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Fad Diets - Why Are They Bad - The Adkins Fails and So Do the Rest

The Atkins Diet is a joke! Whatever fad diet it is its more harmful to your health than you might think. Face it fad diets are a multi-million dollar industry. Everywhere you look people are trying to sell their latest, best, and easiest dieting plan. They even have many outrageous claims to go along with them. Americans are more concerned with their weight issues more than ever now.

As weird as it sound Americans seem to fall for fad diets every day. The weight might be lost temporarily but that is it. The weight always comes back and additional pounds are added onto your troubles. Unfortunately, a cycle is established that is emotionally, physically and mentally damaging people. The only people that benefit are the sellers of these fad diets.

Exploring The Adkins Diet

So how does the Adkins Diet work? The Atkins' Diet tells people to eat less carbohydrates and more protein to easily lose weight. It simply relies on the concept that too many carbohydrates are what have caused the obesity epidemic. This diet promises wonderful results with many doctors swearing by it.

In this foolish diet dieters are allowed to eat all meat, fish, eggs, and cheese all that they want. However, there is no restriction on butter or oil, but alcohol is out of the question as are most fruits, vegetables, breads and milk.

The Atkins Diet simply fails because of the limited food choices. This limits you over a long period of time. This diet even cuts out essential foods that are necessary to healthy living. Recently found out and exposed is the fact the initial weight loss is essentially just water weight. It is true to say that the Adkins Diet does not work!


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