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The Tide Turns For Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

If Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the most popular poet of the 19th century, were alive today, two-hundred years after his birth in Portland, Maine--would he get published? Yes, says poet Annie Finch, director, Stonecoast Brief-Residency MFA in Creative Writing and professor of English at the University of Southern Maine. "Longfellow would have an easier time getting published now than at any time in the last half-century. The reason is that there is more of an audience for musical, crafted and accessible poetry than at any time since the height of Modernism." Christoph Irmscher, professor of English at Indiana University, agrees. "Prominent poets, including Pinsky, McClatchy, Richard Wilbur, and more recently Mark Jarman, have voiced their interest and support for Longfellow and implicitly, the type of poetry he represents.

I Know The Times You Suffer

I know the times you suffer. I know the times you're sad. I know the times life beats you up. I know the times you're mad. I know the times your heart is broke. I know you cry at night. I know the loneliness you feel. I know when things aren't right. I know the passions of your heart. I know how hard you try. I know the times you're down and out. I know you want to die. I also know what lies ahead. I know the peace you'll feel. I know that you will smile again. I know your heart will heal. I know it's hard to live on earth. I know one day you'll see. I know you'll understand the pain. I know you'll come to me. Now it's time for you to know how much I love you still.

Mechanical Intelligence

A challenge to the Human Intelligence Their behavior show that these machines are very intelligent Mechanical science and its applications take commands patiently And then suddenly, they snap! They are none but machines that imitates what humans do And have the great power to disappear We are to program their behavior We become the teacher and we apply them as students We teach them to do the thinking for us They are at work in the best walks of life We are to build machines And by human hands their form is created We are to make them strong We are to make them perfect And as we continue to grow We reach a road where there is no turning back The one way road to open yet another gate If we can perfect machines Why then we cannot perfect the humans who created and build the machines?

Beautiful Losers - Winning Within With Attitude

Beautiful and gracious losers Huh? What did I hear you say? I know it's a new concept anyway One many fail to wonderfully discover Gloriously awaken to and uncover It's because most fight for their right To exert their image and reputation Exalt and uplift their societal station Such loathe a moment of degradation Their self-image frail and easily derailed By an unkind word or condescending look Hence they are often hooked and overcome As they succumb and easily run to appease Do whatever it takes to remove intimidation Peer pressure and emotional manipulation They bend, bow, and break ever so easily Just the thought of such does make me queasy An authentic life quenched by fear and timidity As for me on the contrary, I cannot merely be A product of my environment, turbulent stupidity Opinionated animosity and frail human tendency To respond ever bitterly whenever we do disagree A foolishness certainly and definitely not for me Call me a loser because I'm not loaded with cash Call me a loser because I don't know every celebrity Call me a loser because with me you disagree politically Call me a loser because I don't embrace your ideology Call me a loser because I don't drink with you socially Call me a loser because I don't dress as you fashionably Call me a loser because I don't drive your brand of car Call me a loser because I don't talk and think as you are Call me a loser because I break the mold and am bold Call me a loser because I have a purpose beyond yours Call me a loser because I have my own opportunity's doors Call me a loser because my pursuits and pleasures differ Call me a loser because I know God above and prefer To be spiritually minded and possess heavenly vision Call me a loser because I don't yield agreeably to opinion Regardless of what you think or say in Christ I have dominion.

Pride And Insecurity - The Poverty Of Jealousy

Pitiful pride and insecurity The poverty of jealousy The foolishness of envy Why not re-frame your desire? Catch the unquenchable fire Revolutionize your world Embrace life and speak a word Turn your stinking thinking around Take a check up from the neck up Instead of being brutishly envious Honor that of which you are desirous Humbly yourself and learn from others Who currently have what you do want Show love and rejoice in other's success Don't pull others down. Be your best Instead of cursing, decide to be blessed Acknowledge your evil heart and confess Turn yourself around and let love abound Surely God has enough for all to go around Therefore celebrate when others do well Don't be engulfed by bitterness from hell Acknowledge your ignorance and weakness Admit you're not where you currently wish Not where you deeply dream to live and be Know however it all begins secretly inwardly Within the hidden man of of the heart deeply The spirit within is where you lose or win Therefore stop making excuses and the spin To justify your failures and rationalize away Your personal failures and where you are today Sit at the feet of the wise and be slow to despise Drop the arrogant tone and bickering on the phone Patiently possess and settle your soul to be whole To regain from you what devilish negativity has stole Take responsibility for your foul thoughts and words Your careless actions and angst with others satisfaction Fall to your knees and ask God to mercifully forgive Plead with God to cleanse and renew you so you can live Otherwise you will continue outwardly grin, but rot within As your pride, jealousy, insecurity, and envy does you in.

