reflection No time for spiritual insight or education I and me must be attended to lavishly Fix everything darling most perfectly And don't forget to speak well of me I wouldn't want to be portrayed poorly Give me those beauty treatments regularly Never mind how much money, preserve me Before I pass away into utter obscurity And everyone carelessly forgets of me Let not this happen too suddenly or prematurely Because for now I like all the applause and glory.

Naturally Supernatural - Working Miracles Supernatural Worldwide Wonderfully

Naturally supernatural Working miracles worldwide Embracing the peoples of the planet Uplifting and comforting them With the power of His Word The sword of the Spirit Sets the captives free When I arise to speak it boldly Declaring to the bound liberty Loving the unlovely wholeheartedly Listening intently to understand society Playing with problems en route to solutions Powerfully transcending every earthly limitation Awaking the lost to the divine new creation Contemplating and clearly communicating Profound, prolific truth and divine revelation Dynamically delivering divine manifestations Silencing the skeptics, confounding my critics Armed and dangerous, getting in my licks Whipping up the devil, defeating all Satanic Overflowing with God's glory most radiant Brilliantly baffling the atheist and unbeliever Healing the sick and those suffering with fever Whether they be ill or proudly smug and chill Delivering the oppressed, possessed, and vexed Removing confusion, tension, and soulish unrest Comforting the afflicted and leaving them blessed Making disciples to multiply mightily and do no less A mighty wave of God's glory is sweeping the earth Reconciling and regenerating mankind with the new birth Reviving and reforming people, cities, and entire nations Moving in the Holy Spirit without fear, timidity, or hesitation Pointing precious people to Christ Jesus the Lord of all creation Clapping tribes, kindreds, and tongues rejoice in joyous celebration Uplifting holy songs the whole day long for divine transformation Forevermore freed, fiery, flourishing, fulfilled, unforgetful, and thankful Filled to overflowing with supernatural power, far more than a tankful Naturally supernatural, supernaturally natural, and sincerely truthful Tender hearted with a desire to serve most genuine and humble But when the Holy Spirit arises ready to work miracles supernatural.

The Tipping Point - Blink Think While I Make a Difference Dear Gladwell

The tipping point When little things Make a big difference Let's begin therefore With little mighty me Though I walk by faith I truly and surely can see Beyond your limitations Which you think of me I can open doors supernaturally Move forth most miraculously Thwart your rigid theology Transcend your ideology Be it political or mental Monetary or illusory Self-absorbed humanity Enamored with I and me Neither do they baffle me Such is egocentric society Living in their perceived reality Though it be fatally flawed Whimsically weak and wishful Nevertheless of our dreams We all do remain hopeful Concerning your dreams I wish to fully empower you To make your dreams come true To take you even beyond you Your finite thoughts and predispositions To uplift you above all misconceptions Even the fear that causes alienation The timidity causing continual frustration Disrupting flow and spontaneous creation Excessive self-scrutiny and mental exertion It too cannot tip you beyond self affirmation Therefore you need one such as I to help A purpose coach, transformational speaker Motivator and terminator combined in one To restore playfulness and childlike fun To kill the doubt and questioning tendency That derails you and prevents you to be All that you were created to be, live, and love I'm here to lift you up to kiss the Lord above For you were undoubtedly created in His image Therefore let not your identity be dwarfed by another Listen to me your cheerleader, friend, and brother I come to salute and propel you forward like no other Be not confused, nor confounded by this miracle worker Who has repeatedly perplexed and utterly astounded Prolific philosophers and sages throughout the ages The Lord of life is like the wind, ready to blow Will you but move beyond your mind and now flow?

The More I Awaken the Less I Want

The less I want the more peace I have The more peace I have I give to see you smile The more you smile the more gratitude I feel The more gratitude I feel the more I attract The more I attract the more attention I receive The more attention I receive the more I want to run away With a repulsed feeling, actually and literally disgusted; It feels like I just opened my eyes and am seeing life on earth in a whole new light, and this light is repulsive. It seems that planet earth is ON SALE. BUY, BUY BUY - every hour of every day, every TV and radio stations, the newspapers, the gossip, buy this get another one free. Then I awaken a little more and the repulsion turns into compassion for people who are where I just came from - stuck and bound by the desires of the ego, A slave to desire, how freeing it is to not "want" anymore.

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