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Do Not Stop the Tears

Tears I'm giving you this message and it's sent from God above. He says that He is with you and He's sending you His love. I'm to tell you that your loved one is not that far away. He's waiting up in heaven where you'll unite again one day. Do not stop the tears you cry for they're sent from God above. They're not a sign of weakness but a representation of your love. Each tear is filled with memories of a time that you both shared. So when a tear runs down your face, God's reminding you they're there. That's why at night when you're alone and you toss and turn to sleep, that the pain inside overwhelms your heart and it cuts so sharp and deep. If you stop and look inside your heart, it's not the pain you bear.

The Great Crystal Balls Of Life

My crystal ball appears to me every morning Dark and light blending with the shadows and morning light It comes from the attic From the hands of Nebuchadnezer The chaldean philosophers before me All is dark, mysterious and secret in my room Now a fairy comes out of my crystal ball And he teaches me the 10 commandments Like a fairy I turn myself Like I am sucked by a vacuum I suck into the vacuum cleaner And I am terified by a beast For time looses its value Even distance and space In my little crystal ball My crystal ball appears to me every morning smoke everywhere in my room Now I am in the garden of eden And I behold the fruit that makes men immortal But I cannot taste I close my eyes before my maker As I watch him carve Adam from sand And now I am back in my mothers bossoom Wandering why I brought the crystall ball Though it seems only like a basket ball But now I behold its mysteries Tears falling from my eyes like a waterfall For now I blend with the divine light All mysteries made known to me tis like I am the wisest man of any age or time But mama knocks at the door And the crystall ball disappers While mama says whats that?

Love and Walls

Love and walls Walls, intended to bring security Walls to ensure of no scrutiny Walls to keep us unscathed Walls so unbreakable, and so inviting Walls built without knowing Of owner's knowledge Causing uncertainty, leading to destitute Tall and rigid, For all to notice, Without quivering Why walls and tomorrows Why an order of things with love. Security and comfort I seek Unbreakable it should be, But dear Lord, let I not deprive any being Let I encompass, In my sanctuary Let me furnish love openly and wall-lessly Let me value nature In case I forget how to adore, let me eternally Learn the joys of loving. T. Mapi My heart I think of all the colours of sorrow I see black as the intense colour of sorrow I see life as rejecting of my contribution I see only grey skies, no birds singing lullabies I cry and mourn, ask why I look deep within and find whys I see a helpless heart thumping for the sake of it I look hard into my heart I then inform myself to get up My heart leads the way to getting me up With my heart I learn to crawl, get up Because my heart won't give up I have learnt to do likewise As long as I live, I love my heart T.

Structure - for a Living Poem

Someone once said, "You don't need substance from or of a poem, " I disagreed with that, silently, and then wrote about it later. We all have our opinions in literature and poetry not sure who is right and who is wrong, or if there is such things as right an wrong in writing, except for things you didn't intend to do, and you did. Substance can mean matter, body, the essence or soul of the poem, and I suppose some poems do not have a soul, there is another element in substance though, I've yet to bring out, it is called 'Structure' or at least I call it that, or proclaim it to be part of substance, again, folks may differ with that. Let me put it another way, I have a body, and that means I have structure, and in my body I have a soul.

Cecil Day Lewis - Poetry's Irish Rose

Cecil Day Lewis was an Anglo-Irish poet, novelist, translator, and essayist who lived from 1904 to 1972. He was born on April 27, 1904 in Ballintubbert, Queen's Country, Ireland. His father was a priest in the Church of Ireland after receiving his divinity degree in 1900. His mother, Kathleen Squires, was the daughter of a civil servant. She died when Lewis was four years old, which forced him into the care of his father and his mother's sister, Olive Squires. This led to a close relationship with his father and helped to form his emotional character. In 1912, Cecil Day Lewis started attending a prep school in central London. At thirteen, he moved to Sherborne School in Dorset where he began to experience new ideas.

Questions on Poetry From the Smart Guys!

On a radio program last year I was asked several questions, and at a presentation I was asked several, a few the same. It seems to me lots of people are asking questions about poetry nowadays, and one of the questions was: "Why to I write more poetry than anything else?" Well that question seemed to be kind of repugnant to me, so I asked "Why not?" And he said, "It doesn't sell, and there isn't that big of an audience out there! " There I sat with my wife, and the radio commentator, and thought, and I'm sure he thought he had me stumped, I saw that smirk on his face. And then I said, "Why do you have me on your program then, and why did you tell me, several universities are listening, and did you realize in the past several years more and more books of poetry are being sold every day, poetry has had it comeback, and it is not over.