World Series Champion Of The World - Of America's Own Making

World Series Come on get serious The United States Does not invite The rest of the world To participate in their event Yet they call it a world event Hence it diminishes its significance Nevertheless we hold our ignorance Proudly project our bold arrogance Disallow the rest of the world participants To engage and get involved in our event Meanwhile we call ourselves champions Conquerors of the world. What world? A world which includes only ourselves? What kind of world and global event is that? America revolves around our self-absorption Self-exaltatiion and continual demonization Of the rest of the nations on earth especially Those who dare to disagree and stand up to us Thus the military industrial complex makes a fuss God forbid they pass up an economic opportunity To bomb another country and eliminate humanity Heavyweight champion of the world, that's our world Yet if we let the Cubans in they may say otherwise If we were to invite the Russians, they may despise Our arrogance and battle wholeheartedly unto victory Perhaps Venezuela and Dominican would beat us easily Their baseball players will perform their sport freely For the love of the game, not requiring fortune and fame We however who claim to be champions of the world We're a bit more polluted by propaganda and are froward Having a feeding frenzy for money and media attention Which immediately thwarts and hinders our motivation Distracts us from excellent performance and commitment As we jockey for celebrity status and the praise of men Should an opponent arise with fire in their heart and eyes We just lock down the border and keep them from entering Although we hypocritically say we're world champs and better Yet in countries abroad they weekly play doubleheaders Fight intensely without gloves and battle for personal pride But we in America call ourselves champs and others chide Yet in so doing we forget the world is very large and wide.

Out Of Darkness - Dealing With Darkness And Breaking Through Darkness

Out of darkness, even gross darkness Almighty God commands forth the light Setting life in order, making all wrongs right Giving groping, confused, and troubled men Illumination, revelation, knowledge, and insight While they endeavor to press on through life When they find themselves fearfully financially tight Going through earthly and an overwhelming plight Of situations and circumstances, engulfing their soul It is the Lord of hosts that mightily arises to cajole Far more so considering God's promises are true Pure, noble, good, and able to take you through The darkness presently, gruesomely swallowing you When you wrestle with direction and what to do When your aims and objectives delay in fruition When you seek realignment and a new position When you kick, bawl, squall and refuse to listen When you need a higher and divine perspective When you're tormented within and are ineffective The Lord of love and life provides the breakthrough Just drop your pride and humbly draw near for grace Like a tender child seek God above, pursue His face Beyond just His hand, apprehend His thoughts and heart Before you finish praying, making requests, and depart Take time to listen to what His Spirit wants to say to you The Spirit of truth will amazingly reveal and direct you And suddenly the light will shine in darkness to show you Though the darkness will fail to adequately comprehend it Your spirit within will awake, be quickened, and grasp it Meanwhile your mind may argue, reason, and maybe bicker Yet yield to God's Word and you will fulfill your destiny quicker For God, who wonderfully said, "Let light shine out of darkness, " Made His light shine in our hearts to give us the glorious light Of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ Embrace Jesus as your loving Savior and experience newness of life.

The Civil War And Longfellow

"Longfellow was himself a beautiful poem, more beautiful than anything he had ever written." ~Oscar Wilde March 24, 1863, Craigie House, Cambridge, Mass. Like all days in his life, it had been a busy one for Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the most popular poet of the 19th century. He had likely answered correspondence from his many admirers, pruned lilacs in his yard, and sketched amusing caricatures for the two youngest of his five children. Perhaps he had also devoted time to editing one of the early cantos of his translation of Dante's "Divine Comedy." Nothing, however, could have prepared the famous poet that day for a knock on the door and the delivery of a letter from his 18 year-old son, Charley, informing him that he had joined the Union Army.

Voodoo Doll - Black Magic Voodoo, In Jesus Name I Conquer You!

Black magic and voodoo Just what in actuality Can you really truly do? Go ahead and stick in your pin Play with your cute little doll I assure you that you'll not win No matter the pseudo-spiritual spin Put your pins in every tiny vile doll In Christ I have peace and stand tall. I fear not, neither am I afraid. For your doll looks nothing like me at all Besides I have been throughout the world Haiti, Brazil, and in dark spots in Africa I'm a spiritual lion connected with my Creator The devil lacks creativity and is merely a copier Which he futilely does quite poorly and pitifully As for me I believe in Christ Jesus and spirituality Keep your dead religion centered on foul fear None of it do I care to embrace, neither hear The power of the risen Christ, this I hold dear Black magic and voodoo is most entirely queer I like the prophet Elijah mock it and do jeer Realizing fully it cannot impart life, nor endear Neither can it guide, direct your life, or steer You toward entering the blessed promised land Voodoo and black magic tends toward poverty It begins with timidity and lives in obscurity Dwells with confusion, miserable apprehension But with Christ there is boldness and certainty The blessed Holy Spirit mightily does fill me Fills me to overflowing, His divine power showing When the Name of Jesus is spoken, demons go running I rejoice with dancing, shouting, clapping, and laughing As God Almighty arises and Satanic power's frail disguises Are severed, cut, defeated, broken, and fall to the waist side Jesus my Lord, Christ my redeemer, with arms open wide A loving smile upon His face and a heartfelt warm embrace Always overcomes the ugly demonic and all its disgrace.

Come To Me Killjoy - Criticize And Control Me

Come to me killjoy Show me your foul ploy To rob and steal my joy Take away my every toy To wickedly control me Conform me to your image Put me in your pitiful box Teach and tell me how to talk Mold me until I am no more Unauthentic as you to the core Fearful of others and a conformist Timid, swayable, an alarmist Impressionable and powerless Putrid, phony, and sadly joyless Two-faced and polished for society Yet privately we know you in reality Vile, cruel, precocious, and vicious Self-centered with your own interest Compare, compete, and never complete Criticize and critique from head to feet Exalt thyself above measure, your ego replete Purport and project an air of superior wisdom Until people come tenderly to sit at your feet The public display seems ever so wonderful But at home your act and talk most dreadful This evil I can't embrace, nor think to replace I prefer joy, but you can run the vain race.

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