The Song of the Train

It is a lonely song, the song of the train. It echoes on my heart- strings-a proud song of America. Three blasts sound the horn and I stand tall, waving to the engineer-his day just begun with his manifest. I get a brisk salute back as the freight rolls onward into the night. I watch America before myself. Carloads of scrap-things that once were and soon will be- heading to the smelter. Closely joined are protected cars that haul the steel when finished. Finished automobiles fashioned from steel rumble onward. America is a fortress of progress. Each car that rolls by testifies with its cargo its contribution to this progress. Many a man has been made rich by this progress and many have been broken down to their knees as the trains roll onward.

Extreme Prophetic - Your Paradigm Shift

The prophetic is always most wonderful As the people on earth become spiritual Move beyond the flesh and past the soul Awaken within to their divine identity Get clear on things and are made whole The prophetic is more fun than the Super Bowl Reclaim from them what fear and demons Have over time cleverly and subtly stole The prophetic uplifts you from depression's hole Perhaps inquisitively and rightly you say, "How so?" Well, the prophetic reconnects you to the Creator Quieting you within to hear your Maker's voice The voice of the Lord is power setting you free Making you rejoice and dance within happily As the breakthrough by the Holy Spirit comes Into your glorious God given purpose you run Becoming acquainted with your divine identity You simultaneously awaken to your destiny Both the eternal and earthly equally abundantly As God gives you eyes to supernaturally see Ears to intuitively inwardly connect and hear Causing the priceless voice of God to be near Near and dear, the Holy Spirit removes fear Bringing forth supernatural operations and weapons Empowering you mightily within to arise and win Every battle you face, as you see the Lord's face Run the race, that He's mapped out before you Taking you from glory to glory, faith to faith Strength to strength, and loving grace to grace Enabling you to transcend every earthly limitation As you feast on divine knowledge and revelation Move in the miraculous bringing forth manifestations To awaken skeptics, silence critics, and live in the fullness Of Christ the King of glory, the captain of the hosts Christ our portion, in whom our soul makes its boast.

The Mighty and The Almighty

The mighty and the Almighty What with God have we done? As a nation we certainly have fun But with countless and many blessings Perhaps have we forgotten Someone? He who entrusted us with these rights These privileges and opportunities Should we therefore live selfishly? Seek to carve out for ourselves only A name, fame, wealth, and acclaim? On the contrary, we have a responsibility A higher purpose as a great nation eternally Certainly no less as it pertains to the earthly For we are a nation humbly birthed and built by God Over other less fortunate peoples and lands we should not Think to heartlessly take advantage or carelessly trod While we handsomely prosper, we must remember God He above who blesses us with His amazing divine love He who prospers us plentifully and cares for us generously Enlarging our influence across the globe internationally As we grow and our influence show, let us not arrogantly Boast prematurely or take our role of leadership lightly Instead let us in service and devotion move ahead purposefully Not lord ourselves over others, or usurp from brothers needlessly Let us not disdain, nor despise, those we behold with our eyes Precious peoples and nations of other religions and ideologies Need not presumptuously and ruthlessly be labeled our enemies Before we hastily seek to demonize, wage war, and bomb let us talk Let us walk to the table of diplomacy with arms open wide hopefully In hopes that peacefully we can discuss our differences sincerely Gain understanding mutually and learn of one another graciously Build for ourselves a better global community, where all dwell securely Free from tyranny, cruel dictators, terror's evil, and corporate masters Let the mighty who profess liberty also prevent foreign policy disasters Remember the Almighty lest we as a nation become Fatherless bastards.

Undeserved Dignity - Unwarranted Responses

Not everything my beloved friend Deserves the dignity of a response Some comments and probes for information Are malicious intending to lead only to infuriation Character degradation and personal assassination Therefore don't respond unless you enjoy the pond Of putrid mediocrity and frail intellectual curiosity Bent heavily toward evil and salivating for perversity Don't carelessly open wide the door to Satanic activity Lucifer's reckless use of words to record for the media Causing mass insecurity, turmoil, tumult, and hysteria Refrain from prematurely speaking and save yourself From wickedness and its tendency to happily entertain With things those with morality would rightly disdain Fortune and fame are not worthy of such grotesque talk Pack your bags, arise, remove yourself, and take a walk Away from such gross fellows, who would seek to tantalize Subtly seduce, gently sway, and turn your eyes to fantasize Flattery you endlessly until they get what they want from thee After which they walk away immediately, caring not for thee Neither considering the pain they cause as they profit handsomely Therefore don't let men make merchandise of you, use your words to Paint a false portrait, erect an illusory picture, and the public allure With tasty morsels of lies, falsities, accusations, and hallucinations Sound bites that render truth impossible, creating words implausible Making what you said to be utterly offensive and virtually unbelievable Yet through repetition and shocking response, they do belittle and taunt Engage the general public in widespread discourse in an attempt to divorce Divorce them brutishly from you, your candidacy's ideals, and ruin you too.

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